The Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019

The Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 is a tipping point so that we can identify our fears in the face of a change in structural framework. It’s a moment of intimacy with ourselves to identify and cross our fears to lead us to a softer world.


  1. The New Moon on December 26, 2019 is also a solar eclipse. As it will be accurate around 6 am in Paris, we will not see it from France. It will be other countries more in the East that will have the pleasure of seeing it. Nevertheless, we will receive its energy like all the Earth, as for all the phases of New Moons.
    During a solar eclipse, our vital energy is clouded for a few minutes by our emotional memory. We may have a hard time figuring out what these few minutes can matter. I admit that I too wondered how these few minutes could affect us particularly, while a few minutes later, everything becomes « normal » again. I searched a bit but I couldn’t find any satisfactory explanations. Then I have a picture that came to me. What to remember during a Solar Eclipse is that the energy of life, the one that makes us receive the force of life, is clouded by emotional memories. The image that came to me when I remembered it was that of a gigantic power cut, which would leave us a few minutes with our little inner demons, our old pots from the past, our fears hidden in the closet, but without the possibility of turning it on again, until the end of the eclipse. It’s a very short window of time during which emotions of fear, real or fantasized, can resurface, like a nightmare window that makes our little demons resurface.
    This image allows me to better understand the impact that a solar eclipse can have. A nightmare that appears in one of our nights only once can torment us for a while, without even having to reappear. Sometimes it remains lurking in our unconscious.
  2. Now that we have clarified what a solar eclipse is, that is to say a window of time where there is a cosmic blackout that can bring out emotions of fear, let’s look at what type of fear we are talking about.
    This eclipse takes place in the sign that affects our constructions, our structures, our need to develop things, to take charge, or to take charge of us to grow. It also happens in associations with the energy of legitimacy, of the framework, of legality, and on the point of our life path that currently represents our shortcomings, or what we fear to miss.
    In summary, we could say that this Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 will reveal our fears about losing our framework or our legitimacy on which our structures rest.
    We are not on new ground when we talk about the idea of ​​loss of structure. What is new with this Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 is that it brings the idea of ​​the fear of losing a form of structural legitimacy.
    I don’t know if you’re feeling that, but there’s like a tipping point that you can feel right now. There is a whole structural framework still functional and in place, which is about to be overturned in the coming months, and we are in a tipping point where we integrate in our consciousness that this can happen, that we will change from structural framework and that brings out deep fears.
    In France, in collective energy this is manifested by the pension reform and the demonstrations and strikes that accompany it. They illustrate the fear of the loss of a legislative framework on which our life structures are based.
    From a personal point of view, everyone can study this in his or her theme by looking at where the beginning of Capricorn is. I have it in house VI and I feel that I am in a tipping point on the framework of my activity. There are fears that have been coming up from the deep for a while, but the present moment is that of facing them, that is to say accepting them to move on. This is the energy in which I find myself, I no longer want to be frightened by my fears of lacking a structuring framework, I feel like looking at this. This is why I tell you that I feel this tipping point. Perhaps the idea with fears and nightmares is to face them. We look back in our escape, stop and face the monster that scares us so much, to tell us that; overall, this thing is not as serious or impressive as it seemed.
    Therefore, if the eclipses bring us some old corpses out of the cupboards, it may be so that we can look at them, face them, put them in a trunk of tricks and catch for the next carnival. From prostrates we become familiar with what frightened us to the point that it no longer scares us.
  3. In our collective life path, the idea is always the same. We cannot get out of it by clinging to our old structures and we have to learn, instead, to trust in humans, to re-bond, instead of wanting to control our existence by rigid structures.
    The strikes taught me a lot about this transformative energy. On the one hand, we are having a hard time because we feel trapped in structural frameworks that are becoming dysfunctional and we cannot bear the difficulties of movement. On the other, many opportunities to recreate the bond are created. I interacted and talked to a lot more people in transportation than when they worked well. After a moment to believe that the strike made me prisoner, I started to do otherwise and to find a lot of pleasure in it by appreciating the walking times or the improbable discussions that are born.
    So let us not lose the thread, the structures that become dysfunctional are invitations to find the link and the word to help each other.
  4. For the global energy atmosphere, it is very similar to the Full Moon of December 12, 2019. We are in the same balance with a predominance of the mode of operation of the concrete realization over the others. Energy stimulates a tendency to get busy with any task. During this holiday period it may be fun to observe how we use our time to make ambitious family meal programs, parties organized in detail and carefully prepared.
    When I was younger, I observed in families, competitions to organize the most beautiful Christmas. It saddened me to see the jealousies expressed in a moment of family reunion. I understand better today with astrology, why Christmas time pushes to elaborate complex and important things. All this energy of concrete realization and structuring concentrated in this moment of family vacancy, can only encourage us to overbid table effects, decorations and gifts. It is futile to want to make Christmas a moment of frugality; we will always have this stimulation to want to make something big of it.
    Moreover, in the period that we are going through, a feeling of legitimacy to work out something important increases the usual stimulation of the energies of concrete achievements of Christmas, tenfold. As a result, Christmas this year has been one of particularly strong expansion energy. There is no question of missing the turkey, that it is too small, no question that it lacks anything or that the gifts are chick. Profusion and development on all floors for Christmas 2019.
  5. We may find the taste for community, sharing and collective right now. It is our energy of love that is currently turning to the love of sharing, equity and solidarity. This can help to distance oneself from our personal will and more sensitive and open to community ideals.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you had a good Christmas. Mine was great. I wish you all a very happy New Year’s Eve and see you next year for the Lunar Eclipse of January 10, 2020!

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