Astrology and free will

We are not saviors

During a conversation with an intuitive coach colleague she told me that sometimes the person in front of her was in such a denial to acknowledge her suffering that she did not know how to help her. She had the impression of being with her on a raft in the middle of the ocean and wondering if they would succeed in finding land.

I’ve also experienced these situations where we have exhausted all the cartridges that served to illuminate a corner of consciousness and that, despite this, no track is emerging and we seem to be « lost in the middle of the ocean, » as she says .

– Hello, I’m coming to see you because my life has to change.

– Okay, what’s your problem today?

– Well I have no problemwithme, it’s everything else around me that does not fit (my husband, my job, my lovers, my children, my mother …).

There, I tell you, it’s the huge ocean, and you wonder when you are going to see the Earth again … Because when, as a companion, we are aware of the responsibility of each individual, we cannot return to the game of complaining, complacency with the suffering of the other, the accusation of others that serves to relieve themselves without being responsible.

In making this choice, we had to accept no longer being saviors, to no longer position ourselves in this way. It’s a daily work of conscience, in accompaniment, at work, in family, everywhere … We can inform, answer questions, illuminate dark spots that you want to see, but we cannot answer questions not formulated.

We are not saviors. We, astrologersand seers,cannot force anyone to see, understand, ordo things that will bring him or herto be happier. To accept to see, to try to understand and to accept to do another experiment is everyone’s responsibility. To acceptthis handing over of power, is toput yourself in a placeyou cannot manage alone. I often consult people who ask me to speak, alone in my corner, based on their theme. I discuss some general themes like the way of life, but I refuse to enter the strong points of tension and blockage that could open a box filled with long-held emotions. It’s not fair to decide for you what you want to see, understand and do to change. It’s a break-in.

If there is no question, there is no answer. Sometimes I haveeven stopped a consultation because there was no question. The lack of questioning is the « ocean ». The image was so well chosen that it made me think of a solution on the same theme. I think that in these moments, it is right to do nothing and wait for the other to give the first stroke of rowing.

Hum … Sometimes, there are long pauses in consultation. It used to make me feel guilty because I thought that if the person comes to see me, it is for me to help, so I should do something. But in fact, there are situations where you cannot do anything. Where it is just to accept ourown helplessness.
So sometimes, silence makes you think. We continue on our path and this pause, where one had to mull overin his head considering that no solution would come to us from outside, instills an inspiration towards an opening of conscience which unblocks the situation.

We have a real question!

It is up to each of us to decide in ourselves what we want to do with our lives, the direction we want to take. The seers and astrologers are not saviors. Messengers, no doubt, but not saviors.

Each of us is his own savior.

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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