Venus in sign

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer develops a love of warm and trusting family-type relationships, a sweetness of life, a certain form of confident chill-out that one can have in life, and incidentally the love of… the sofa.

Venus in general
Venus is described as the planet of love. Venus implies sensitivity to what we like or dislike and our relationship to this awareness of whether or not to live according to what we like. Because Venus, basically, represents our sensibility of perception, our sensorality, our personal appreciation of what we like or not, in the spectrum of all possible sensitivities and perceptions on everything that has to do with senses. Between hot and cold, everyone will have their favorite sensitivity. It is the consciousness of Venus that brings this. Between the smooth and the rough, the dark and the bright, the salty and the sweet, the hard and the soft … Venus, the awareness of what we love, tells us where we are. Venus also represents for everyone the energy of girls (our child girls) and young women or women in terms of feminine sensuality, outside the maternal function.

The sensitivity, or the sensoriality of people, who have Venus in Cancer, is turned towards a form of gentleness in relationships. They like to feel a confident state of relationship with loved ones where they know they can count on each other. They’ll like family reunions where everyone gets together, even if we aren’t doing anything specific. They need to feel surrounded by loved ones. This is the case of Barack Obama, who is undoubtedly the American president who most expressed his family bond during his presidency, with JF Kennedy, for whom this experience was more a way of bringing joy to his life with Venus in Gemini. Donald Trump also has Venus in Cancer and it is true that he needs to grab his wife’s hand, even if he can’t always do it.

The tastes of people who have Venus in Cancer will be quite delicate, but without too much sophistication. They will prefer a Bossa Nova, a fluid swing or music that touches their emotions, to things more complicated to hear. They will probably not be fans of contemporary classical or experimental music. Their senses need to be caressed and not violated. And it will probably be similar for their tastes in terms of cooking, clothing, plastic arts… They have a sensibility that likes to feel something familiar and protective, as opposed to explorations and sensory expeditions in unknown lands where we meets dissonant chords and daring disharmonies.

Venus in Cancer is inclined to love and take pleasure in anything reminiscent of the atmosphere of childhood, where the individual is protected from external aggressions and where they are confined a little to a cottony universe. If they indulge in it too much, Venus in Cancer may have a tendency to be too content with a universe that could turn into a reproductive form of infantile well-being. Romper and sleepovers at 30, it’s starting to look weird.

Perhaps they will have to dare some dissonances both in their relationships with their loved ones and in the experience of their senses, to get closer to a more adult universe, without losing the roundness of their soft and confident sensoriality.

Parents who have Venus in Cancer will be able to have a rather warm and sweet daughter, but who might seem to them to like to indulge in the cotton wool… More broadly, Venus in Cancer can indicate relationships with young women with gentle and confident sensitivity.

Image by 460273 from Pixabay

Some famous people

Here, taken from the Astrotheme Celebrity Database, are some characters with Venus in this sign. Try to feel in these people their sensual appetites and their connection to the love of gentleness and warm relationships.

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