The Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020

The Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 is the inflection point of the influence curve between shadow and light. It is a moment that plunges us deep into our shadow as much as it can awaken in us a new regenerating joy. I wish you, like me through this writing, to reconnect with your inner joy. Courage to all!

  1. The Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 is strong, it will be complete in South America. In France we will not have a visual effect. So instead we will focus on the energetic impact of this moment. The energetic stimulating balance of the Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 strengthens the mode of will function. It particularly strengthens determination and commitment, aiming for distant goals. This voluntarism of the moment is an energy, which is associated with the involutive part of our collective life path. It tends to follow vain goals, or based on fear. However, it is very powerful and we can feel taken in by this expression of powerful will. It’s a very manifest energy right now. We can feel a growing desire to lead the people like a flock of sheep to a rather dark destination. We are collectively going through a period marked by powerful interventionism. It’s not very difficult to observe all over the world.
  2. The Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 is one of the key moments in the evolution of our collective consciousness. It accentuates the dark energies of interventionism. Do you think that in France, the pseudo authoritarian deconfinement was decided by chance the day before this Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020? Isn’t this a wonderful time to support its resolve and keep the sheep in the pen? This is indeed a very good time for that. And for those who want to do battle with this determination crossing swords, they will have to be as brutal and blind as whatever they want to fight in this way, not to be crushed. It is so for now. The arguments of fear and violence are reinforced and collide. This collective energy also has an echo within us, which can be particularly strengthened around this Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020. Look at where the last half of Sagittarius is located to identify which field of experience in your life it is touching. We will explain this later. When we find that the rulers exaggerate, that their interventionism is unbearable, what form of interventionism does this echo in our own life? What stubbornness is this? This question is important because if we can individually let go of our own stubbornness in wanting to give meaning to our lives, we will participate in an extraordinary way in deflating the collective bellows and in losing the intensity and violence of the collective dynamic. This external violence is the fruit of our internal violence, a violence that one could call obstinacy in wanting to maintain a course at 100 per hour in a thick fog.
  3. So, where is the solution to cross this Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020? First, what needs to be understood is that this stimulation of our stubbornness is necessary for us to elevate our consciousness. If we take this idea collectively, we could say that we need to be damn badly led by wolves throwing us straight up the cliff so that we understand that we don’t need bad shepherds. What makes us docile at the moment is our fear of not knowing how to lead ourselves, of feeling disoriented, lost, no longer knowing how to lead by ourselves in a flood of words, each more inconsistent than others. We are a bit like little schoolchildren who no longer understand anything about the obscure instructions that we give them, and who wait to be told what to do, to the letter, to be sure not to make a mistake, not to doing stupid things.

    Long live the mistakes!

    So the solution is to accept to be wrong, to tell yourself that it is not serious, to stop being afraid of taking the wrong path and to try all the directions that call us instead of walking in a row of two in a narrow, dark corridor. I believe that Monsignor Jean Caste X, as Karim Duval nicknamed him with humor, invited us not to let go. Well, the exact opposite is what we need to get through this period. On the contrary, we need to de-stress, release our tensions, relax our will, stop projecting ourselves and live in the present with what surrounds us at every moment. We need to find joy again in the moment. This cheerfulness is fundamental. It is the joy who builds the energy in which we operate and which emanates from our being. If all of us spend our time worrying about the next day, stretched like thongs to ask ourselves what will become of us, and what direction to take, we will collectively vibrate an egregore of fear of the next day, of fear of the path, which means that we will strengthen the interventionist energies of our planet. Whereas if we start to vibrate deeply the recklessness, a deep and joyful recklessness, in which we know how to recognize each moment of our life for what it is, and to celebrate it, then, we leave this egregore of worry that imprisons us in the directive energies of this world, and we join the creative energy of the Light. Let’s celebrate Christmas! Let’s celebrate life!
    Currently we have no more places or space to celebrate life. They are closed. Do you think this is a coincidence? Do you believe that if the places of joy are closed, it is a coincidence? Isn’t this a huge challenge that calls us to find the joy in ourselves? How are we going to celebrate Christmas and New Years this year? Are we going to put our heads in the sack, get angry, or joyfully celebrate this passage? Celebrating in absolute bazaar is possible. Watch the movie « Merry Christmas ». It is the story of French and German soldiers who chose and decided to celebrate Christmas together by making a truce during the 14-18 war. Cool, right? So we should be able to reconnect with joy as well.

  4. I will now come back to an important point in this journey, which is ours at the moment, which concerns the way in which we can use our fighting spirit.We have two possible choices.This fighting spirit can, at this moment, nourish the two poles of this journey.It can either make us regress by reinforcing the need for guidance by a dynamic that becomes easily aggressive, or make us progress by activating in us the will to live in the moment, to defend our identity in a joyful expression, by supportinginitiatives that take us out of the frontal fight to relearn to play with life instead of struggling with it.
  5. Once is not custom, we will try today to clarify how the axis of the collective life path can be lived in each of us, depending on where it is located (in which house) currently in our themeof birth.If you know a little about your birth chart, try to spot which house in your birth chart is the second part of Sagittarius, then read the corresponding text below.It may help you feel what you hold on to and what is best to let go of, and what to open up that can bring joy back to life.
    – 2nd Half of Sagittarius in House I: I let go of my fear of being baffled or deviated from my axis by others and my obsession with putting myself forward or relying only on myself. I accept that this period does not promote my self-awareness and that my identity and my being are not in danger either. I open myself to new collaborations, associations, which revive my existence. (Case of Joe Biden).
    -2nd half of Sagittarius in house II: I let go of my fear of losing my autonomy or my ability to support myself. I accept that this period is not conducive to my economic development and I welcome any support, help and information that I can receive from wherever it comes and however small it is.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in house III: I let go of my need to find meaning in my life through my relationships with my loved ones or through exchanges. I accept that this period does not promote close social contact and I take height by opening up to new acquaintances.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in house IV: I let go of focusing on my home through which I try to give back meaning to my life. I accept that this period does not make it easier for me to take root and I take my place in society with the opportunities that present themselves, even if they seem short-lived to me. (Case of Donald Trump)
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in house V: I let go of my desire to give meaning to my life by recognizing my works or my (pro) creations. I accept that this period does not favor my personal achievements and I make myself available to multiple collective and social projects.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in the 6th house: I let go of the idea that being useful and serving something will give meaning to my existence. I accept that this time that I am going through reduces my activity and I welcome the time that is now available to me to find my inner joy.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in the 7th house: I let go of the idea that I need to lead my life through some form of union or association, whether it’s a relationship or work. I accept that union is complicated for me at the moment and I rediscover with grace that I can live by letting my bubbly and joyful personality express itself.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in house VIII: I let go of the feeling that I need to merge with the other or feed on the fruits of a union or collaboration to be well supported in my life. I accept that at this moment common resources or the energy of the other is not a direction that can really support me. I welcome the idea that I find my autonomy in my ability to leverage my resources in a fun way.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in the 9th house: I let go of my obsession with wanting to improve myself and raise my consciousness by studying a lot of things. I accept that the time for personal development, study or travel is not here. I open up to others, I multiply close social relationships and interactions to feel joy in the exchange and communication.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in house X: I let go of my determination to want to find my place in society or to want to develop my career. I accept that this part of my life is blocked for the moment and I open myself to the many opportunities that life offers me to land somewhere. To enjoy one or more homes where I can find a little lightness.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in the 11th house: I let go of my social missions or my collective activities which at this time give me the impression of being the axis of my existence. I accept that this sphere of my existence demands of me efforts that are strained and unsuccessful. I welcome the multiple personal rewards that come to me through my personal creative activities or my emotional relationships.
    – 2nd half of Sagittarius in the 12th house: I let go of my inner quest and the belief that I will save myself by persisting in following my intimate and secret path. I accept that there’s no point in stepping back right now and that it won’t help me get better. I welcome the many activities that arise to make myself useful to others. (Case of Emmanuel Macron)

Well, that’s all for today. It was a long exercise, it’s my Christmas present. I hope this little text will help you individually to walk through this funny time so that our collective journey becomes clearer as quickly as possible. A very merry Christmas to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of December 2020!


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