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The path of life and its stages

A question about the lunar nodes in the birth chart and in transit

The question

Nila, on The South Node in House IV, North Node in House X asked a question that I found particularly relevant. Therefore, I promised to answer it in the form of an article. This is what I’m doing a little late today. First, here is her comment and question:

Hello, It’s so true, thank you so much for this article. However, I would like to know how can we interpret the lunar nodes which change every 18 months [nfr: sign]. I was born with a Scorpio North Node in house X and Taurus south node in house IV. Recently the axis of the lunar nodes has changed to Gemini / Sagittarius. And when I superimpose them on my chart, the North Node is in house VI and the South Node in house XII. My question may sound silly, but do I have to take these Node changes into account or just rely on the natal aspect to evolve. I am quite disturbed … Thank you for your attention.Nila

Thanks Nila, this is a fundamental question. It is anything but stupid and we all ask ourselves a little this question of knowing how to juggle between the configurations of astrology that define our basic structure (the birth chart), and the aspects that are more detailed at some point in time in our life (the movement of the stars and the sky points that surround us).


To illustrate this, I’ll use a metaphor. Imagine that Nila has a life where the general plan is to come a long way to reach a place called « I accept disturbing emotions to take my place in the world. » Between its point of departure and that point of arrival, a long, very long journey takes place. As long as a walk around the earth. Throughout this trip, Nila will go through all kinds of stages. For example, during a stopover she might doubt herself and would have to walk through a place called « I affirm my will ». During another stage, a few years later, she might have to cross a rather difficult mountain called « I keep my effort until the end ». And certainly one day she might stumble upon someone in a city who disturbs her by giving her false directions. She would feel lost for a moment, perhaps desperate, until a decision had to be made at the crossroads, which would be called « Trust yourself to find your way on your own following the path that fills your heart with enthusiasm. »

All of these steps are part of her journey called « I accept disturbing emotions to take my place in the world. » And it is not surprising that a journey takes us through many stages, each more different and surprising than the next. It seems natural. If I wanted to reach Everest, I would go through “Prepare your body right”, “Try more modestly”, “Pick the right time”, “Finance your project”, “Go to Kathmandu”, “Walk to ‘to base camp’… This path would take me through dozens of others, and maybe even I would have to try several times before I could climb Everest.

Steep paths

The path of life is the same. We all have our personal Everest. And before attempting an ascension, which happens every 18 years or so when our lunar nodes return to their birth positions, we go through a lot of stages that make us evolve and that prepare us. All the while, if we lose sight of our summit, we risk missing out. This is why knowing the life path of our birth chart, and making it aware, is so important. So as not to lose our course. But not losing focus does not mean that our journey is a monotonous road that requires us to repeat the same thing stupidly throughout our lives to finally get there. It is the machines that do this to drill holes in the mountain or to drill wells, not humans.

No peak is climbed in a straight line. Life is not linear. At times we even have to do the opposite, that is to say go down to be able to go up. We know this when we have done a little mountain climbing. We do not go up from the valley to the summit in a straight line on a gentle slope. We go through all kinds of relief, acceleration and softening of the slope, climbs and descents. The same goes for our life path. And the different passages of the lunar nodes or stars in our birth sky construct all its stages.

Maybe you recognized some life path routes in my little metaphor. The path of life « I accept disturbing emotions to take my place in the world » is an evocation of the path of Nila with a North Node in Scorpio in house X. And the one called « Trust yourself to find your way all alone by following the path that fills your heart with enthusiasm” is the evocation of that of the North Node in Gemini in house V, which is probably the configuration of the current lunar nodes in transit at Nila.

On the road

Each moment of our life asks us both to be aware of who we are (knowledge of our birth chart) and to pay attention to the stage we are going through (knowledge of the movement of the stars of the moment and their transit on our birth chart). There is nothing incongruous about this. This is what we do all the time in life. In astrology the thing is more abstract and we tend to make projections full of injunctions to reach the goal quickly, without giving ourselves time to go through our stages. Let’s give ourselves the time to appreciate each stage of our lives.

Very beautiful path to all!

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