The New Moon on May 11, 2021

The energy of the New Moon on May 11, 2021 is not violent but very intense. It can tend to excite us and disperse us a bit if we are not careful. We can rebalance ourselves by coming back to concrete things because this New Moon of May 11, 2021 is also focusing a lot of energy on our material way of functioning. This is perhaps a great opportunity for us to see what blinds us in our relationship to material in order to prepare ourselves for the world afterwards, endowed with new structures.


  1. Willpower at half mast, excitement at the maximum
    For this New Moon of May 11, 2021, the balance of the weakest stimulation is that of will energy, impulse, momentum. As a corollary, we have a strong stimulation of the energies of conceptualization. These two, willpower and conceptualization, are the Yang energies that set us in motion towards the new, the creation that can be achieved through thought or action. I’m going to dwell on this a bit because I think we can feel that collectively. There is therefore a great imbalance between its two modes of operation, for this New Moon of May 11, 2021, since one is strongly stimulated (the energy of conceptualization, of the manipulation of ideas) and the other is not at all.
    This means that the Yang energy is channeled towards the development of ideas, of thought, but that it is not very supported by acting out or commitments. In the current period, this can give us the impression of a form of intellectual arousal that disperses us, consumes our energy and makes it difficult for us to get in motion to engage in the actions that will bring these thoughts into reality. As a result, we may feel a form of restlessness and a lack of momentum or commitment at this time, which can be felt like something tiring. Our brain is constantly challenged to think and elaborate, but as it is our plans are a bit in the air. It’s like cooking and beating the eggs all the time and missing the idea of ​​what to do with it. It ends up in a meringue. It’s nice but it doesn’t feed the man, a little too light and it feels like we moved a lot of air for not much. This is what we can feel right now in this particular balance of energy.
  2. Rebalance with Earth
    One way to rebalance our energy, if we are feeling overwhelmed by the excitement, may be to spend time doing real things or to spend time in nature. The mode of operation that connects us to the concrete, to the material, is also very stimulated around this New Moon of May 11, 2021. We can easily direct our energy in the realization of concrete things if we put a little bit of awareness. Going into this mode of operation focuses us on “doing” something concrete. Dispersion due to the over-excitement of the conceptualization modus operandi is no longer solicited and we can reconnect with a quieter essence of ourselves.
    My good friend Lionel corrected my way of meditating at home to help me find that calm and that solid grounding. Watching me, he noticed that my energy tended to go up too much. He translated it into these words, “Instead of wanting to go up into the Cosmos, bring the Cosmos down to your basin, not the Universe, just the Cosmos. Word of wisdom. I believe that in his mind this difference between the Cosmos and the Universe could be that of the Prāṇa (Cosmo) and the creator (Universe). That’s how I understood and it worked right away. I quickly forgot about it in my daily life, but the energy of the moment and this writing reminds me of this and I calm myself back to this question when I have been in an uncontrollable excitement lately.
  3. Love humor and lightness
    The uncontrollable overexcitement that disperses us is the dark side of certain conceptualizing energies that cause us to distance ourselves from consciousness. The luminous side of this energy can be associated with an ability to gain height in different ways in the situations that present themselves to us. Through humor, by openness, by observing the rules of harmony, by visualizing new ideas that bring greater equity, we rise above violence without being dispersed. The energy of the New Moon of May 11, 2021 invites us, if not to let go of the gloom and transform the world, to appreciate more than usual a certain form of lightness that allows us to open our consciousness. Humor and derision without cynicism are powerful tools to derail our obsessed mind by itself, its goals, its fears and its unfulfilled quests. The energy of the New Moon of May 11, 2021 supports us on this journey. Our sensoriality is tuned to a frequency where it particularly appreciates lightness, humor and curiosity. These are, moreover, all forms of consciousness that we can easily identify with at this time.
    But this stimulation can awaken in us a fear of some form of dispersal and inconsistency that would cause us to lose our alignment, our direction, our purpose. Now, more than at other times, it is through visualization that we can achieve our goals. If we neglect to visualize and just engage in disorderly actions, it might not come to much of anything. I’m going to give you an example. At the moment I am looking for a house in the south-eastern quarter of France where I have decided to move. I spend time watching ads and I feel like I’m wading through the semolina with these multiple stresses. But I spend very little time visualizing precisely what I want. I take action, I launch research, I plan visiting trips … but my inner vision is not yet very clear and my approach remains muddled. I might conclude that I need to be more determined, but that’s not what is missing. What is missing is the clear vision.
  4. Lifting the veil on the material question
    This New Moon of May 11, 2021 is very unique. In its energy, it strongly vitalizes our link to matter, which can make us want to deal with things that relate to the concrete, to the real, to our relationship to material resources. It is a period conducive to gardening, to walks in nature, to the need to be outside, to DIY … For the New Moon of May 11, 2021, our interior life, our emotionality will be in harmony with this vitalization which will give a strong enough force to this experience of the concrete and the material. But all of this should also lift a veil quite strongly on something that has been hidden in us for a long time and that we were not aware of until then. You could say that this New Moon energy on May 11, 2021 resembles a form of purging experience in our relationship to matter that will lift the veil on our relationship with this form of existence. I have no idea what this will take collectively.
    On an individual level, I observe in each other resurgences of material stories, of resources, which are in the process of being unraveled, exposing some dark parts of ourselves that we are forced to face to move towards the Light. The choice may be to keep hiding your dark part so as not to look at it, and in this case my feeling is that the resulting experience would be quite strong around this New Moon on May 11, 2021. It could constitute a pivotal stage in our relation to matter where we would choose to purge or not our old conceptions.
  5. … which could affect deep structures
    This form of highlighting the inadequate functioning in our relationship with matter that could emerge around this New Moon of May 11, 2021, may be accompanied by a new stage of questioning the deep structures of society. Once again, I will not make a prognosis on a global level. We can expect collapses of all kinds, political, economic, ecological… When? That is another story I won’t speculate on. I sometimes read communications from entities that informed well over a year ago that excess mortality would occur in the transition period we are going through, linked to several factors including viruses. This is true today. These entities also indicated a 100% probability of systemic collapse in April 2021. We are in May. This holds. By pieces of string, but it still holds. Other parameters have intervened, others will perhaps still intervene which make the models uncertain. I think that up there, a weft is woven to make this transition as smooth as possible for us.
    What makes this shift possible is the accelerated development of consciousnesses that integrate the changes and put them in place on an individual level. The more of us will be to make these individual transformations, the smoother will be the overall transition because there will be a network of people ready to accompany and support the masses without us having to go through too much chaos. The individual question is always more interesting for me because it is the one on which we can act. To return to the subject of the New Moon of May 11, 2021, our deep structures can be affected by the personal revelations towards which we travel in relation to matter. As far as I am concerned, the deep structures that are questioned are related to work (Capricorn in house VI).
    I have a tendency to take too much on my shoulders, and this is amplified at this precise moment by the fact of concretizing the publication of my book (Taurus in the X and XI houses) and of materializing the creation of a social network (still a form of Taurus in XI where I have the North Node, therefore an important overtaking to do). I can’t do it alone. I have to let go of the idea of ​​managing as many things as possible on my own, which changes my relationship with material resources. We find the same parameters as those we have just studied. So I surround myself with people who help me and I agree to spend on it, where my habit is to take care of two or three people. By changing this, I change my structural paradigm, I become a stronger link in the transformation to come. It is within our reach. This is an important action that each of us can take.

That’s all for today. It is these points relating to the fears that we have on the material question that are at the heart of this New Moon of May 11, 2021. We start a month-long cycle at this tempo to help us highlight our material concerns and we allow by then to have enlightened our conscience by ridding it of old beliefs.

Very nice fortnight to all and very soon for the Full Moon in Sagittarius that will initiate a probably intense period of eclipse.

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