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The New Moon of September 28, 2019

The New Moon of September 28, 2019 brings a new balance conducive to the realization of more harmonious lives, when we manage to overcome our attachment to our old structures and position of authority.



  1. Here we are in front of a new distribution of energy that favors two modes of operation. As usual since a few months, we have a predominance of the mode of functioning of the concrete realization which stimulates our capacity to do things, to act on the matter. The New Moon of September 28, 2019 adds another mode of operation that balances the atmosphere, that of ideas, design or conceptualization. This mode stimulates in us the reflection, the need for speech or ideas and a certain lightness that allows us to take a step back.
    The modes of operation that are not activated are those that stimulate the will and the commitment on the one hand, and on the other hand the reliance, the link between beings.
    The mood of the moment is a Orwellian cocktail. Imagine a world where we would be stimulated essentially in our ability to do and conceive, but devoid of will and ability to feel and relate to others. That would make us perfect automatons, right?
    The ambient stimulation goes in this direction, but that does not mean that we will transform ourselves into robot. But … still a little if we observe how we are. You may have noticed in the period we are going through that we do not need a lot of human contact. Or maybe less than usual. We are able to spend a day putting our stuff away and re-harmonizing our space without worrying too much about what others are doing, or where these actions lead us.
    This is the automaton side, the opposite of conflagration, passion and powerful commitment. Times are not up to the revolution. The unions have understood this well, they are preparing a mobilization for later, when we will be in more tumultuous energies.
    So for now, it’s pretty calm and quiet, and it’s mostly a time to put order and harmony at home, or wherever you are. You will have the taste of clarity, the liberated spirit to find a harmonious sense and powerful energies to accompany you to sort, restructure and move the old energies.
  1. The fact that we are going through these rather anesthetic energies does not mean that there are no tensions. A voltage can be internal and not explode in external conflict. It’s a little what’s happening right now between energies.
    Energy, or consciousness, of individual responsibility on the one hand, is in conflict with the energies or consciences of our identity and our sensitivity on the other hand.
    Sensitivity and identification are forms of consciousness which, for the New Moon of September 28, 2019, are oriented toward the search for harmony, consensus, appeasement. We identify and think more easily in terms of harmonization, agreement and appeasement than in terms of conflict or will at this time. And it is also a sensitivity that carries us. We love things soothed more than the impulses of affirmation that risk to be conflictual.
    One could say that any well-educated person should live in this way, but this is not the case. The movement of energies affects us all year round, like the weather, in a variable way. At this moment the need for temperance and harmony dominates and we identify quite well with that.
    The worry is that this need for harmony is in conflict with our awareness of individual responsibility, of our authority. We can then find ourselves in situations where we would need to exercise responsibilities but where we would be in a difficult position to do so because this would lead to a frontal conflict that we prefer to avoid. We preserve a form of conviviality, while feeling that we are losing something in the structuring of our authority.
    It is to be expected that this accumulation of unspoken things that is filling up like a bag, will break out in a few weeks with conflicts of authority. My advice: We can try to overcome the fear of disharmony and regain our authority gently by saying things. This will decrease the size of the pouch that will burst later.
  2. The passage through speech and exchange, negotiation if necessary, or a certain form of diplomacy is essential around this New Moon of September 28, 2019 so that we learn to cross our path of collective life toward more confidence in life, releasing our attachment to old, obsolete structures.
    It does not happen without an effort. In fact it is a path that is proposed. When we are in rigid postures and we hold on beliefs, that we hold the rudder to keep our ship afloat, while the water gets in on all sides, it is not easy to listen to the voices that says to embark on the canoes and let the old carcass end its life deep in the ocean. It is a complicated act, especially when one feels invested with the role of captain. And yet that’s what we have to understand and do right now.
    The tension we are going through is the one that asks us to listen to what the other person has to say to us, even though we know that it will only fuel the decision to leave the old ship. It’s easier to stay on one’s authoritarian position and continue on the road without looking at reality. It sounds a bit like Emmanuel Macron’s response or to MPs in the face of Greta Thunberg’s action. They prefer not to listen, not to greet each other’s words, like a captain who is locked up in his command post and refuses to listen to the mechanic in the engine room who tells him we’re going to sink.
    Let’s look at this moment in our life where do we refuse to listen to try to preserve our authority, as if the word of the other was going to destitute us. It’s interesting. It is this accepted listening that allows us to move on and regenerate the trust and openness to the reciprocal relationship of mutual protection necessary for community life.
  3. If we cannot listen, we can try to appeal to our divine love, to our higher consciousness, to what connects us and unites us to the whole of life. This is an orientation we can take to resolve this tension and find a path to trust in the future.

That’s all for today. I hope that the autumnal sweetness accompanies you all in a moment of peace and tranquility. Very beautiful Indian summer to all and to all in a fortnight for the Full Moon of October 2019!


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