The New Moon of September 17, 2020

The New Moon of September 17, 2020 announces a small rebalancing of energies with more subtlety and nuance in the trends. The Yang energy is preparing to be reborn a little. Now is the time to take stock of our self-assertion and rise in consciousness to overcome conflicting dualities.

  1. We will approach this New Moon of September 17, 2020 through the balance of the stimulation of the elements. It is still marked by a strong preponderance of energies of concrete realization that can give us an ability to work, to do things, to be applied and relatively regular in our tasks or our achievements.
    Going through the “doing” right now, helps us get through the period by avoiding sterile projections, which can be numerous around this New Moon of September 17, 2020.
    Gradually, the stimulation of the energies is rebalancing with more Yang energy. It’s not yet balanced or hyper sensitive for this New Moon on September 17, 2020, but we can start to feel it. In a few days, when we go into the month of Libra, September 23, the balance between the Yang and Yin energies will be regained and we will be able to feel more stimulated in our drive, in our impulses to move forward, all the while keeping your feet on the ground. We can perhaps already feel the emergence of a more proactive and creative sparkle of new life forms. I feel it personally. Back to school month was very busy, we had to apply ourselves concretely to doing things to make them happen, now a more projective form of creativity is opening up.
    The preponderance remains rather Yin over the coming months, so it is a matter of us grabbing this little ball in the leap to balance our life by throwing what must be in the next 15 days.
  2. Although the stimulation of the Yang energies is weak, we are going through a time when the issue of assertiveness is very important. This question is related to the sign of Aries. Aries is a process that initiates the will, the “I want”. On a collective and global energy level right now, the question of what we want as humanity is being asked in a strong way. This is a question that brings into play our energy-consciousness of combativeness, our desire to defend the territory that we want to conserve, conquer or preserve in order to affirm who we are with an « I want » or I don’t want elsewhere.
    This question of the desire to assert what we want is associated with the question of the duality that divides. Hence the big differences between who wants to wear the mask, who doesn’t want to wear it, who wants this or that.
    If we stay in some form of expression of our desire, frontal and belligerent, we nurture a form of duality that breeds and attracts aggression and violence. The question we have to resolve is how to resolve this squaring of the circle of being yourself without falling into the rut of a conflicting duality.
    It’s complicated, but essential.
    It requires us to go through our ancestral gregarious states that asserted themselves by the projection of their personal will on the other, by the need to convince the other to bring him back to their cause. This form of self-assertion is born from the fear of the other, from the fear that he is more powerful than us, that if his will, which diverges from ours, encounters forces similar to his, it aggregates to it and ousts us, or erases us. Basically, this fear stems from a lack of confidence in our « I Am », in our ability to be who we are.
    When someone assaults us, or we assault someone, because we can’t understand the difference, the « I am » is weak and afraid of disappearing. It is not an affirmation of oneself, it is an affirmation of the fear of not being.
    What we are going through at the moment questions us deeply about this fear of not being. Because it is about the survival of who we are on a societal and global level. Morally as well as physically. And that this battle has not yet been won.
  3. In this late summer and early fall, we are going to revisit what we have posed over the past few months, affirming ourselves and a desire to defend, keep or preserve who we are. We are going to come back to all this, to come back to the question of the divisions in which we have joined. The real work to be done will be to get out of the cleavages by remaining ourselves, that is to say to have confidence in the fact that to affirm who we are, without seeking to destroy anyone, is the ultimate protection that preserves us.
  4. And in order to do all of this, we will need to move to a much more spiritual and deep version of awareness of being and of affirming who « I Am ». We have a job of healing old wounds on the question of assertiveness to do, to overcome the illusions of matter in this area.
    If a material and concrete form of life gives us the feeling that it prevents us from being who we are, and we enter into the belief that this material manifestation in form is an external condition which is imposed on our « I am ”, then we get stuck in the matrix, we get trapped in the illusion and we inevitably enter into conflict… or into submission.
    This is what we are seeing right now with the health crisis.
    If I see the wearing of the compulsory mask as something that crushes the expression of who « I Am », I will probably get into a conflict, take fines, fight with my transport neighbors, my family, my baker… or submit thinking that « I am » incapable of changing things.
    The other possibility that opens up for change is to assert who « I Am », but without struggling against someone who is not like me. This Self-affirmation starts with unwavering spiritual awareness, not fear. It ends up creating on its own living conditions that will spare us the inconvenience of suffocating ourselves in a mask, or having to intoxicate ourselves by inoculating us with questionable products …
    And how will this magical protection be? It doesn’t matter. That’s not the point. It will be done because it is what « I Am »: free to breathe in a healthy body.
    I am taking this example because it is at the heart of the news, but we can apply this to the area of ​​our life where Aries is located to understand where the affirmation of this « I Am » is important to us right now. .
  5. I have fully focused on this question that is asked of us today. To go to the end I must remember that the question of « I Am« , in order not to fall into the ruts of the ego, must open up to the awareness that it must serve or support the complete overhaul of our structures and not try to keep them in place. This point has already been developed in paragraph 2 of the Full Moon of September 2, 2020.
    Likewise, we must be careful that our need for self-assertion, our « I Am » is not used to galvanize our projections of ourselves into an uncertain future. The idea is not to feed an ego that projects itself into the distance, but in the current situation, to have fun, to take pleasure in asserting who we are, to express it through words, in exchange and respect for those who do not agree, without making a big deal out of it. It is this energy that today manages to assert itself without being pounded. Balance is hard to find.
    To help us find it, we can observe two men who are asserting themselves in different ways at the moment, Professors Raoult and Toussaint.
    Both have a powerful and well-constructed « I Am », but one of the two, Professor Toussaint, has a less confrontational conscience than the other and therefore more grounded. He is given more peace and his more universal message is shifting the health crisis to his « I Am » on the topic of stopping instilling fear, which is a more fundamental issue. I’m not saying one is better or more useful than the other, I like both a lot. I invite us to observe two forms of « I Am », one more belligerent that generates more controversy and the other that finds the loophole to assert itself without trying to crush it.

Well, that’s all for today. The energies of the moment are complex to decipher. If we wanted to write the full panorama of what we are going through every Full Moon or New Moon, we would need pages and pages. So I try every fortnight to focus on a configuration that can take several months to gradually decipher what we are going through. Today I have made a big focus on the issue of Aries, desire, Mars energy, and assertiveness. These energies are going to question us for several more months, so keep that in a corner of your head. Right now, as human beings, we define ourselves in who we are.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the Full Moon in Aries in 2020! It will certainly be very stimulating in relation to the questions asked.

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