The New Moon of October 28, 2019

Here is the New Moon of October 28, 2019 which arrives after the time difference in winter time which has turned into a big jetlag, 24h for me 😊, sorry for the wait. If this delay makes sense, we will try to explore it together and if not, it will be just the fall jetlag.



  1. Oh yes, that makes sense to me! This does not necessarily have the same meaning for everyone. Everyone can find in what this New Moon could affect themselves. I will try to guide you to this understanding from my personal case.
    Once is not customary, I will start this text with an explanation of what the New Moon of October 28, 2019 has caused in my home, the jet lag that made me zap to write this text. I will do an analysis upside down from what has specifically assigned me to return after general instructions that you can apply to your case.
  2. Since last Sunday I have very little taste or appetite at work. I am tired and I rather want to find myself at home to rest. In fact, if I try to do too much, I run out quickly and it does not work. For several months I get up at 6:30 in the morning to write. But this week, I cannot do it. I have a very strong need to do nothing and rest. I believe that for almost 10 years I write lunations every 15 days, this is the first time I completely zap a lunation. It was not even me who realized it.
    So how could this New Moon of October 28, 2019 be able to make me sleep a little more?
    Here is the explanation in several steps.
    We are in a period where the stimulated elements are the energies of realization and the energies of reliance, the Earth and the Water. This form of stimulation is essentially Yin (feminine, therefore passive), which means that we are not very proactive at this time. We can even say that it is a sticky and soft energy like clay. This is what mixed water and earth do. So here is our first hint of an energy where momentum and ideas are at half-mast and tends more to a passive form than active.
  3. But that’s not enough to explain how I got so sleepy. There have already been very Yin energies like that, and so far, I was not sleeping to the point of zapping a lunar 😊. A complementary element is that the energies of Water that are dominant at this moment, stimulate many experiences of the inner life in my birth chart.
    This means that at this moment I am more stimulated to stay in my inner world than to externalize myself or want to work. For example, this Lunation is happening in my astrological house IV, house that represents the home. And it’s true that right now, I want to be home warm at night, rather than go outside. I rejuvenate myself ats home.
  4. But that’s not enough to explain why I made the groundhog. I like to write at home, which I do most of the time. So there is something else that makes me zap this lunation.
    In fact, right now, my personal path is to lift the foot on the job. Naturally I tend to take heavy workloads on my shoulders. But here the path to open requires that I accept a period of latency and internalization. I would have to let go of my need to produce stuff in a well-organized and structured way, and that I accept moreover to relax with my family and to take advantage of moments of solitude to find in me the sweetness of life, and a state of confidence in life.
    Which I do admirably and easily by getting up at 6:30 to write and complaining about having less work right now. We all know … we do not always have a mirror in front of us to watch ourselves do. 😊
    In short, all that amuses me much.
    This dynamic comes from the fact that the direction of my life path, at this moment, is that of the house of retreats in my birth chart. In other words, right now, to go in the direction of the wave, I have to do less and rest more, much more.
  5. But it is not yet enough to explain why the groundhog is suddenly set to hibernate, just for this New Moon of October 28, 2019. It’s been several months since I saw this path and I did not skip these moments. So there is something else still.
    And that’s where I was going. When I looked at the chart of the sky of October 28, 2019, it is this energy which I immediately noticed. I did wow! That’s a funny one!
    In fact, the New Moon of October 28, 2019 that is played in my home, also stimulates the point towards which my current path in the retirement home is headed. So the energy of this New Moon is in my theme a very big stimulant at rest and doing nothing in relaxation!
    A that it feels good to be guilt thus 😊!
  6. Finally I will summarize this text by proposing tools to customize it with the way it acts on your theme:
    – Look in your house in which house is the beginning of Scorpio to understand what area of your life is being stimulated at this time.
    – Then look in which house is half Cancer in your chart. This is the sector towards which your evolution dynamics are going at the moment. To live it, it is important to let go of the need for control and structure, and to return to more confident and more connected forms of life.
    – And finally observe if these two sectors of your life where you find water energies are not resonant experiences in your theme, do not they tend to strengthen in recent days, inviting you to really let go and relax.

There are many other aspects to study in this New Moon of October 28, 2019 that should be taken into account, but here it is already late 😊. My comforter calls me …
I wanted to invite you today to observe this area where your life is heading your own path right now. It is important to become aware of it to accept and let this path open.
I will end with a little personal message for those who have strong XII houses in their birth chart. When we dialogue in consultation, I explain that your life is made to spend a lot of time with yourselves. That is true. I also know that this is often frustrating and difficult. I myself have this challenge to accept right now for a short period of my life and I crash myself trying to get out of my shell, it’s stronger than me, so I have to rest, sleep. So I sympathize. And at the same time, I find a lot of pleasure in this period. I am grateful to this New Moon for loving it and accepting it. I wish you all the same for all your life.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of November 2019! If I’m awake 😊.




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