The New Moon of October 16, 2020

The New Moon of October 16, 2020 calls on us from all sides in a strange atmosphere of passivity. We could get lost in this consensus atmosphere, and that is why we must be sure to work with confidence on reshaping our personal foundations, to prepare for the moment of transition that will come later.

  1. A quick glance at this New Moon’s sky map for October 16, 2020 shows those with some basic astrology that the atmosphere now is very interactive. We are bathed in a soup of very intense interactions that can give us the feeling that we are called upon from all sides on many subjects and that everything is interacting too quickly. The requests are numerous, sometimes to please us, sometimes to displease us. There are, in this configuration, links that are made over many areas of our life, full of states of our consciousness, which can give us the impression that everything is accelerating and going too fast. If you feel a little inner storm within you with the feeling that you are not easily able to integrate everything that is starting to connect together right now, it is probably an effect of powerful connectivity of all the energies of the sky around of this New Moon.
    In astrology, there are times when we want to erase certain aspects of our birth chart that are bothering us. I am sometimes asked the question of knowing if understanding a difficult configuration, integrating the lesson, makes it disappear. It’s a fantasy. A pattern of our birth chart does not go away, even when we have integrated the lesson and manifested itself much more lightly, if at all for a while. The dynamic exchanges of the energies of the sky in our birth chart are constructions inscribed in us like a form of energetic DNA. We may or may not activate them, but they remain as potentially achievable and activatable information.
    We can extract ourselves from this agitated structure to regain our serenity when we are too jostled or dispersed by the events or the energies passing through us. And that’s sort of the case right now. For this, it « suffices » to take meditative breaks. When we meditate, we come back to the heart, to the center of that wheel, where the dynamic subsides. At the periphery of a wheel, if the latter is dented and spins at full speed, this can create discomfort. But if we place ourselves in the center of the wheel, regardless of the accidents on the periphery, we remain immune to disturbances.
    So, right now, if the hustle and bustle of the sky makes us too excited and tense and we feel our being too strained by all this movement, let’s take some time to relax, meditate, or take a walk in nature. This will bring us closer to the center of the wheel and feel the peripheral arousal much less violently. Meditating is an act that brings us all, regardless of the moment or our birth chart, to the center, within ourselves, listening to our interiority, in peace and calm. It is from this center that we find the lucidity to act serenely.
  2. While the intensity of relationships on this New Moon on October 16, 2020 does not bode well for their qualities and how we may experience them, the type of relationship tells us more specifically about the mood of the moment.
    Currently, there are twice as many disharmonic relationships as there are harmonic relationships. This preponderance creates a climate in which tension and conflict are more frequent than collaboration or the fluidity of relationships.
    This is an important point of this New Moon of October 16, 2020 and we will develop it further. But before that, let’s take a look at why it doesn’t explode more overtly in this climate of pretty strong tension.
  3. First, we are still in the month of Libra, which channels our vital energy in a search for balance, consensus, harmonization through the application of rules of life. It is perhaps no coincidence that the intensification of the restriction of freedoms (closure of cafes in Marseille at the end of September, end of home instruction in early October, curfew announced before this New Moon, etc.) is taking place operates during this astrological month.
    We are, in this period, more inclined to reflection, to respect for the rules, to harmonization, than to the expression of our individual wishes. It’s a perfect month to tell ourselves that it would be good to give it up in a spirit of « national solidarity ».
    Remember the change in language in this episode, as it sets up pieces of language to pervert and demean the energy of the changes in the months to come. The idea is to, consciously or not, present a low energy version of the energy changes in the exercise of power and responsibility. The bright version of this shift in energy is that of developing justice and fraternal and united responsibility. It is disguised as guilt and punitive threat in the name of this same national solidarity. This is the dark fear-based version. Let’s not be fooled. Let us nourish and cherish this change which will support the solidarity movements.
    So, in this month and particularly around this New Moon of October 16, 2020, it is quite easy to tighten the screw while requesting the minimum of reaction.
    Let us not conclude that this consensuality makes us sheep. Understand that the energy of the moment is not conducive to a burst of freedom and survival action. Rulers are probably advised on the influence of energies, but the wind will turn.
  4. Two other factors are concomitant with this and accentuate this form of apparent docility. On the one hand, our energy-consciousness of desire, of conquest, our warrior side that defends its territory, is in a phase of introspection and looking back on its past actions. We are reluctant to go into new fights, because we are revisiting the consequences of our past fights at this time.
    On the other hand, the energy-consciousness of liberation, or emancipation, is in a similar phase. So much so that these energies-consciousnesses of a combative nature that can support revolts, are currently more internalized and reflexive than externalized and dynamic.
    I express this so that, instead of lamenting the passive nature of the people, we can collectively accept that there is a time for everything. Now is not the time for the momentum for renewal or for immediate emancipation. Rather, we need to clean up ourselves to move to a deeper awareness of being and to free ourselves from our material conditioning. Based on this internal cleansing, we can then assert a state of being free that will use its warrior energy to defend its territory fearlessly and with discernment.
    For those who are interested, take a look at the sky map around mid-January 2021, you will see that we are going to go through a hyper dynamic phase which should be much more hectic.
  5. The main tension of this New Moon of October 16, 2020 comes from the fact that the consensus energy in which we are immersed is in conflict with the overhaul of structures, of the legitimate framework and of the exercise of responsibility or authority.
    The energies of justice and responsibility or authority have resumed an active dynamic in their structural overhaul, and this disturbs the energy of harmonization or consensuality.
    For example, in France, we had a very effective expression of this conflict around this New Moon of October 16, 2020 with the concomitance of the presidential speech and searches of ministers on the management of the health crisis.
    The president chose to play on the register of charm, to be pleasant, to pass liberticidal measures, but he was not in an exercise of assumed responsibility, refusing to admit the failures of his government. The day after this speech, justice implicated ministers in the management of the crisis, which created tension by questioning the validity of the restrictive rules to which the president sought to obtain a form of consensual support from the population.
    What is important for us at the moment is not to seek consensuality in everything, but to accept the questioning of what re-establishes our legitimate structures and our authority, in order to move towards greater integrity and a more appropriate framework to allow our future development.
  6. However, it is not about shaking ourselves in our jar by fighting lonely battles against everything to assert ourselves.
    This combative energy is not working at the moment. It is also in conflict with the consciousness energies that restructure society. We will obtain better results by agreeing to work for the restructuring within ourselves of our individual responsibilities and our legitimate framework.

As usual, I couldn’t talk about everything this moon phase tells us. I have talked a lot this time about aspects that are more global than individual because we are approaching a moment in the history of mankind when our individual consciousness must integrate a collective movement, a larger consciousness. It is not a question of wanting to accomplish a mission to save the world in one’s corner, but of awakening our consciences so as not to let ourselves be caught up in states of anxiety, when we have the impression that the worst is worsening day after day. The current blockage and increased pressure is « logical ». The energies will move and, like a strongly compressed spring during all these months that we go through, will release powerful forces of rebalancing at the appropriate time. Let’s keep the faith. Let’s keep the confidence in ourselves. Let’s continue the inner work of awareness, detachment and personal transformation that digs the well from which we will soon draw the forces that will rock the world.

Happy fortnight to all of you, and see you very soon for the Full Moon of October 2020!

Image by Moreno Boeron from Pixabay

Exercez votre discernement. Ne prenez pas ce qui est écrit comme parole d'évangile. Interrogez votre ressenti à propos de ce que vous lisez.

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Anne 28 octobre 2020 at 19 h 57 min

toujours belle guidance pour ces pérodes de transformation globale et immense

Tristan 16 novembre 2020 at 20 h 36 min

My pleasure 🙂


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