The New Moon of November 26, 2019

The New Moon of November 26, 2019 is an essential door to get back on our axis. It’s a special moment to prepare for an unusual winter. Let’s turn our gaze to the Light before we enter the darkness of winter.


  1. The arrival of the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius for this New Moon of November 26, 2019, gives us a new dynamic more tonic, with more momentum and will that vivifies the global atmosphere.
    I mentioned it in the text on the month of Sagittarius, but I will repeat myself because it is important, the month that comes now is useful to help us get back on our axis. The energies of will have been very little stimulated for months. We benefit only about a month every 4 months. Long periods without this stimulation, we can easily get bogged down and lose our axis, our momentum and our will.
    The month that begins is therefore a strong month to realign with our creative will, what we have chosen to live and do in our lives.
    That does not mean that we have to be agitated in every way, or get excited, but that it is important to ask ourselves if we are on the right path or if we would not have deviated a bit by chance. Then if we feel that we have deviated or that we are bogged down in the fields, it is the moment to put a gear in the right direction to resume our road on dry ground.
    It takes courage and the will to straighten the bar in the « right » axis. This energy of courage and will is stimulated for this New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26, 2019, so let’s take advantage of it.
    I strongly experienced this passage of energy this weekend. I was getting bogged down under a load of work that was beginning to suffocate me, and a nice sickness nailed me to the ground until I realized, as evidence, that I had taken far too much loads, which left me no more space to continue my writing axis. So I spent part of my weekend reopening spaces in my schedule to get back on my axis. I will come back to this notion of load, which will be very important in the coming months.
  2. The stimulation of our modes of operation is a little more balanced with this month of Sagittarius, which brings us the will that we just mentioned. However, the stimulation of ideas and conceptualization is still lacking.
    That’s why we can have a hard time taking a step back from what we’re going through or having trouble asking ourselves to develop new plans. Another manifestation may be a difficulty in finding a little lightness and humor in everyday life.
    Humor for this New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26, 2019, you have to go find it, it does not come alone. This is not won in advance. In writing this text, I realize that I will often go find it in comedy videos lately. It makes me feel good. It may be a simple way at our disposal to lighten the daily life, which is sometimes heavy. Try to see, you will tell me what you think. One of the interests of putting awareness on the need to take a step back is that without that we could switch to anger and go from a state where we had the impression to have been a little ankylosed for months, at very directive energies that lack lightness.
  3. The atmosphere of this New Moon in Sagittarius of November 26, 2019 is quite sweet. There is little energy in tension on our Earth. Overall, it is rather harmonic chords that dominate as we can observe them on the chart of the sky. These harmonic chords are clearly the majority, which supports an atmosphere in which tensions and friction are softened.
    This does not mean that no difficulty is noticeable, or that it is an atmosphere with necessarily positive effects.
    For example, if we are bogged down and no stimulation comes to disturb us to wake us up, it can become a trap. We fall asleep sometimes when we are wallowing in too cottony atmospheres.
    With the energies of will that wake up, we should get some energy to wake up. The rather sweet atmosphere is rather welcome so that our impulses do not turn into battering, nor anger. But we must be vigilant not to fall asleep when we are in a position to make decisions or make personal positioning choices. It is in our interest to act with courage without waiting to back against the wall.
  4. We are approaching the great concentration of energy in the sign of Capricorn this winter, which will begin in a few weeks and end around March 2020. I do not like to anticipate the energies of the future by forecasts because in reality we do not really understand them only when they come to us. However, here it is important to talk about it because the energy will be exceptionally concentrated and I would like us to take the measure to understand how important the window we are going through is and what to take advantage of it now.
    This winter, there will be very little energy of will to help us find our axis, and very little air energy, except February, to lighten use. On the other hand, the stimulation to want to take charge, carry, build and structure will be exceptionally strong, while the context will not allow these enterprises to hold. Indeed, energy is challenging structures right now. We are going through a period where we have to learn to build flexible, intelligent, less hierarchical, less pyramidal and less heavy. We will go through these few months of winter in a strong stimulation to hang on worm-eaten structures that goes ragged and in a context where the news depress us a little more every day by talking to us about global collapse.
    We will have to know how to find and turn to the energy of trust in life, to find our spontaneity, our innocence, our carelessness, abandoning our need to reassure us and control situations sometimes wobbly.
    We have a test of faith to go through, during which we will have to let go, let go and let go again for not tense ourselves or to lock ourselves into vain efforts. What must leave will leave! Our eyes will have to turn again and again to what we want to build and not to what is no longer or cannot last.
    This is why the moment we are living on this New Moon of November 26, 2019 and this month of Sagittarius is so precious. It helps us to anchor firmly in our axis, to visualize the target of the world that we want to rebuild, ours first. Maybe there will be major events during this winter, maybe not. Those who know me a little know that the event forecasts do not interest me. They plague us or plunge us into a sterile otherworldliness. This is not what matters to prepare us. We have to understand the energy to surf on it.
    Whatever events come for us, whether they affect us or not personally, we will feel this energy and we will have to live internally this readjustment of our consciousness on the confidence in our collective capacity to help each other, and find the faith to deal with structural changes together.

At this moment, I see people blossoming in consultation in extraordinary letting go, opening with confidence in the life that is coming, without knowing the form it will take, but with the conviction that they are well aligned, because they let loose the big fears that kept them in the shadows. I see it more and more.
After endless procrastination about « what I should do » to finish my book faster or to change my life, I ended up letting go also a part of shadow that wanted to wear too much things, like an old Judeo-Christian guilt. I realized that I was mistaken target. What mattered was to find a state of confidence and relaxation, and to regain the good mood and the joy of living on a daily basis. Every day for some time now, I have more fun and love for each person who crosses my path, and I learn not to darken when I cannot do anything. The weight falls, and I do what I have to make the mind lighter.

This relaxation and nonchalance are not incompatible with knowing what you want and where you want to go in life. It is a relaxation of our body and our consciousness, essential to find at this moment, which puts us back in touch with the essential. That’s what I see flourishing right now. Of course, the energy is heavy, but we can feel strangely good and happier in a world under construction, as if we had at our fingertips access to the essential: our human family unit.

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the Full Moon of December 2019!

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