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The New Moon of November 15, 2020

The New Moon of November 15, 2020 can allow us to connect with our universal or divine consciousness. This is an important awareness in the current period when we need a strong foothold to support awareness of our responsibility in a climate of growing discord.

  1. This New Moon of November 15, 2020 and the days that surround it is a period marked by a very large preponderance of the energies of the feminine principle, or Yin energy. In these periods, we are hardly stimulated to launch new actions or new ideas. Our stimuli are mainly in the concrete realization and the connection, which translates into an important capacity to do concrete things and to feel what is happening around us, the atmospheres, the emotions … It is so right now. The forces of nature cradle us in this atmosphere where we have little energy to soar or get excited or ignite for anything. It can be a gloomy atmosphere. Or not. It’s up to us to make this passage what we want. It is a useful time to create and strengthen our bonds and to carry on in our lives a work of little ants to get rid of what encumbers us. Being ready for action requires a sense of security that cannot be better created than by ensuring the strength of our bonds. Faith moves mountains. It requires having emptied what is no longer useful to us. If our mind and our life are endlessly preoccupied with actions, ideas or things that are no longer useful, our capacity for action or reflection to change the world is obstructed. Before the period of action and renewal by thought, we must therefore strengthen our bonds and clean up the superfluous. If we find it difficult for us to initiate or develop, that’s okay. Better to take advantage of this moment to clean up and strengthen our ties. The period we are going through serves this purpose.
  2. The main tension of this New Moon of November 15, 2020 concerns our taste for harmony and balance, for respect for the rules, for good behavior, for the right attitude which is in conflict with energies of questioning ofthe legitimacy of governance.I am expressing a form that would apply to a world astrological approach.I will come back to a more individual application of this expression later.

    A feeling of disharmony

    We are seeing that expressed right now on the issue of wearing a mask or respecting confinement. Some depart from the rule and leave the harmonic consensus with a posture of questioning the authorities and the legal framework. Which creates tension. The question is, what or who to trust to get out of this tension? If we find ourselves in this conflict, the important thing is to accept that our taste for harmony is thwarted and to let go of the desire to share a form of quiet consensuality. Why ? Because this form of consciousness is much more primary and less powerful than those governing the structural transformations underway. Our love, love, to live in harmony cannot be satisfied at this time if we ignore the energies that oppose it.

    To accept

    If we are to regain stillness, we must accept to embody the energies that interfere with our harmony instead of rejecting them. And these energies are linked to the overhaul of structures of governance and justice. This is on a global level. This is what we are seeing taking place with the US elections. The challenge to the legality of the election disturbs the sense of collective harmony. It’s shocking. Either way, the energies that have the most power are those that reshape the structures of governance and legality. If we get stuck in a ‘it just doesn’t happen’ type of thought to satisfy our immediate need for balance and harmony, we may be hit for a long time to come. We need to raise the debate and raise our awareness in our observation of the functioning of institutions, whether in France or elsewhere.

    In ourselves

    It works on an individual level too. At the moment, trying to maintain harmony at all costs is not productive and scalable. The more we do it, the harder the annoyance. The important thing is to take our individual responsibilities and set our framework. We have to assume that this can create disharmony. So rather than playing the frightened virgins when something strikes us, the right question is to ask ourselves what is our responsibility and what framework is suitable for exercising our responsibility? Very strangely, when it is well put, when we are honest, we respect the frame and harmony is reborn, a form of softness and balance reappears. Here is an example through this interview with Doctor Louis Fouché who explains his interview with the APHM and how accepting to be a discordant voice, but without anger, and by fully assuming his responsibility and the framework in which he works , allowed to recreate harmony. I really like the gentleness and integrity of this man.

  3. One of the keys to this time we are going through right now is to regain the energy of faith.This energy of faith has been pretty strained for some time.The New Moon of November 15, 2020 gives us a great opportunity to connect with the divine. The energy of faith has been difficult to live with for some time because it is in a strong tension, right in the middle of the course of our collective life path.It took me a while to fully consider this aspect that has been going through us since September, because I had my little personal resistance, I think.It is loose at the moment.What is it about ?

    Loss of faith

    The energy of faith is now fully connected to the cosmos. It is a configuration that facilitates the opening of consciousness to the universal. But this form of consciousness is at the same time in tension with the dynamics of the collective life path. We can thus, in our current fear of being lost in an ocean of lies and headless words, fear being fooled by faith, by this even more subtle and evanescent consciousness that connects us to the divine. So we can turn in on ourselves to seek a powerful direction, a strong axis to guide us. And again, the divine seems far too improbable or intangible to us to be a reliable source of guidance. The world is so topsy-turvy that we need clear directions. Difficult to trust the faith and the divine in these conditions.

    Reinstate spiritual awareness

    And yet, it is this state of divine trust that makes us turn to life rather than to morbid consciousnesses. It is the consciousness of faith that allows us to accept to return to the present, to let go of the projections, and to turn to the acceptance of a divine solution, which we can amplify and accelerate by our intention to live in a world of love and light. The New Moon of November 15, 2020 gives us a great opportunity to awaken this divine love within us. Our life energy and emotional life lend themselves to collaborating with our awareness of universal love. This will take some time yet. We are at a crossroads of reintegrating our spiritual consciousness. No matter what beliefs, no matter what religions or not, any human being can turn, connect with his consciousness to universal love. This is what makes it possible to regain confidence in life.

I will not develop more points today because I need a rest. The period does not spare me and I have to stop frequently for various reasons. I remain optimistic no matter how good or bad I am. A few months ago, crossed by an intense feeling of happiness and accomplishment, I told myself that I could well leave this world at that time, I would leave happy and full of desire to continue the evolution of my consciousness in other worlds. I didn’t want to, but I was in this state of bliss and fulfillment. Today I am heckled and my biggest job is to relate to this state of awareness of who I am and make it the one and only barometer of my satisfaction with being, without letting myself be offset by external events. To be who we are in the surrounding mess, to remain connected to our humanity, to our love of life, to the love of our loved ones. Now. Without limit and without reserve, no matter the wind, storm and tide. But without ever getting lost. That’s all we have to do.

Happy fortnight to all and see you soon for the December 2020 lunar eclipse!

Image par Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

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