The New Moon of May 5, 2019

The New Moon of May 5, 2019 marks a change of energy, perhaps a turning point in the current crisis that could change to a more peaceful form. This New Moon, this new cycle, can help us to overcome the crisis by stimulating the anchoring in a calmer energy.


    1. I start this New Moon of May 5, 2019 by a small review of the balance of energies. It will allow us to clarify the trend of the mood of the moment. The New Moon of May 5, 2019 is marked mainly by concrete energies of realization and will. It is a rather special cocktail that gives a rather dry and hard atmosphere. These energies correspond in astrology to the elements Fire and Earth. Imagine that we put fire and earth together, with nothing else, neither water to soften, nor air to ventilate, it will give a kind of fire that sinks drying, hardening very slowly.
      If you want to make beautiful pottery, it is necessary that the earth softened by the water is dried by the air andfire to cook it. When an element is missing, it becomes complicated. When two elements dominate the four, it gives a special atmosphere. It has its qualities and its flaws. In September, the atmosphere was heavy and sticky which corresponded to an atmosphere of earth and water, which makes mud.
      For the New Moon of May 5, 2019, energy, essentially Fire and Earth, or will and concrete realization, gives a dry and hard atmosphere that lacks flexibility and lightness. In terms of emotion, I think we can associate that with contempt. The elements of astrology are associated with the main emotions: fire = anger, earth = sadness, air = excitement (joy) and water = fear. I had fun adding the other universal emotions identified by Paul Ekman, and it seems to me that contempt best fits the Fire and Earth combination.

      Let’s not conclude horrors about people who have this balance of energy in their birth chart saying that they are scornful people. A configuration transcends itself by putting it in consciousness. This week I had a person who had very little water energy in her theme. She said she had learned to be in tune with others to feel them. It is a conscious effort she has learned to make.
      The atmospherein which we are, can have within itits flaw of contempt, but it is up to all of us to put some consciousness to avoid of being stuck there and regain links and fluidity in our human connections. We have little energy from Air to take things lightly and with little water energy to feel,consequently,weare more than at other times, maynot beattentive and despise what does not suit us, instead of taking a step back and being attentive to how we feel others. It’s up to us to make sure we do not stay too cold and dry.
      This combination does not have only flaws. We can also live it as a good time to finalize our actions. There are the two energies that are needed for this: the will that gives impetus, and the concrete realization that allows to apply to do what we have to do.

    2. We are in a period where our senses, our sensuality likes us to assert ourselves. It’s an opportunity to start new things from what we feel. Our sensitivity is turned to the pleasure of asserting ourselves. We can quite easily feel this in ourselves because this energy is an energy very close to our ordinary consciousness. Some forms of consciousness require us to ask ourselves and concentrate to feel them, while others work in a much more visible way in our everyday actions. The stimulation of pleasure is immediate.
      There is a stimulation of the pleasure of affirming ourselves or taking initiatives at this moment. This energy can be destabilized at the same time.

      We may feel uncomfortable in our impulses or in our assertions of ourselves, as this puts us in tension with a sense of responsibility or authority. The news shows us a gregarious form of this energy, when we see the police being rough with a protester. There is a sensitivity to the affirmation of authority that expresses itself in a form of tension that breeds violence. This can be observed in ourselves in a more subtle way. It is an energy that I feel in me right now. I have a certain pleasure to assert myself and at the same time, I feel that it creates a form of tension.

    3. Our energy of desire and conquest is in a slightly light mood. Desire, like the sensuality we have seen above, is a form of instinctive consciousness in us. It helps us to move, to evolve in motion in our environment. Let us say that at this moment the desire for movement is not going to look very far and looks rather for the multiplication of small conquests than for large displacements. This energy of desire is associated with the part of warrior in ourselves. Here again the news is interesting to show us how our warrior impulses can have a short vision. When Interior Minister Castaner is quick to say that protesters have attacked a hospital, his short-sighted war impulse went flat. He receives a message from the justice department that opposes his vision and ridicules him.
      This is another aspect of this energy of desire and conquest, it opposes the energy of legitimacy. If we act impulsively at this moment, following our aggression in a rather unthinking way, we run the risk of encountering the opposition of a form of legitimacy or legality.
      This kind of slight military impulse is at the same time in tension with the energy of faith, of compassion, of the openness of the heart. So that we can, if we indulge our aggressiveness, hurt others by forgetting our qualities of heart.
      Perhaps it is necessary at this moment to pay attention to the fight in which we want to engage ourselves and to prefer to engage in small rather lightconquests, rather than to try to undertake great fights with lightness.

    4. Our vital energy and our emotional bodies are seeking or expressing a certain form of appeasement and tranquility for this New Moon of May 5, 2019. Even if we can like to assert ourselves or develop a spirit of conquest that is a bit youthful, our vitality in general is rather looking for calm.
      The aggressive and disorganized excitement of the police forces, generates rather calm reactions. One would expect hysterical reactions, but that’s not what we see. The reaction of the 34 of Mercy during their press conference are rather calm and posed.
      It’s a strange alchemy to understand. How free and light violence on one side does not cause hysteria on the other. All of this fits into a global energy that tends to temper and moderate. If we had been in times when the energy is much more lively and emotional as in November for example, it could have been otherwise more stirring.
      On the contrary, we see a call to responsibility rather than a call to collective hysteria. This is another aspect to note. There is at this moment a form of harmonization between the energy of responsibility and a certain calmness.

A New Moon is a new cycle that begins. The weather was rough this last week, and this Sunday, it tempers. We see this energy change, at the same time that we can feel or see that we are taking a important turn. Feel that energy that has rocked, as if a critical mass had been reached, as if a force of inertia had become stronger than aggression. This may only be the transient effect of this second part of the Taurus month, but I do not think so. Intellectuals and artists are waking up, the media is starting to turn around, and the wind is turning.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon in May 2019!

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