The New Moon of May 22, 2020 – Gandalf or Dark Knight?

The New Moon of May 22, 2020 more strongly anchors the energy change of our current phase of collective evolution. The energies of the moment are lighter. We will decrypt them together. Above all, we are going to look at how not to fall into the trap of wanting to do battle, like super heroes, by reacting to the fear that our collective life path will stimulate.

  1. Air, air and air! The New Moon of May 22, 2020 finally brings us air, which significantly changes the balance of energy stimulation. We are currently in a period where the most stimulated mode of operation is that which nourishes ideas, concepts, thought, and words. Half of the energies of this New Moon of May 22, 2020 are of this nature, which stimulates, in us, a need for lightness, spontaneous expression, sometimes intellectual distraction, and verbal exchanges in large numbers too.
    This strong stimulation can also give us the feeling of being dispersed, of lacking concentration or following in our ideas or our impulses. It’s an effect of this seasonal energy. We are testing lots of ideas and need to refresh our minds with intellectual stimuli that make us see life in kaleidoscopic mode. Let’s take advantage of it, because it is an excellent stimulation to get out of the sad softness in which we came out of confinement. Personally, I was surprised by the state of daze after leaving confinement, with attitudes of isolation and distrust towards others, worse than during confinement. For the past few days, this atmosphere has been relaxing and a little more lightness is reborn, as if we were coming back to life in the sun and in the open air after months of hibernation.
    So let’s not be too afraid of this dispersion and the inconsistency that accompanies it. We need to reconnect with joy that is essential to life. Life without joy is a nightmare. Let us be tolerant when some of us overflow a little, like our dear neighbors who are a little party animals. We are all stimulated right now by a great need to find a little spontaneity.
  2. The other important energy of the New Moon of May 22, 2020 is again and still the energy of concrete realization. It stimulates us in the continuity of our daily routines and our capacity to do things. This stimulation, in the current period, supports in the long term, structural overhauls and a form of emancipation from our relationship to our collective resources.
    It is astonishing to note how much is entering the collective consciousness as an obvious fact now that we have to reform our structures and at the same time modify our mode of consumption. A year ago, thinking about consumption differently appeared to be utopian and eccentric thoughts, whereas today, we are really in the process of emancipating ourselves from a certain way of life and consumption, or use of natural resources. . This emancipation is accelerating.

  3. The great energy absent from this New Moon on May 22, 2020, is, as it was 15 days ago, the energy of will. So let’s not be surprised that we cannot keep up with our impulses, or that we have the feeling that our will is weak at the moment. It’s expected. Focusing on a goal by leaving out the external demands that excite us, or by extracting ourselves from productive daily routines, is most difficult at the moment. We do not have that stimulation.
    We need to make awareness efforts to be able to follow our impulses, our goals that come out of the routine or the distraction.
    Yesterday we played a game of tennis with my partner, and we exploded with laughter because our dispersion made us play no matter how. It was comical. At the same time we were bucolic completely devolved, and we did not have the slightest stimulation to fight until the end to gain the point. It was funny. And that may be what can help us right now. We can try to pursue our goals, but if we don’t make it, let’s not forget to laugh about it.

  4. The desire to conquer a territory, or the territory that we conquer and defend around this New Moon of May 22, 2020, is that of our spiritual connection, of our sense of unity and of the whole that makes the human race and which unites us to the cosmos. There is a little side, awakening of the warrior of Universal Love in the air.
    Desire is less focused on materiality, commitment to new challenges, or the conquest of new ideas, than towards the need for unification or reunification with the Whole. This is the territory that we keep or that we seek to conquer at the moment.
    In traditional astrology, this configuration is considered bad because it makes us neither incisive nor combative in the material world. So don’t be too surprised right now if people are more accommodating, think of the common good, and aren’t aggressive or combative. The energy of the warrior seeks to conquer intangible territories. In my opinion, it is also a very beautiful desire to feel the need to unify with the rest of life.

  5. We now come to the keystone of this New Moon of May 22, 20200. Two weeks ago, I explained that the axis of our collective life path had just changed. We are at the beginning of this axis change and what we observe at the beginning of the axis changes is an amplification of the fear linked to the evolution we are going through.
    This fear, for this 18-month change of focus, is the fear of inconsistency, the fear of lack of seriousness. It manifests with feeling together with a feeling of strong disorientation. That’s what I’d like to emphasize today.
    If you have this feeling of disorientation right now, this is to be expected. Everything we have just gone through has completely changed our landmarks, our habits, our axes. We were shocked and stunned by the spread of a colossal fear that completely confused us.
    We can therefore either react to this fear, this amazement and this disorientation by a need to find a strong axis by projecting ourselves into a single objective that gives us back a direction. A form of powerful anger and determination that becomes divisive will most likely sustain this energy. I see these energies of anger ready to fight, developing in whistleblowers and people very familiar with manipulations. Anger is released; we castigate people lost in fears who play, despite themselves, the polarized game of the system.
    Determination is a good thing. A form of civil disobedience too. The affirmation of what we also think. But becoming divisive, being obsessed with our quest to the point of no longer accepting that others do not understand, self-persuading ourselves of being in absolute truth is exactly what to avoid doing in the incoming time. It is a reaction linked to the fear of disorientation, lying and deception. Restoring the truth is enough.
    In the long run, it will not be productive to launch movements supported by these energies of frontal anger. This will only generate a reaction of even more violent determination, which will forcefully impose what we do not want. It is an attitude that claims Gandalf’s determination in the face of the monster, but whose heroic blindness, in the energy of collective evolution of the moment, risks resembling the obstinacy of the dark knight of Monty Python’s movie Sacred Grail. For those who do not know this reference, here is a link to the scene of the fight of the Dark Knight (
    We are starting to see this pattern becoming more and more firmly anchored. And luckily, in the month that begins with this New Moon of May 22, 2020, we will experience the period of eclipse which will amplify the phenomenon, show it to us even more intensely so that we can clearly see the emotional part that we are obscuring and which guides our reactions.


So you might say to yourself « this guy is very nice, telling us to let us shear like sheep without reacting ». That’s not what I’m saying. This result is a projection of what I proposed which only exists in the mind of the one who formulates it thus.
What I said was: don’t react to disorientation and amazement with strong anger and violent determination with a desire to crush the opponent. You are the ones who are going to be crushed. Our collective life path opens up and allows us to develop when we take over life by leaving all this bazaar aside, and opening up with more lightness, acceptance of difference, openness. Let’s stop wanting to rule the world for a purpose we believe to be The Truth, accept the multitude of possibilities, diversity, error, and continue in love and acceptance of the other.
Here to illustrate this possibility a small video of a young woman, otherwise very determined and very aware of the worst things in this world, who has, in my opinion, intuitively understood very well the energy in which we can develop without passing by violent confrontation.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of June 2020!





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