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The New Moon of March 6, 2019

The New Moon of March 6, 2019 carries a strong energy of collaboration and accountability, in which one can easily drown. It also marks the beginning of an era of change that will release encysted energies to blow up resistance to change.


  1. Let’s quickly go around the balance of the modes of operation that are stimulated for this New Moon of March 6, 2019. We find a strong stimulation of female-type operations, versus male-type operations. I have already detailed this in the first paragraph of the Full Moon of February 19, 2019. I recall it here because we are still in this mode of operation, and that having myself forgotten for 15 days, I tell myself that a little reminder for everyone can be profitable. I understand better by paying attention to why I do not feel more driven by great impulses and find it difficult to find new impulses. This energy gives a Yin atmosphere, where we feel connected to others and able to work on things to do concretely. Doing it together works well.
    The less sympathetic counterpart is that it creates in the long run a somewhat heavy form of humor, it lacks sparkle and brightness, and can make one a little sad. We do not understand why we do not take off.
  2. One of the highlights of this New Moon of March 6, 2019 is the concentration that supports a form of collective or social consciousness, the feeling of reliance among all in a common faith. It is an energy that is stimulating us right now.
    Our vital energy flows through a process that channels one towards a desire to touch or to approach or participate in something that goes beyond our own personal point of view. This adds up with emotions that go in the same direction, and move us internally towards this dimension wider than ourselves. We are emotionally more moved by what is larger and wider than us. All these energies merge with our deepest social consciousness, our consciousness that we are all united. There is a strong stimulation of that right now.
    I do not know if you feel it. Around me, it’s pretty obvious. It is very easy to be in a collective energy, even with people who usually have postures or positions very different from ours. There, everything communicates with everything, everywhere.
    The danger of this kind of atmosphere is that we can end up in movements where we do not know where we are, we do not know what our limits are and we do not know how to make the difference between our perimeter and the rest of the universe. We are in everything but we can no longer delimitourselves. It is with this kind of atmosphere that we can find ourselves working too much and no longer make a separation between our need for rest, family and the energy that has been put into the work. It’s an example. It does not necessarily concern the work, one could be thus diluted in another movement, for example a family or associative movement … In fact one can be boarded like that everywhere and in anything and realize, at a moment, having the impression that one has lost one’s personal and individual bearings, to not know how to stop this flow in which one swims; to not be able to rest a little at the edge of the bank, to breathe in, to dry oneself and to feel the sun on our skin.
    Do you feel that?
  3. One way to get out of this water might be to remind ourselves that we have an interest in acting in a setting that corresponds to our deepest faith, our most intimate, most spiritual beliefs.
    All the energy that we can devote to some unknown movement without our understanding of what flow carries us, can confuse us. There is indeed an aspect of tension in this place that can transform the meaning of the collective into total confusion.
    The key question, if you do not want to be confused, is to focus on the legitimacy of the goals we pursue. I hope you follow me. For me it’s pretty clear because I feel it quite intensely. Here is an example to illustrate it.
    I currently have a job that is quite complex and embraces very broad topics with lots of people. This is the kind of file you can drown in if you are not clear with the direction. What allows me to regain a foothold is to remind myself that the legitimacy of the goal that I pursue is to give a broad vision. The purpose and framework of the work must serve the broad vision. I must not try to do the opposite, that is to say, to try to achieve a personal goal, to use the legitimacy that is given to me to do that for a small purpose … This way of doing would be in conflict with the wide vision energy and everything would become confused, I would see nothing anymore
  4. There is a lot of synergy between this state of availability of our energy to what is broad and limitless, and our desire to concretize on the one hand and our responsibility in taking care of things on the other hand. This is another point that makes it possible to work hard and effectively, and that we can also feel a little caught up in a movement that, in addition to not having clear limits, makes us easily take consequent weight on the shoulders. The energies are pretty much turned in this direction. They will be more externalized in a few weeks when spring begin.
  5. The energy of emancipation and freedom now enters a process where it will gradually free us from certain forms of blockages related to overly static forms of thought or fears of change. We will collectively enter a period where frozen forms will crack or fly apart. Where we had good old habits of falling asleep and not wanting to change anythingto taste a tranquility that ended up becoming stiff and calcified, we’ll be a little shaken for a few years, to break some gangues that no longer allowed us to create deep changes…
    To understand which area of ​​your life it touches today, look in your birth chart where the beginning of the sign of Taurus is. It is in this area that you will gradually free yourself by blowing up old locks. In my case it happens in house X near the house XI and that’s exactly what I live. I am brought out of my comfort in my professional position and gradually to show myself more in public, to take a stronger position in my professional position, which is not reassuring because at the same time, I raise things up, I get out of the forest.
    Watch the Taurus around you, you will realize that they are a little or a lot destabilized right now and that the time of emancipation is coming for them.

And in this regard, as to illustrate the personal example of my last point, I take this article to announce that I participate in a Télésommet of Astrology created by Emilie Morel. She interviews 10 astrologers whose videos she will broadcast live or recorded. And so I’m part of it with some famous one… it made me all weird! I’m not comfortable in front of a camera, it’s a real challenge for me, that I’m glad to have noted because I could evoke points that I could not develop yet here about the path of life that constitutes the essence of my book. It’s a meeting from March 19th to 24th if you want to follow all this! To register for Télésommet de l’Astrologie: click

I will do an announcement with more info probably this weekend!

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the Full Moon in March 2019!

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