The New Moon of March 24, 2020

The New Moon of March 24, 2020 is the tipping point of the year and perhaps of the century or the millennium. The energy is incredibly explicit to invite us to make an extraordinary leap of consciousness and to reborn to ourselves individually and collectively.

  1. We are going to have a little fun today by observing the theme of this New Moon of March 24, 2020.
    What do you spontaneously notice on the map of this sky? What catches your eye?
    Well we can notice that all the stars, and all the major asteroids – except one, Juno – as well as most of the points except the North Node, are in the left hemisphere of the theme in the signs that compose it.
    A lunation theme like that of this New Moon is a bit like a global theme. Each individuality that we are will live it and decline it in its own way, but it remains a general and global trend.
    In an individual birth chart, when all the stars are in houses that are in the left hemisphere, this has deep meaning. This means, in people so configured, that they have a tendency to live their experiences rather alone, by and for themselves. Because that is the nature of these experiences themselves. They do not call for strong associations. Conversely, people who have everything on the right side need partners to live their experiences.
    So here we are in a period where the world theme sends us back to this exceptional concentration which aims to have all the energy concentrated on a consciousness of ourselves. And we are in a period of generalized confinement with orders to limit our social interactions, at least on the physical level! Amazing isn’t it?
    Perhaps this moment of confinement has something to tell us about, precisely, our need to come back to ourselves, to go ahead and take an interest in ourselves and our energy. In any case, this is what this singular and exceptional configuration would seem to mean to us. Refocus humans! Take care of yourself. Go get the best of yourself, instead of wanting to save the widow and the orphan and run away from your image in the mirror. The Universe takes care of the widow and the orphan.
    We are a little in this space or the confinement prohibits us from going to spread ourselves to the right and to the left to give the change to our compulsions to please, to be the nice obedient little soldier who pleases his boss or his patroness.
    This confinement puts an end to that, to all the roles that we had given ourselves, and which did not have too much deep meaning.
  2. We can also observe that on the theme of this New Moon of March 24, 2020, a beautiful isosceles triangle stands out strongly. It is intense and lively with its dense, red tip that pierces the zodiac on the left, in the sign of Aries.
    It’s a beautiful concentration of energy that arises there, at the beginning of the zodiac, in the center of this hemisphere where everything is gathered. From the point of view of astral energy, this place, and therefore the moment that we live, is that of the beginning of an annual cycle. Seen from this angle, this New Moon of March 24, 2020 can be considered a bit like the launch energy of this astral year. It opens the ball with this exceptional density that fixes all our attention in the middle of this hemisphere which speaks of our relationship to ourselves.
    As if we now have a powerful energy on hand to help us re-emerge, to bring our being out of the Void into which we are today plunged, by this cessation of human activity.
    On the tip of this arrow is, for this New Moon of March 24, 2020, our life energy that comes to enlighten our emotional memories to help us cross the fear of our material dependencies, by lifting the veil on the reality of our individualities.
    I do a bit of lyric there, but in fact, there is a real, very precise link with astral energies in what I have just listed. The New Moon of March 24, 2020 is a fusion of the energy of the will to exist (Sun in Aries) with our emotional memories of struggle for existence (Moon in Aries). These energies are positioned on the asteroid, which carries the energy of the initiation of the passage between the world of matter and the world of the spirit (Chiron in Aries). The whole being in superposition with the point that shows the hidden face of our individualism (Black Moon in Aries).
    So in fact, the theme of this year’s start-up carries it all. It could still be said thus: There is an emergence of the being (Aries) which enlightens our old memories and allows to lift the veil of our share of individualism, to cross our fears linked to the world of matter, and we lead to a more spiritual awareness. Well, I can rephrase 10 times, I think you have understood how dense, intense and deep this New Moon is.
  3. It remains to be seen how this energy that we have just looked at is linked to our collective life path. I quickly recall the step of evolution that we are taking collectively at the moment. It is a question of getting rid of our attachments to rigid structures, which have been in full restructuring since 2008, or even, we could say now, in full collapse, to reopen to others, by nourishing the close ties that make us find the sense of the human family, and let us regain confidence in humanity and the human race.
    It turns out that the energy described in point 2, this arrowhead intended to bring out in us a new spiritual consciousness, less attached to its material goods, is in a relationship of conflict on our way of life. When energies are in conflict with the way of life, on the natal chart, or as I observe with you today, on the global chart, this means that it is a necessary point that we must transcend to cross our path.

    So here we are, there we are. To let go of our need to be reassured by old collapsing structures, we need to « upgrade » the consciousness of our individual existence to consider it on a more spiritual than material level. Prosaically, we may have to identify less with our material existence, with our goods, with our wages, with our car or our house, and more with knowing and defining ourselves through what our spirit, or our soul, are. .
    I have had several testimonies from people who have been, or believed themselves to be infected with the coronavirus, myself included, and I was surprised to see that these testimonies went in the same direction. At one point, there was a form of letting go and accepting the frailty of the body, and a desire to be that took over. The inner awareness of existing has become greater than the awareness of having a potentially endangered physical body. And it’s this consciousness that has become the medium to get through the infection.
    We are in this strange period when what saves us is due to our capacity to realize that our essence is neither matter nor body. An invisible virus can overcome it. Our essence, the one that is always, the one that does not die, is linked to our consciousness of being in spirit, vibrating with all our souls, eager to achieve in this body and on this Earth beautiful things.
    From this awareness comes respect for one’s own physical body, which too often we mistreat, as much as respect for the life of the whole family of human beings around us. We then realize that the most important thing is not to preserve the economy, the banks and the institutions, but the lives of human beings.


There are many other things to say about this lunation, like the arrival of Saturn in Aquarius, and these beautiful spring energies that rebalance, but I would like to stay focused today on these three points.
Today, our small everyday actions to take care of others confront us with this awareness and transcendence of our individualism to protect the human family. It’s all there, it’s very simple. We are losing and will probably lose a lot in terms of our material constructions, but that is not what matters. What matters is to rediscover the meaning of the term human family. And this meaning can only be achieved if we rise a little above our fears by accepting with good grace that our material possessions are not the foundation of our life. But just a way to exist. The basis of our existence is the consciousness of being part of the same family of human beings, and then from there, of expanding our consciousness to the whole cosmos. However, that will be for later.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of April 2020!

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay


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