The New Moon of March 13, 2021

The softer and happier energies of the New Moon on March 13, 2021 can give us the opportunity to assert ourselves more lightly to support our ideological choices with less tension. The lines are now well drawn. At the same time, faith strengthening gives us the opportunity to accept, through our connection with the divine, the destruction of our old pattern and to anchor in our hearts this vision of another world built on love.

  1. A little pre-spring sweetness

    For this New Moon of March 13, 2021, relations between the stars have rather calmed down compared to the last weeks or months. There is still a fairly strong tension, but it is in the minority and there are many possible ways not to get stuck in it. Let’s say that the general climate is calmer and that we will be able to start to relax, no offense to those who would like to maintain a climate of maximum tension. I don’t know if you see it in your lives. I find this quite evident in the general mood. There is relaxation and less frontal opposition. There are always the « for » and « against » who discuss and sometimes shout at each other, but we feel a kind of appeasement in the fact that the lines are drawn and that it is no longer a question of wanting to define borders, as can exist in a war between nations, but to live each at his own place, to follow his path each on his own side of this line.

  2. The desire to have fun is growing

    Here are the days of recklessness and the desire to have fun, to discover new things, to chat over coffee. We have just entered a period where we are going to want to defend a certain lightness of life that will do us good in this great collective delirium. Our fighting spirit will take a dose of recklessness and humor to defend this right to laughter that we have shelved for a few weeks, even a few months. We will be less sensitive to the delirium of single thought and we will take it a little more lightly, as if we were going through the screen wall to find that behind the dictator hides a charlot.
    It is a pleasant period that will encourage us to dare to be carefree, not out of challenge or to do battle this time, but more out of a love for the sparkle of life which revives in us the taste for lightness. We have just observed this energy from its healthiest angle, which tends to rekindle joy. It can also be embodied in a form of combativeness which defends lies, half-truths, or which seeks a form of mundane seduction without consistency. We’ve been used to this for quite some time now, this deceptive charm can also be accentuated at this time.

  3. The moment to let go of guilt / community authority

    This combativeness turned towards a desire to embody a certain joie de vivre supports the integrity of our ideals. There is a mutual aid relationship between these two forms of consciousness: that which defends the territory and the desire to express the joy of living, and that, which establishes our integrity, our individual responsibility, or our interior authority on the level of ideals. It is not a conflictual relationship, but on the contrary a mutual support which is established between these two forms of energy, around this New Moon of March 13, 2021. They support each other, giving a certain strength to the affirmation of our ideals.
    We can see it in social networks. There are always trolls who can’t stand opinions that are different from their own, but there are more people who come to terms with their posture and say it, no longer being in the conflict that breeds the desire to convince others. Those who are censored now seek to exist in alternatives. The lines are drawn, everyone asserts themselves where they are, with less fear or need to rally everyone around them. We have moved from a conflict of authority to a quieter affirmation of the ideals, visions that, increasingly clear and differentiated, constitute their communities. Gradually, we take responsibility for the ideals we want to share.
    The guilt of not being able to share our best vision of the future goes away and we assume our separation more and more, not by rejection this time, but by integrating the free will of each one to live according to his ideals and to defend them.

  4. The law also comes to decide between the ideals

    The energy of awareness of the law and of the legitimate framework is also playing on this register at the moment. Legal frameworks are being put in place in this direction. The law on separatism in France, without judging its content, is an illustration of this awareness of the legal framework that affects community ideals. In another way, the free health coordination, which creates its own scientific council, illustrates a new form of community regrouping which affects a regulated profession. This last fact, which consists in making a form of secession to restore medical authority by creating another community, also illustrates the previous chapter.

  5. Over-stimulation of faith

    The specificity of this New Moon of March 13, 2021 remains the fact that a significant concentration of energy-consciousness goes through a process that stimulates spirituality, universal connection, connection to the whole. This kind of focus tends to make us more compassionate, more connected to life as a whole, and less compartmentalized or limited by materiality and our logical reasoning. Around this New Moon on March 13, 2021, we are stimulated to love what connects us to each other. Our emotionality or our interior life also seeks a connection that our vital energy naturally nourishes. It is a time that can inspire us deeply. It can facilitate our connection to that which exceeds our embodied limits in a material and linear world.
    All of these energies come together around a form of consciousness that represents faith. This is an important opportunity for all of us at this time to touch our fingers, to feel deep within us, our connection to the divine. The energy of faith is a form of awareness of the divine that we feel in the heart. When faith is present in us, we are connected to the divine consciousness and the turpitudes of the circus of the outside world with all its shadows no longer have the same force. They lose their power to harm. Faith, the connection with the divine heart, allows us to look through matter and understand the magic of creation.

  6. Faith demolishes mountains

    The great faith boost of this March 13, 2021 New Moon is connected to a very powerful energy that is shaking our world. Since 2008, the structures of our world have been shaken as powerfully as an earthquake that has lasted for more than 10 years and turns a mountain into a heap of stones. We can see it as a catastrophe that ends in misery with a big reset that would benefit only the better off, as we can also see it as the premise of a revival of the world whose old shady structures are brought down so that another more beautiful world is reborn behind.
    There is a form of anguish underlying this destruction. We all live it somewhere in our personal life experience. For me, this affects the work sector, the service I provide. My old structures have collapsed and this continues with constant questioning. To find out where this is going in your life, look at the experiences of your birth chart affected by the sign of Capricorn. At this time, faith can help us understand the meaning of this deconstruction so that we understand that what has been destroyed has a divine purpose. Looking back, I have no regrets at having lost, during all these years, the professional activities as an employee and a business consultant. These collapses were painful, but they allowed me to fuel more and more my desire to work in astrology and accompaniment until it did more than that. The mountain that was brought down has been replaced by a pyramid of light. I don’t have the same confidence in it, it’s less palpable, unless I relate to it through my heart. It then becomes powerful and beautiful, eternal.
    This New Moon of March 13, 2021 can give us access to these feelings and these deep visions of the new world. It can allow us to come to terms with our past losses by feeling the light energies that we are building with the heart.

Well, that’s all for today. After I finished writing this New Moon, I listened to Gilles Mansillon’s video for March 13, the content of which reminds me of the end of my text. I offer it to you as a supplement. He is an atypical character. Some people don’t like it and wonder why I happen to broadcast it. These inspirations are often very correct for me and I do not feel the need to make astrology serious science, versus mediumship, which would be big nonsense. There are mandarins, charlatans and crooks everywhere, and right now we are showered with examples. The important thing is not the gift of the person, but his integrity, his sincerity and his conscience. This gentleman pleases me and makes me laugh. Finally for « Shout » I prefer the original version which I love, so I put it as a bonus below.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the next Full Moon in March 2021!

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