The New Moon of June 3, 2019

The New Moon of June 3, 2019 brings us an energy that invites us to take a step back to find in our actions a little more joy and freedom, without locking ourselves in the sullen feeling that we cannot move our mountains fast enough.


  1. The New Moon energies of June 3, 2019 are more balanced than the past weeks. The female energies (Yin), are always the most important but there is a net rebalancing with an influx of male energies (Yang) in this month of Gemini. This creates a more passive than activegeneral mood, but lighter than before.
    A more conceptual and intellectual energy has come to lighten our mood. We can be more easily excited or excitable which stimulates movements. The mind is freer, more available and it is easier to use our brain to think. We can take things with more humor and distance too.
  2. This return of masculine energy stimulates our intellect but not our will. This remains the weak point of the current balance. It may still seem difficult or unclear to reach our goals or to boost momentum. Our will is not stimulated. This form of energy is weak for this New Moon on June 3, 2019, which may explain frustration linked to the action.
    We can be excited by ideas. But as we embark on a new venture, the will to act or momentum fizzles too quickly. Then we can feel discouraged, as if we did not have the excitement to go somewhere but, that the essence runs out to reach the goal, or that the engine is bridled.
    This can create a kind of frustration as if we did not have the resources to follow our will to the end. I have seen this at home and in people around me lately. It’s not the cravings that are lacking, nor the ideas, but the impetus stops sometimes quickly without one understanding why.
  3. A feeling link with our will concerning the framework and the legitimacy of our goals is hard to express. This point tends to increase this feeling of frustration in the development of our will.
    We can, around this New Moon of June 3, 2019, have the feeling that something diffuse and difficult enough to materialize counteracts the legitimacy of our personal quest. At times, we may feel resentment maintaining specific commitments or goals because our vitality needs more lightness at this time. Another aspect is that our commitments can be destabilized by our deep faith.
    I have a specific example of this in mind, with that of a person who wants to engage in a much more independent living environment but who today does not have the energy to do so and feels out of sync with this momentum. The framework that supports this goal is not stated. It is as if this legitimacy, felt as strong, found no external space to materialize. As a result, this person is unhappy and she loses faith in her ability to achieve her goals while she has nothing to do. It is temporary.
    We must accept, in the current conjuncture, that we are not stimulated to follow strong commitments, and that our need to expand towards goals and directions that are dear to us, must be consistent with something greater than us, to our deep faith.
    Another example, personal this time, of this aspect relates to the end of the writing of my book. I have a strong desire to finish it quickly, it is a goal that I gave myself and I have an acute awareness of the legitimacy of this objective. But it does not move at the pace I would like. I do not feel the impetus to attack whole days. It seems to me that this objective is drowning, when in fact I have to accept two things: often take breaks to lighten myself and take the time to tune my will to the deepest feelings in me.
  4. For this New Moon of June 3, 2019 we can feel more generally a certain tension with our faith or our sense of universalism. This can come from the point mentioned above where it is difficult to reconcile our sensitivity for common things, the common well-being … with our goals and our need for personal growth.
    But there is also another aspect of tension with our faith that our vitality is stimulated by lighter things. On one side we may want to have fun, to breathe a bit, to let ourselves go to some jokes or distractions without worrying too much about the effect it will have. And on the other hand, we can be caught up in a sense of tension with our need for union with the rest of the world, with our sensitivity to the common well-being, to the future of humankind or to that of the planet. It can create a particular tension in us.
    I am certainly sensitive to it because this energy of faith is today on my natal Sun. Pisces in general can feel that. Collectively, we can also feel internally a struggle between our awareness of the common good that is becoming stronger, and this sense of fleeting frivolity that comes to tension our deeper aspirations. For all those reasons, breathingdeepcan only be beneficial.
  5. It is possible that there is currently a lot of back-pedaling in the exercise of responsibilities or authority. Instead of feeling the authority, ours or that of the people who are maneuvering in positions of responsibility, go forward, we can feel that this form of consciousness is moving back, to have second thought on questions already evoked, to question previous decisions …
    The exercise of responsibilities tends to a form of backtracking. This concerns our structures right now. This may give the impression that the responsibilities we have to take on the reform or transformation of our structures are being retrogressed. Instead of progressing in our profound transformations, we may feel that we are going backwards, then moving forward, then revisiting a subject, or questioning a decision …
    It gives us the feeling that we are going backwards, or that things are moving backward instead of moving forward and that we are again going backwards. Which can be painful. This energy has been there since the end of April and will continue until the end of September.
    I see it in the company in which I intervene where we go back on decisions taken concerning a restructuring, we see it in politics where we have the impression that the leaders and the rulers are going back into their shell as if they had to take a break before returning to action.
    On an individual level, if you want to see where you may be able to backtrack as well, look at where the second half of Capricorn lies in your theme. It will tell you in which area of ​​your life you may be able to go back and forth regarding the structural transformation of your individual responsibilities.
    As far as I’m concerned, it’s the service to others sector and right now it’s moving a lot. For example, right now I’m dithering over whether to set up distance learning courses, do a second introductory session next year, and ask myself what is my responsibility in this and the impact on my other activities. I feel that I am going to procrastinate in some discomfort. This is not a concern in itself because it serves to revisit our choices, our decisions and our positions to strengthen and build in the long term our awareness of our structural changes. You have to be a bit patient and agree to go forward as a little crab in this area.

It is difficult, in the energy of this New Moon of June 3, 2019, to maintain great and long efforts without stopping. And at the same time we are in periods of strong restructuring with a lot of serious things to manage that we would like to have a good bulldozer energy to bring down our subjects.
So accepting that at the moment our energy allows us to explore lots of small potentialities but not to move mountains. This experimentation will help us to continue our Hercules work later with a more complete picture of the situation. Let’s take advantage of the energy of the moment to enjoy a little lightness by doing things in small pieces without fear of losing the thread, and most importantly, by not forgetting to take life as a game.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of June 2019!

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