The New Moon of July 02, 2019

The New Moon and the total eclipse of July 2nd, 2019 is a special moment to reconnect with our state of confidence in life. It can also awaken in us anger and revolt. It’s up to us to choose what we need to express. And why not find the synthesis between the two?


  1. We are back in a period where intellectual stimulation is weak and this will continue in the coming months. The distribution of the elements of the current energies stimulates all modes with equal strength, except for the mode that stimulates our ability to conceptualize, develop ideas and intellectually imagine. In the period we have been going through for months, it is this mode of functioning of the mind that is weakest. It is stimulated only when, every 4 months, the Sun and the stars near the Sun walk in a sign that corresponds to this mode, the signs of Air (Gemini in June, Libra in October or Aquarius in February ).
    After the month of June, which rebalanced this element, we leave for a long period where the stimulation of this mode of operation will be almost null. This energetic atmosphere creates more difficulty to feed or maintain a light, vivacious mind and able to easily take a step back from events.
    The ability to imagine is essential to design another world than the one we live. When events are heavy, this ability is important to get out and project one’s mind into another form of reality. Visualizing a completely different world than ours is more difficult at this moment because the stimulation of the energies sticks us much more to the concrete « reality », the emotional feelings, or the actions of force. This is the overall atmosphere in which we are and in which we leave after a break of a few weeks. It will therefore be important to make conscious efforts of extraction, visualization, repetition, not to get caught up in the events and stay on its axis.
    As a comment on Facebook pointed out, it is necessary that each one modulates this interpretation of the energy of the moment according to its own nature. For people who are natively very excitable (a lot of Air energy in his theme), the period will tend to bring them a very appreciable moderation. They will feel more relaxed without losing their natural lightness. While for people who natively lack joy, excitability (little or no air energy in the theme), the period can reinforce a tendency to miss events, causing resurgences of fear, anger or sadness. For these people, meditation, visualizations are important, and then more than anything, take a break with the television news or social networks in which we turn in loops on the comments of opinions. It’s difficult, but it’s essential.
    We must appreciate the energy of the moment according to our own energy and understand what compensates or accentuates our nature to use the astrological interpretation. It’s like the weather, cold-sensitive people enjoy warm weather and dread frozen winters, while for others the opposite is true.
    We must first learn to know ourselves. It is a fundamental key to appreciate how the energies of the moment affect our structure.
  2. For this New Moon of July 2, 2019, the will finds its way back strongly with a good level of stimulation of energies on the individual level. We may be able to feel this renewed strength and power of personal action. Our mind is more centered on it with a feeling of strength and individual importance revived. This can stimulate in us a certain form of pride in our identity. Our mind and our way of thinking can be stimulated to express a strong, powerful, personal form of individuality that seeks to stand out. This can cause us to express ourselves in a remarkable way and / or to resist ideas that are not from ourselves.
    To this stimulation of the mind centered on itself is added a similar stimulation on the consciousness of desire. Desire is stimulated by a need to shine by our conquests, by the territories we occupy. We can feel a need for pride to speak about what symbolizes for us our territory, be it physical or symbolic.
    These two aspects combined create a stimulation of energy which excites quite strongly a need for recognition of our personal radiance. This can lead to combative behaviors to defend our brilliance and pride, or our need to express ourselves with strength and power. There is in this configuration the reinforcement of an egocentric feeling to which it may be interesting to pay attention not to be embarked in energies of anger when we encounter annoyances.
  3. And annoyances, there should be, because our energies of will, power and radiation are in conflict with different energies in the configuration of the moment.
    This can give place, around this New Moon of July 2, 2019 and in the weeks to come, to quite explosive reactions when our will is thwarted by forces that oppose it. Energies in conflict with the personal will can be emancipatory and revolutionary forces that seek to renew our relationship to matter.
    Recent news in France has shown us an expression of this conflict with the demonstrations of the ecologists of the Extinction Rebellion movement and their gassing. The first point to notice is that the Extinction Rebellion movement is a movement that carries in itself the revolutionary energy. Ecologists until recently, were associated with fairly « pacifist » movements. Their color, Green, is a color of temperance and sweetness, it is one of the colors of the heart chakra. The emergence of the Extinction Rebellion movement with its black logo with hard forms shows a radical change of energy in the consciousness of ecology. A revolutionary form emerges in the consciousness of the Earth, the energies of matter. This is related to the energy of Uranus in Taurus. This energy is in conflict with fighting energies of power, pride, nobility, more centered on it. In the coming weeks, this tension could recur and increase as it is being put in place.
  4. The New Moon of July 2, 2019 is a total eclipse. This means that it opens a cycle of opening up in the energies of our collective path of life. It is an important new Moon to help us understand the meaning of our collective path of life. I spoke at length about this path of life throughout the text on the Full Moon of June 17 that you can re-read. I do not rethink it here.
    What I would like to mention is the character of the New Moons which are cycle beginnings. We are at the beginning of a soli-lunar cycle of about thirty days. This one will allow us to experience in our life the energy of our path of life on the collective level with its impacts on our individual consciousness. The key word here is relaxation, the confident reconnection with gentleness, humanity, the feeling of being protected by the bonds that unite us. If you want to understand which experience of your life can more easily connect you to this state of being, look at where (in which house) is the middle of the Cancer sign in your chart. This will give you an indication on how to access this state in your life experience.
    In my case it is about the XII house. This means that it is important at this moment that I have moments of loneliness, that I feel free in my schedule, that I avoid filling myself with obligations and constraints, in order to connect this state of confidence in life. There is in Cancer a question of link to recreate, in my case with this sign in house XII, the link is inside, with myself, rather than with others. It may seem paradoxical, but it is not. Each one thus has according to its theme, an experience which is peculiar to him to find in him the confident gentleness in existence. The New Moon is at 21:23 Paris time today, this may be for us the opportunity to do a little meditation on the confidence in life and the sweetness to share in this world.

Between a path of life that opens the door to a confident and sweet reconnection, a catastrophic state of the world and stimulations that excite anger, it can be difficult to navigate and make a choice. It is not profitable to repress what one feels without realizing it. The anger that rises is very legitimate, given the deplorable state of our world, injustices, abuses, amplification of the excess of predations … But anger can become destructive if it is not transformed into intelligent action. Anger is the other side of indignation. Indignation is powerful, anger, if you stay in it, expresses a form of impotence. When you think you are helpless, unable to act for your own well-being, in an environment that harms us, we explode in anger because we have lost the consciousness of our power. We can try to maintain our full indignation at all that does not suit us, and nourish in us the inner conviction that we are worthy and that we do not have to suffer what reaches our dignity. This will help us quickly let anger go to real action.

That’s it, I do not say more for today. I’m on vacation and I want to enjoy these days quietly. Very beautiful New Moon to all! Very nice fortnight and see you soon for the Full Moon of July 2019!


Exercez votre discernement. Ne prenez pas ce qui est écrit comme parole d'évangile. Interrogez votre ressenti à propos de ce que vous lisez.

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