The New Moon of January 25, 2020

The New Moon on January 25, 2020 marks a change of energy towards a little more lightness. Even if the background atmosphere remains quite heavy, we can start to conceive of the other world to which we surely switch. Another world in which the old authorities begin their fall.

  1. Energies are moving for this New Moon on January 25, 2020. We are coming out of a fairly heavy and monolithic period with a more varied stimulation balance.
    It’s not yet a period of equilibrium of the elements, far from it, but there is more variety. We will take a closer look at this.
    The energies of concrete realization remain dominant and important in the long term. The slow energies that constitute the backdrop of the period we are going through, essentially stimulate the mode of operation of the concrete, of matter, of the need to do. It is in this energy that we bathe, and that we bathe so much that we no longer really realize it. There is a background of heaviness and often sadness that rises. In December we were completely in this atmosphere which helped to rock, as if we couldn’t take it anymore and that we had to switch to something else.
    For this New Moon of January 25, 2020 we are going out of this atmosphere a bit and can now live this particular energy fabric which corresponds to all this restructuring of our society, as a backdrop for the period we are going through, and feel the variations of the moment.
  2. The energies that regain strength for this New Moon on January 25, 2020 are those that stimulate our ability to develop ideas and concepts that help us rethink human society. There is a stimulation of progressive ideas, perhaps an awareness for a form of equity, equality or brotherhood. It can give us a little breathing and take our noses off the ground to help us gain height and reopen the field of ideas.
    These energies bring a more yang tendency to the period. They stimulate our ability to re-emit something outward, to rediscover a form of creative thinking that restores joy and hope. When we can rethink the world, hope is reborn. It is a beautiful creative stimulation that this New Moon of January 25, 2020 brings to us.
    From a collective point of view, we were able to observe this passage of energy with the change of action on the strikes. We have gone from a situation of heavy blockage, where the strike was done in a concrete manner on the ground, to a situation of taking a step back, of seeking new ideas to build another form of action. Operation today is lighter and more conceptual. The strikers are looking for ideas to continue their struggle more lightly.
  3. The other form of energy that has found a good stimulation for this for this New Moon of January 25, 2020, is that of reliance. At this moment we can have a fairly developed sensitivity which makes us appreciate spiritual reliance, or the feeling of being linked to the whole of the living. We can appreciate more than usual what is of the order of the dimension of faith, of connection to the divine. There is something quite instinctive in our openness to the divine dimension. The intuition is quite developed and the connections are easy.
    Explanations: Venus is conjunct to Neptune in Pisces.
  4. This sense of spiritual or humanistic connection, perhaps quite thwarted by our desire to reach a particular goal. The energy of desire is currently focused on the will to reach a goal, to aim for an objective and to achieve it through action. In addition, this can create a form of tension because this desire is at odds with the feeling of spiritual connection that is developing. It’s a desire that remains quite isolated in its corner. Perhaps we can feel this, feel tense by a desire to achieve something important to us, and at the same time feel that there is very little relay to this desire, that we have to fight for the ‘reach, but that it remains at times intangible. It’s a bit like swiping our water, that our will is struggling to operate effectively in a decided manner. Everything remains a little confused.
  5. We are starting a new cycle in collective consciousness, which involves questioning our exercise of individual responsibility or the sense of authority. Every 32 to 34 years, this cycle begins again with a revision of the sense of responsibility and authority. It affects us individually but it affects world leaders in particular. The singularity of the cycle that we are starting is that it is based on the questioning of authority when it is based on structures and organizations that have become obsolete and can no longer support the needs of evolution of the ‘humanity.
    We are seeing it at the moment with figures of authority like Trump, Bolsonaro or Macron: they are based on structures which reinforce divisions by a violent and brutal dualism, which is a form of organization which can no longer serve the needs of our collective evolution. We can only evolve by rediscovering a unity, a non-dual consciousness. Otherwise, we will blow up our ecosystem and us with it. We now need to organize around the concept of collaboration, mutual aid, which involves destroying in us the spirit of dual struggle.
    Now what we see in our governments is almost the opposite, hence the insurgencies, which come to question this form of governance, which is spreading, like wildfire all over the planet. There is a questioning of the governance model and of our individual awareness of responsibility. The people want to resume their governance.
    On the other hand, those who exercise some form of authority opposing this governance also fall on a bone and nothing works. Neither brutal governance, nor frontal opposition. Fronts do not work any more than long-term affronts. Both are built on a desire to battle it out to reach the top of the ladder and lead the world in its own way by having eradicated the other.

    This era is over, it no longer works and that is what we are experiencing right now. We are at the starting point for the deconstruction of this form of exercise of authority, or individual responsibility, on our planet. We will, as a result of this, live over the next 34 years, successive stages of this reformatting of the consciousness of individual responsibility to gradually come to deconstruct the myth of the leader who dominates, who saves and who protects, and integrate a new form of organization where everyone collaborates at all levels.

    Perhaps this is the end of a world where the big predators are wildly dominating without sharing. I recently saw a report on a tribe of lions. An old lion was overthrown by two young males who seized the troop. As usual, the young rulers killed the lion cubs of the troop to generate their own offspring. However, the lioness resisted them. She left the troop alone with 4 or 5 young cubs and then was chased by young males. Nevertheless, she was helped by a young lioness who joined her and she found the strength to fight the two males, who eventually gave up on the idea of ​​subduing her.
    Maybe it is customary? Perhaps this is a sign that the energy of the planet is changing. The benevolent lion king, let’s not forget, was a fable; it’s time for authority to be shared with all genders and in a spirit of mutual aid.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of February 2020!

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