The New Moon of January 13, 2021

The January 13, 2021 New Moon begins the year with a storm warning that materializes in heightened tension between authority and freedom. This tension calls on our inner consciousness to emancipate itself and regain its integrity to avoid decompensating through violent revolts. It’s up to us to stay the course on the Light in the storm.

    1. An end of gestation of renewal

      The sky of this New Moon of January 13, 2021 more strongly stimulates Yin or feminine principle energies. We are at a time where a certain passivity dominates, despite a notable change in energy from certain slow stars towards more Yang or the masculine principle.
      If you have the impression around this New Moon of January 13, 2021, that a certain heaviness still remains, do not worry too much, it should change within 15 days. We are gradually moving towards a more balanced situation between the Yin and Yang energies, which we will find again next month.
      Little by little we are coming out of a form of passivity to find a Yang energy which will be essentially focused on the field of the defense of ideals. The physical and voluntary action remains very weak; it is even zero for this New Moon of January 13, 2021.

      Understanding the Yin and Yang balances

      I will detail the modus operandi of Yin and Yang energies a bit to clarify what this means. Yang energies are energies that stimulate us to project ourselves outward. They support movements within us that are externalizing. While the Yin energies support receptive movements that internalize. The sexual reproduction of mammals illustrates these two movements. The male, by projecting his semen is in a projective movement, he externalizes himself. The female, by welcoming the semen of the male and making life grow within herself, is in a movement of receptivity and creative interiorization. Both principles are necessary for life. The two are complementary creators.
      The lack of Yang that goes with an excess of Yin generates a certain passivity. The excess of Yang and the lack of Yin creates disorderly chaos. The balance of the two allows life to flourish. But the energies of the sky and their cyclicality create constant balances and imbalances with which we must learn to deal, first and foremost, by accepting the state of affairs. If we’re running out of momentum right now, there’s no point fighting. It’s normal. This period invites us to interiorize more. We are in the process of conceiving within ourselves the world of tomorrow, like a pregnant woman. The time for deliverance is approaching, but it is not yet here.

    2. A stimulation of ideals …

      Around this New Moon on January 13, 2021, the Yang energies gradually regain importance, but not equally in all their forms. Yang energies are of two types. There are the energies, which will emit or exteriorize forms of thought, and the energies, which will emit or exteriorize forms of will. Yang energy rebalancing is currently focused only on thought forms. The stimulation of the energies of the forms of will, momentum, impulse… is completely zero at this time.
      At the moment the most stimulated mode of externalization is therefore the one that circulates ideas.
      And that’s what we’re seeing exploding all over the place right now. Ideas are circulating at high speed, emerging from all sides, taking shape in collectives. Personalities emerge in waves to carry and diffuse them.
      This can generate in us a mobilization towards the definition or the renewal of a collective, human, united and equitable ideal. There is a strong stimulation at this moment that awakens in us this need to project ourselves collectively into a common ideal.

    3. … and blocking their distribution …

      The stimulation of ideas that engenders this strong outward movement of thought comes from a form of energy that represents blockage and frustration emanating from higher authorities such as rulers. There is therefore a configuration that seems paradoxical where ideas emerge, but are blocked at the same time.
      This blocking energy is currently very much related to the energy of the legal framework and justice, which is lower in terms of level of consciousness. As a result, the energy of justice is itself blocked in its development towards the ideals of progress.
      If we turn our gaze to the outside world, this is what we observe. The movements of ideas are in full expansion, we are in a period of intense sharing of ideas on the meaning of human community, and at the same time, censorship is raging more and more strongly which blocks the dissemination of ideas. . Justice, seeming completely blocked to assert the development of ideas. Authorities block, slow down and frustrate the expansion of the dissemination of ideas.
      This state of affairs is starting to give rise to debates on freedom of expression, which is increasingly questioned.

    4. … source of a major conflict between authority and freedom

      These energies of frustration and this blocking of the dissemination of ideas and of united justice come into great tension with an energy of struggle for freedom and emancipation. The intensity of this conflict is increasing and will continue to increase in the weeks to come.
      I said a few months ago that the time for action had not yet come and that January would be the trigger. Here we are. This New Moon of January 13, 2021 begins a cycle in which the struggle for emancipation and freedom becomes increasingly tense. In the months to come, we are going to experience increasingly strong conflicts between forms of authority linked to justice on the one hand, and energies of defense of freedoms on the other. Authority and justice, or the legal framework if you will, trying to dominate the fight for freedom.
      I will now get into a point of knowledge on the energy-consciousness of the stars to try to understand what this conflict can give. We may think that authority will crush freedom. It would not be new in history. But I think that would be a bad analysis. In fact, the energy-consciousness form farthest from the Sun still dominates, even if this happens over the longer term. So the question is not whether the blocking authorities will give in or not, they will have to give in, but rather how?

      The worst-case scenario

      The major conflict today is between authority and freedom. In a form of conflict, authority tries to place itself above freedom. It then expresses itself in an excess of authoritarianism. That’s what we’re seeing right now in terms of the exchange of ideas with censorship. There is an authoritarianism which is expressed and which seeks to supplant the freedom of expression. Authority expresses itself without integrity, without awareness of responsibility to the Self and to the world and therefore takes this authoritarian form.
      If nothing changes, the energy of freedom and empowerment cannot be expressed naturally and harmoniously. It can therefore be expressed in its « explosive » form so that freedom emerges again which would take the form of explosions. As this energy is in a sign related to material resources, then we could see an explosion related to access to resources, whether it is a planetary financial problem, or a problem of access to earth resources such as food that would cause a large-scale revolt. It is a mechanism of decompensation of this tension, which would release it for us to come out of it. It is also not impossible to think that the Earth itself reacts to this tension with tremors.

      Towards an alternative

      This is the worst-case scenario, but it’s quite plausible given the state of affairs. Now it’s up to us to create another scenario. A much calmer scenario requires a lot more inner courage. This peaceful scenario consists of transcending the conflict by putting these energies in the right order. Basically, to ease the conflict, we need to harness authority for freedom, not the other way around. In this sense, the conflict is resolved and does not need to be expressed in a violent way, because we willingly submit to the higher energies instead of resisting them.

      To nourish in ourselves

      To fuel this other scenario, it is not a question of going out into the streets and claiming the head of the authorities who are attacking freedom. This action is full of pitfalls as long as we are not appeased internally to manifest our freedom. The important thing is to resolve the conflict within ourselves first. And for that we have to understand how it expresses itself in our own life, where it touches us personally, because it touches us personally somewhere. So that it is not too abstract, I will take a personal example. In my chart, the energies of authority (beginning of Aquarius) are found in the house of alliances, unions … while the energy of freedom and emancipation (beginning of Taurus) is found in the house of professional career. So I live this tension between on the one hand, the question of the authority or the integrity of my ideals in my alliances or my unions, and on the other hand, the liberation or the concrete emancipation of my professional career. That’s exactly what I’m going through right now. I have to give up alliances to maintain the integrity of my ideals, which preserves my freedom of professional positioning. It’s as uncomfortable as it can be because life is more comfortable with allies than alone. But I feel that if I accepted this alliance, it would be to the detriment of my integrity and I would find myself in a conflict of emancipation on a professional level.
      I cannot say that I am fully at ease, the tension remains, but as I develop this integrity, I feel more free and external events affect me less.


    Well, that’s all for today. This is the first lunation of this year 2021, which starts immediately with a high level of tension. I don’t know how our humanity will come out of this crisis. It will emerge from it to move towards greater emancipation, whether through external explosion or the emancipation of consciousnesses that regain their integrity. Remember that we are still in the late gestation phase of this crisis that still leaves us a little time to make all this aware. The fiery energies of April 2021 should give birth to it. Regardless, the important thing is to come back to ourselves, to understand this tension in ourselves and to focus on it by turning off the radio and the TV to resolve it as peacefully and courageously as possible within our personal experience. This is what matters most to give us a chance, individually and collectively, to come out of this crisis from above.

    To meditate on this with joy and humor, here is a video from a medium that talks about this ongoing crisis and how to handle it. I discovered it and I loved it:

    Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the first Full Moon of 2021!

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