The New Moon of February 4, 2019

The New Moon of February 4, 2019 is a great opportunity to free ourselves from old ideas by changing some obsolete concepts in our mode of operation. It’s a moment of lighting and awareness.


  1. Let’s start this New Moon of February 4, 2019 with a little study of the balance of energies. Currently we have a fairly well balanced energies of 3/4 of the zodiac. There is an equal division between the energies of the will, the concrete realization and the conceptualization. One of the four energies is missing, that of feeling. This can create a climate where we are operational and functional and where our ideas follow, but where we can feel that we are missing a connection. We know how to act, we know how to reason, or how to apply to things, but we do not feel very sure of ourselves, as if we lacked information about what is happening around us, which would be of the order of instinct or intuition.
    This is an impression I had today by sitting at my table to write: I dreaded a little to put myself in because I did not feel much. By posing myself and putting my conscience on this New Moon of February 4, 2019, I finally connected. But it was not spontaneous, nor immediate at first, as it can be at other times. I had to go through the intellectual analysis box to start this text. I was ready today to do re-readings on my book or all kinds of work that required little instinct, but write on the New Moon of February 4, 2019, which asks me to feel and be connected, was not natural. I understand why by writing this.
    By the next fortnight, this lack will be filled by the arrival of the Sun in Pisces.
  2. The awareness of sensoriality, of our sensitivity to what we love has changed energy. It has gone from a lively, enterprising, determined and voluntary sensoriality to a much more restrained sensuality and sensoriality that will now make us love the more important tasks to go about.
    The energy of our sensuality, sensoriality, of what we love, enters this phase of its cycle where we will find more sense to undertake things for which the pleasure will not be immediate or spontaneous, but which will require us to build slowly and appreciate the time that things take to get done.
    When I observed this on the map when I wrote this text, I did not feel this energy present. In verifying, I realized that, at the time when I wrote this text, the star that represents this form of consciousness, Venus, had not yet changed energy (sign of the zodiac). It will begin to show up tonight.
    I take this opportunity to make an aside on learning astrology for those interested. I write as much as possible aboutthe lunations onthe day of the lunation. Because I do not like writing about an energy that is not there yet. Rather than thinking about a configuration of the sky ahead, I prefer to feel it on the « D » day. At that moment, this configuration of energy did not speak to me about what I felt in my day, so I checked to realize that it was not yet manifested. I study astrology as often as possible in the moment when energy manifests itself in order to be able to relate it to reality, to what is happening, rather than to think what might happen. It is there that one feels and that one experiences the movements of energy most easily.
  3. We are in a period where we can be traversed by innovative understandings, which can make us progress humanly in our consciousness. We are going through a period of lifting of veil and sudden intellectual awakening. It can come from events that catch our eye, a person, a discussion, a message that we receive … They make us aware of something that we do not understand and that all of a sudden becomes obvious. Maybe we will resist a little bit to hear. But there are strong potentialities for many understandings to emerge.
    One may even wonder after these awakening, how come we did not understand this earlier. These understandings are of the order of the revelation of an old functioning which, suddenly, appears to us in its archaism. We suddenly integrate new, obvious data that we did not see before, a little as if we had just discovered that after « 1 » there was the « 2 », whereas before we worked while being convinced that the numbers were « 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ». Wow, but of course, there is the « 2 »! Why had I not seen or understood it before? I will give a personal example to illustrate that. It is Sunday and I have little time to write this text if I want to be able to do a little proofreading, my ironing of the week and spend a nice evening with my family. This morning, I pulled the Angel of Efficiency for my day. I wondered what he wanted from me, that one :-). When I started writing, I started as usual on the editor of WordPress which is quite capricious and inefficient to correct mistakes, handle line breaks … I did not want to finish this text, tired again leaving lots of mistakes everywhere. I remembered a piece of advice. To overcome this, I decided to follow it and write directly in Word. Basic advice, my « 2 » that I have not seen for years, or do not want to see for mysterious reasons … And here I find it easy, nice and more, it allows me to prepare much more easily, quickly and effectively line breaks, and typographic enhancements. The veil rose in a corner of my brain on an old, old-fashioned, opaque operation. Well, do not dream too much anyway, there will probably remain faults 🙂
    So, right now, we can have powerful insights that help us lift the veil and put new concepts in place, move toward progress, innovate, improve our « technology » of operation with new conceptual approaches.
  4. There is around the New Moon of February 4, 2019 an intensification of the will to conquer his freedom and emancipate that comes into tension with the fear of seeing old structures fall. We can understand this with the news of yellow vests that threaten institutional structures. It can also be understood in oneself. This will intensify in its explosive nature until the next weekend, which could support a trend of violence and anger for act 13 next Saturday. Fortunately, for the week ahead, and this New Moon of February 4, 2019, intellectual awakening helps to deflate tensions. This can be seen again in the evolution of the movement of yellow vests and in its media coverage where, on both sides, greater intellectual awareness tempers the rise of anger. It’s the same thing with the government and the great national debate that brings the conflict to rise to an intellectual level, with probably awarenesses, whatever you think about it.
    This potential for latent anger is a keystone in the evolution of our collective life path of the moment. We are evolving from a tendency to want to maintain obsolete structures in place to the need to let go and trust the brand new to create. In this journey of the moment, anger is awakened on one side by the excess of authority and control, and on the other by the fear of being screwed as soon as one gives his confidence.
    Think about it individually and you will probably find echoes in your lives. We find ourselves stuck in our need to free ourselves, to emancipate ourselves, between the fear of being screwed or let go, and the need to control. But the control does not work and causes breakage.
    In this journey, we have to let go of our old conceptions. Our old plans that wanted to be the basis of our future structures are to be reviewed. There are old chimeras that we pursue without being able to put them in place, which are to be given up. We are thus invited to conquer a freedom by abandoning old concepts based on harshness and control, and to trust innovative ideas that will allow us to soften and improve our common life by connecting with others.

No doubt, we are in front of a week that is still tense. What is important at this moment is to be attentive to these new ideas that come knocking on our door, to these revelations that provide an understanding, to these awarenesses that allow to think the world differently, apart from our shackles of thoughts and ideas that lock us into an old world.
Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the Full Moon of February 2019!

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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