The New Moon of February 23, 2020

The New Moon of February 23, 2020 is very special. It is a very inner energy that offers us a great opportunity to integrate our collective life path of the moment by overcoming our fears of lack of materiality. It is also a great opportunity to increase our awareness of being.


  1. Let’s start by observing the balance of stimulation of the various energy modes of this New Moon on February 23, 2020. The first remarkable point of the moment comes from the fact that the stimulation of energies of the feminine or Yin principle is very predominant. There is a very strong concentration of Yin energy: the 9/10 of the energies stimulate this feminine principle. A single star stimulates a masculine mode or Yang, and it is a star whose form of energy is itself already very connected to the feminine, since it concerns our sensoriality, the way in which we like things, life, the world …(Venus)
    This type of atmosphere makes us reluctant to take action, momentum, new business, or engagement. The string that is being stimulated right now is at the same time, more related to « doing », to continuation, or to inspiration. I think you could compare it to breathing. The energy that is stimulated is that of a great inspire, before an expiration returns. When we make a great physical effort we exhale powerfully. Well for this New Moon on February 23, 2020, this energy of the exhale is very little stimulated. What is, is the energy of inspiration, deep and slow. We can see it that way. It’s about taking energy by inhaling, but not yet coming out.
    Our personal energy structure makes us perceive the energy of the moment differently. If we have a majority of Yin energy in our birth chart, the energy of this New Moon of February 23, 2020, mainly Yin too, can numb and soften us. Whereas if we have a lot of Yang energies in our birth chart, that same energy may seem soothing to us, because we are naturally too willing or excited and we may tend to overheat.
    Thus, the astral weather of the moment is to be moderated by the characteristics of our own chart, if we want to understand how it affects us personally. I can express that it is « doing Yin or Yang » at the moment, but it is difficult to project everyone’s feelings because it depends on our internal structure.
    Self-knowledge in astrology is very important. 
  2. The second important point of the New Moon energies of February 23, 2020, is that they are in very strong resonance with the accomplishment of our collective life path. This 18-month cycle is coming to an end. The current cycle ends in early May, at which time we will collectively begin another cycle in which we will learn to navigate day by day, letting go of the need to have great directions to follow.
    But first we have to finish the current cycle, the one we are in. It offers us to let go of the need for control, the need to rely on tangible and reliable structures, in order to get closer to people and learn to rely more on what connects us than on what that we have built in matter. It is bit like the « fable of the 3 little pigs » but reverse in the journey we are making. Solid structures are no longer reliable, while our ability to connect, to become a family, becomes a much richer and more reliable breeding ground for our security in the future.
  3. The first aspect, which resonates with our current way of life, is due to the fact that the New Moon of February 23, 2020 is in very strong harmonic resonance with the point of evolution, which reopens our capacity to connect, to trust again in human relationships.
    There is a strong stimulation of a sense of belonging to oneself greater than oneself, which makes us approach life with more breadth and empathy. Our vital energy, our emotional management and the way in which we come to think of ourselves, are looking for this form of life larger, wider than the little self. And all this stimulates in us, a greater capacity to connect with others, to honor the sacred in our bonds, and perhaps to put aside quarrels.
    The window we are crossing is a great opportunity to rebuild the sacred ties of the family. Even if this seems impossible to us because the history and the liabilities are heavy, it is in our interest to dare to take risks. If the opportunity arises, taking the outstretched hand can restore the link with those we have forgotten or neglected.
    The bond with the family remains a primordial bond on which our feeling of physical security on Earth depends. Let us not back down from this possibility if it presents itself. And if it doesn’t show up, maybe now isn’t the time, or maybe we don’t need it right now 😊.
  4. The second aspect which resonates with our current life path during this New Moon of February 23, 2020 is related to the fact that the energy of emancipation which shakes our habits and our need for stability at this time, is in strong resonance with our desire to regain solid structures to reassure us in life.
    It is not easy to let go of this need to create and consolidate our structures. I may say that this is our collective life path, it is nonetheless very complex to accomplish because many energies have been re-stimulating over time, for months, our need to structure. We live in a kind of « washing machine » atmosphere where a constant background energy destroys the structures, while a whole bunch of other energies pass behind to try to rebuild, without any success. This is the great laundry of the foundations.
    At this moment it is the energy of the desire to conquer, this form of conquering consciousness, young and masculine which takes over and stimulates the need for strong structures. This refreshing energy is supported by another more powerful which tends to upset matter and stable things. So if we are trying to restore old patterns it will not work, so as to bring us back to the need to build trust first. It’s through the quality of the relationship that the world is rebuilding right now. Not by the power and the strength of the structures. The structures are only operational if they are at the service of humans and supported by quality human relations. The rest is not working right now.
  5. Finally, a third point is to be taken into consideration concerning our collective evolution path for the New Moon of February 23, 2020. We have an important life lesson to understand concerning the meaning of our being, of our reason for being, of our drive for existence. On this subject, we can be very stimulated at this moment by a deep need to exist underlying our everyday life, but which regularly points its nose. The « who am I? » » Perhaps a fairly strong recurrent questioning at the moment. Behind this questioning, we may also have deep fears, or a strong need to seek out who we are, as if who we are is on the verge of revealing something that we are unable to see.
    There is an atmosphere of revelation of who we really are right now, as if for many of us the veil could lift, or was rising, bringing us more discernment about ourselves and the sense of our existence.
    The idea of ​​this revelation is to increase our perception of ourselves, by integrating an awareness of our lighter form of existence, less constrained by matter.
    This energy of awareness and lifting of the veil is a crossing point that creates tensions in the collective life path that we cross. When we remain attached to a form of ourselves very fixed on our material existence, we tighten on our structures, while when we reach a more detached consciousness of ourselves, we can more easily cross this evolution by trusting to our human foundations.

I admit, I could have spent the night on this text. There is still a ton of things to say, this energy is so strong. I learned a lot and understood a lot from writing about what I experience personally and what is going on around me. I hope you too will have similar resonances.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of March 2020!

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