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The New Moon of February 11, 2021

The New Moon of February 11, 2021 concentrates a very strong energy that can block us in a climate of tension. But there is another possible way, which is to channel this energy to open a door to our collective life path and unleash a wealth of ideas and creativity to reinvent the world.

  1. A relative Yin / Yang balance
    For the New Moon of February 11, 2021, we find a relative balance of stimulation of Yin (female) / Yang (male) energies, as for the Full Moon of 15 days ago. Nothing new on that side. We remain in this atmosphere both conducive to exterior movement and to more restraint or interior introspection. I’m doing « at the same time » there, which I don’t like in astrology, but what you have to understand is that there is no strong tendency at the moment, but rather a certain Yin / Yang balance.
    On the other hand, there is an important concentration. All the Yang energies are concentrated in a single sign, which creates a singularity that we will study below in paragraph 3. We could say that if there is a certain Yin / Yang balance, the Yang, on the other hand, is unbalanced. We have a lot of conceptual energies and no activation stimulus to externalize us.
  2. Maximum tension
    If we observe the astrological representation of the sky of this New Moon on February 11, 2021, we can, without knowing anything about astrology, identify shapes that jump out at us such as this large, rather intense red vertical scribble on the left side. With other parameters of representation, it could be less intense, but would still be striking enough to constitute a form that focuses our attention on the configuration of this New Moon of February 11, 2021.
    This scribbling represents a strong tension, the deep aspects of which I have mentioned in the latest published texts, which I recall here: The New Moon of January 13, 2021 and the 2021 editorial, authority or freedom? . You can reread the paragraphs discussing the tension between freedom and authority to refresh your understanding of this New Moon on February 11, 2021. These texts are still relevant today.
    Around this New Moon of February 11, 2021, this tension is at its maximum because it is strongly accentuated by new energies (see the next paragraph), which can monopolize our attention if we stay fixed on it.
    We can also observe, in the drawing of the astrological map of the sky, large green lines which offer us another way to release these energies in a harmonious way this time. We will study this way out in paragraph 4.
    But first, let’s go back to this amazing concentration of energy in Aquarius to understand what it brings us.
  3. The return of the community spirit
    What is specific to the period we are going through for this New Moon of February 11, 2021, is that the tension mentioned above is very supported by the passage of the stars that stimulate our first identity, what we think of ourselves, how we feel, how our life energy manifests itself or how we manage our emotions and our inner feelings.
    All of these essential functions are currently concentrated in one sign, Aquarius, which stimulates the development of solidarity, sharing or fairness. As a result, there is a strong emulation of the feeling of community, of the need to live and to share concepts of equity, of solidarity that unites the community around its ideals.
    The frontal antagonisms that we have been able to experience in recent months are gradually fading away by the accentuation of a form of emerging collective consciousness that adapts, which makes it possible to recreate a feeling of community. We are gradually emerging from the astonishment by the emergence of a new form of fraternity. This is what energizes this New Moon on February 11, 2021.
    I will give a recent example. When the restaurants began to close, I noticed that all the restaurants in the neighborhood where I’m consulting were closed. I felt stunned by this ban, which had caused me to lose a form of social conviviality that I liked. Then recently, I enjoyed another form of conviviality by having lunch with my friend who greets me in the consultation place, something I had never done in 10 years! And yesterday, a neighborhood restaurant that was closed reopened for take-out. I was delighted. I ordered from him and we shared a few words of friendliness and brotherly support with the restaurateur while I took my order. A breach opened on the social lockdown that had hurt and shattered the spirit of the community.
    I don’t know if you are feeling that, but there is a thrill, a need and a reinvention of the community right now. The energy of the moment facilitates and supports moving through the harshness of restrictions to reestablish the idea of brotherhood. It takes many forms, such as reinventing the restaurant business.
    Entertainment, dance, health and sport can also be reinvented by constituting new forms of community during this period. This is what is emerging more and more. An example, which illustrates this emergence well, is the proposal of the Free Health Coordination collective, which offers the French population to meet every Sunday morning from 11 am to 11:45 am to play sports together outside. See minute 56 of the video below.

    At home, we put on music and dance in the evening when (I) we want or need it. This does not require planning an evening for it, we do it spontaneously by putting on music that we like.
    This is the big boost right now. We can reinvent the meaning of sharing, of community, to find new forms of community. And since we are limited and constrained, and we cannot rely on structures to do it, we must open the door to anything without complexes.
  4. In small, light and independent entities
    With happiness, the energies of community sharing of this New Moon of February 11, 2021 stimulate our openness towards our collective life path, which suggests that we open up to more lightness.
    To dance in your living room with a little crackling sound and no light effect in the afternoon, to go to the collective gym in the village square or to go to a restaurant and buy food served in plastic or recycled cardboard is nonsense, right? It’s not very serious, is it? No doubt, but this is where life can flourish right now, this is where the opening to the possible is offered to us. And this is what this New Moon of February 11, 2021 allows us to open thanks to this strong stimulation of fraternal ideas and the desire to remake community.
    What strikes us as incoherent, inconsistent, light or frivolous… is our lifeline. The junk, the thing done with the means at hand and which will not last long, but which does its job there, now, right away, so that life can find its place instead of dying while waiting better, it is this that can enable us to create a flood of actions that will surpass all attempts to put the world under cover. Because this energy is too diverse, too multifaceted, too elusive, too inconstant and inconsistent, too derisory to be channeled, modeled and put in a row.
    This is the meaning of our collective life path. We are in the second half of this 18 and a half month journey, and the time has come to realize that as long as we are based on the old system, it just doesn’t work. If the performing arts wait for the theaters to open it will die.  It must reinvent himself in the ephemeral.
    Now is the time to let this shift in energy call us out of the illusory lockdown that serious action will get us out of there. Projections doesn’t work. Whatever we lose, we will not be able to restart it as before. We have to make do with glue, scissors and string. The way out is to do small things in small groups, but so numerous, mobile, scattered that it cannot be contained and will end up confusing the liner that wants to take us to its iceberg.
    Our collective evolution is to bring life back to life by being inventive, doing a thousand and one little things that bring joy to our hearts and make our society work on a small scale. If we stick to hyper-channeled and well-directed goals and objectives, we will continue to struggle against forms of power stronger than ourselves.
    Our salvation is in the merry mess that chirps and feasts on recycled plastic and cardboard. Let this applaud on every street corner, even in small groups. It is the essence of life that we have to set in motion, without violence or bravado, but with a slight impertinence masked behind a youthful recklessness.

There you go, I think my conclusion is in the text. It’s soon carnival in France. An opportunity to change the mask :-). Let’s have a little fun!

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you very soon for the first Full Moon in February 2021!

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