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The New Moon of August 19, 2020

The New Moon of August 19, 2020 can lead us to leave ourselves to quite strong anger. It is also for us a moment which can accompany us in an awareness that we must rather fight to find a desire for coexistence, than to affirm a dual will.

  1. The New Moon of August 19, 2020 is characterized by great intensity of the energies of will, assertiveness and momentum, which collaborate powerfully with each other. If you look at the drawing of the sky map for this New Moon on August 19, 2020, you will notice this beautiful, large, very marked triangle, with the point up. It connects those energies that stimulate the will, the will in us, this energy that gives us impetus and momentum that sets us on fire. These energies are linked by a harmonic relationship, which strengthens them and makes them collaborate, which reinforces the power of this element that stimulates the will in an instinctive way.
    They also stimulate the part of the current collective life path which tends to make us believe that we must imperatively take the direction of things, lead ourselves with firmness so as not to be fooled by a climate where nothing is reliable, and especially not the word of others. These powerful will energies reinforce this belief and multiply it so that we can become interventionists without realizing it for fear of being fooled.
    This is of course not the object of our path at this time. This is a fear reaction. But for the moment, it is this part of our collective path that is the most stimulated.
  2. The other peculiarity of this New Moon of August 19, 2020, which reinforces the first, is that it completely lacks energies of conception or reflection, one of the functions of which is to counterbalance our impulses and momentum.
    It is as if we have let go of our will energy without any counterbalance to stimulate our ability to step back, to think about the situations we are going through, or the impulses that are ours now.
    I have seen several examples of this manifesting itself lately in interactions I have had with people naturally sensitive to his will energies. The discernment that reflection could bring is absent and they respond to their impulses without filter. They are like blinded by their will. They try to push through to get what they want.
    The little advice of the day for these people, marked by these energies of will (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius strong in their birth chart), would be to take the time to reflect at this time, to impose it as a discipline before to react to events, so as not to set the forest on fire with a simple spark. In the moment, igniting is relieving, but when we look at a burnt forest, we carry all the sadness of the damage we have caused in spite of ourselves and under our impulses.
  3. For this New Moon of August 19, 2020, our existential need to assert our will, very stimulated, as we have just seen, by the feeling of being able to impose ourselves in force, and by the need to take the direction of things, is very upset.
    This concomitant stimulation with a strong annoyance can create a strong tension. The first of the annoyances is related to an energy or form of consciousness that I rarely speak about because it comes from a recently discovered star. This is the consciousness that we could call « consciousness of coexistence ». I put it that way today. This energy has the function of bringing us to coexistence by making us renounce duality. In astronomy, it bears the name of the goddess of discord: Eris. When we thwart this energy, that we refuse coexistence, it multiplies adversity, duality and makes us experience intense conflicts.
    For this New Moon of August 19, 2020, this energy merges with our desire for conquest, our combativeness that seeks to assert itself. So much so that if we engage in asserting ourselves in some form of dual energy, we enter into intense, extremely divisive conflicts.
    If we want to get out of this intense conflictuality, the important thing at this time is to assert our desire for coexistence. Otherwise, other forms of assertiveness risk locking us into very intense rivalries.
  4. The other annoyance of our existential need to assert our will comes from the fact that this energy cannot function « positively » if it does not put itself at the service of deep questioning concerning our authority or our individual responsibility, our legitimate framework or more deeply still, the way in which we remain identified with old structures that have become obsolete.
    At the moment the structure of our authority and our legitimacy are in a phase of deep questioning. We collectively have to completely reformat our old structural references concerning what founded our old frameworks and our old responsibilities.
    It is a fact that I observe all around me with more and more impressive amounts of people expressing that they can no longer move forward as they have and who are questioning their old responsibilities and their former professional or other executive’s frames.
    Well, around New Moon on August 19, 2020, these deep questionings tickle our need to assert ourselves on an existential level. We can be deeply destabilized by these questioning which can give us the impression that we no longer exist anywhere.
    What can guide our realignment with ourselves in this delicate matter is once again to ask ourselves the question of letting go of divisions and rivalries. The idea is to find an existential essence outside of divisions, by seeking to initiate a territory of cohesion, of coexistence, the defense of which requires us to completely question our old framework, identifications and responsibility.

There you have it, as usual there would be plenty of more things to say, but I am currently in the middle of an initiation course in astrology in the Drôme, which is going wonderfully well, and it is time for me to close this article. But to illustrate what I just mentioned in the last paragraphs on this need to conquer an awareness of cohesion, of coexistence which at the same time is accompanied by a deep structural questioning, here is a small gift:

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the Full Moon of September 2020.

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