The New Moon of April 5, 2019

The New Moon of April 5, 2019 gives us a great energy to make Aikido with harsh and resistant energies. It’s a good time to transmute the bruiser into marshmallow.


  1. Today I am going to start with a particular aspect of this New Moon of April 5, 2019 rather than dealing with the general mood, because I would like, before deploying a lot of ideas, that we listen to what we feel to see if there is a deep echo or not.
    Do you feel at this moment that our will is thwarted? The New Moon of April 5, 2019 develops an aspect of contrariety of our will. Our vital energy and our inner life go through a process that tends to stimulate our personal will, but at the same time, this personal will conflicts with a form of authority in the midst of reconfiguration or restructuring that comes to block that will. We can also take this configuration in the other direction and feel that our individual responsibility, our authority in full questioning is disturbed by expressions of strong, slightly aggressive individuals.
    We can live both situations simultaneously. I live and feel them quite strongly right now. Here’s how. In part of my professional life, I have a responsibility in the development of a program. My desire would rather be to develop this program so that it offers the greatest possible service to the users. In the period we are going through, the authorities that oversee this program are in a deep questioning energy for budgetary reasons. They ask for evaluations, do audits … which end up reaching and thwarting the will to move forward. If I take the subject in the other direction, my responsibility in the program is in full transformation and also encounters annoyances that come from individual wishes more or less conflicting. It works both ways.
    In my theme, these energies are very much related to the field of work.
    There is, at this moment, a form of frustration or blockage of our impulses, of our desire to initiate something, coming from structures, responsibilities, or authorities that are a little heavy.
  2. I develop this point because it is perhaps the essence of the energy to understand of this New Moon of April 5, 2019. One may wonder what to do with that? How to get out of this frustration, this limitation to allow the impulses and energies to be released again?
    The idea to understand is that this tension is related to our collective way of life; again … What tends, crisps, frustrates and hardens is the lack of social connection, trust in the relationship, looseness and relaxation. As soon as one replaces authority or hardness by a sincere and confident open attitude, it relaxes immediately. And right now with our way of life, the authoritarian and destructive manifestations of energy are legion. What must be understood is that they are one side of the fear of losing control of authority. We are not necessarily challenged as humans in a situation like this, even if everything seems to suggest it.
    What makes the tension drop is to be in the link.
  3. I have experienced it this week. A manager, who can sometimes be feared for his excesses; a bit authoritarian, came to me with a tense, almost aggressive face, to tell me in a rather hard tone of a problem he felt.
    What he raised was well founded and I was aware of it even though I did not have the solution to solve it. I did not hide myself from it. Instead of stiffening myself, I did the opposite, I welcomed his concern. The relationship relaxed almost instantly and instead of attacking me, the manager came with me in the exploration of solutions. At that moment, I surprised myself, because I would have felt a little attacked and I could have otherwiseadded to a climate of tension.
    There, I felt intensely the collective lesson that we are going through, how the strength of the bond that we maintain and the trust in the other make it possible to transform a situation. This authoritarian attitude could have disarmed me, but I do not know why, perhaps because for the last few weeks, I have not put any more personal stakes, and I could experiment in a split second to welcome the aggressiveness of the other without fearing it or overpowering it. This is what we learn in Aikido. To welcome the violent gesture instead of opposing a form of resistance, transforms the situation. It is not a question of lying to oneself while playing with the teddy bear, but of letting go on the fear of the rejection, the judgment, the loss of control, to drop its protections. What was difficult becomes flexible and which was hard becomes easy.
  4. Around this New Moon of April 5, 2019, you may notice that beside the energy which is a little tense, or which works quite a lot on us, we can feel that our desires are a little more oriented towards a form of joie de vivre. Playfulness, the pleasure of words, the lightness, and the vivacity of spirit take up a little presence and are the object of our desires in the current period. We are perhaps more inclined to fun experiences. There is a slight wind of lightness that shows up. It is not a dominant energy, but we can feel it if we listen to our desires. We can also be a little more spontaneous and quick in our written communication.
  5. The period of this New Moon of April 5, 2019 makes us still strongly sensitive to what others feel. And that’s why it is easier to get through the tension I mentioned in Chapter 1 by connecting to others. We are still very connected by a sense of common humanity that touches both our sense of individuality and our appreciation of life. We like at this moment to identify with a deep and broad spiritual or humanist reference, as much as we can feel in love with this form of energy. Everyone is a little brought back to their faith right now. It is a rather gentle and benevolent energy that dissolves the usual egotistical barriers. Perhaps you notice a greater facility to bond or to feel united to a human community or a form of spiritual expression.
  6. This same energy, which is very social and collective, is always in conflict with that of legitimacy, justice and the legal framework. It is funny in France where President Macron, who wanted to embody Jupiter, who is the star of Justice and the legal framework, is in an endless social conflict. This is an illustration that cannot be more explicit of this conflict between these two energies.
    If you want to understand where this conflict is in your theme, you can look in your theme where the last third of Sagittarius is. This is where you can feel a growing frame and legitimacy in you. Then look at where the second third of Pisces is and you will see in which experience you can be very spiritualized and stimulated right now. Then try to see if there is not a form of conflict or tension between these two energies.
    In my case, the awareness of legitimacy stimulates the sector of creation, self-esteem, pleasure and love. It is true that this area of ​​my life is currently well nourished and in full expansion.
    The energy of universal love touches the sector of the development of my conscience. And it is also true that I am currently developing my consciousness towards a more sensitive form of spirituality. The conflict between these two energies is essentially in the fact that on the one hand, I would like to enjoy life and feel legitimate to do so, while on the other hand, I am very stimulated and called into a role of accompaniment, teaching, writing in astrology, which is more of my higher consciousness. And you, in what areas of your lives do you feel that?

Well, that’s all for today. My conclusion for this new moon was mainly in the first paragraphs. So I wish you a very good start of April to all, very nice fortnight and see you soon for the Full Moon in April 2019!

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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