The New Moon of April 23, 2020

The New Moon of April 23, 2020 stimulates us more in ideological energies and concrete realization. At the same time, it reveals all the internal – and necessarily external – conflicts with which we are confronted concerning the collapse of our society in its concrete management of the planet’s resources.

  1. Two operating modes, that of the will and that of reliance, are very weakly stimulated for this New Moon of April 23, 2020. You may have observed that, if at the beginning of confinement, our need for reliance was very strong, it fell sharply in one month. I don’t think it’s just a habit story, it’s most likely a significant change in energy.
    The same goes for will energie, I was quite present and strong during the month of Aries, and now it is much weaker. This creates an atmosphere where the impulses are attenuated and where the need to connect with others too.
  2. The most intense mode of operation is that of concrete realization, but we will talk about it later, because a lot has to be developed on the energies concerned.
    The other most stimulated mode of operation is that of ideas and concepts, intellectual curiosity. You may be able to notice it right now. For those who are usually reluctant to intellectual reflections, curiosity or the exchange of ideas, this mode of operation, more stimulated for this New Moon of April 23, 2020, provides a refreshing stimulation.
    This can create a strong intellectual excitement which makes us easily ignite; excite us on debates of ideas which, a month ago, would not necessarily have taken place.
    We can be passionate about the great ideals of society or be interested in lots of different subjects. The debates of ideas can regain vigor at this moment.
    Sometimes, making our ideals heard can become an important issue that can push us to take authoritarian postures. We can thus feel important issues of respect for our authority on simple ideological questions.
  3. The functioning that dominates for this New Moon of April 23, 2020 is that of the concrete realization, of « doing ». It is the processes of this nature that are most stimulated by the energies of the moment. They encourage us to get to work, to do concrete things that often have a fairly direct connection to the subject.
    When this operating mode is stimulated, we have more endurance and can continue with the duration of the works, without asking too many questions.
    This strong stimulation at this time is partly linked to the fact that we have entered the sign of Taurus, whose mode participates in this functioning. Now is a good time to do our garden work, house repairs or that sort of thing.
  4. These energies of realization, which could harmonize with each other, are in fact in tension. This is one of the peculiarities of the New Moon of April 23, 2020. There is a dysfunction in the functioning of the concretization that does not make it as fluid as it could be.
    We could say that our stimulation for concrete achievement is in conflict with a legal framework linked to a major challenge to our structural organization. Very concretely, the situation of global containment illustrates what we have just described almost word for word. We may be in this energy of Taurus where we are stimulated to do, to work … there is a legal form, linked to a structural questioning, which is opposed to our impulses to « do ».
    On a personal level, we can feel frustrated in our need to work, as if we are limited by a legal framework that has become too burdensome. We are clearly experiencing a conflict between the legal framework and freedom. It’s a time when the two clash. It seems to be a paraphrase of an event called « confinement » but that is literally what astral energies are showing us.
  5. What complicates this conflict around this New Moon of April 23, 2020 is that it also involves the notion of responsibility within our community, and the questioning of our current structures.
    It’s a bit like a game of pool. A ball hits a ball, which hits another, and so on. In the blink of an eye, order turns into chaos on the mat and we need to put our own house in order so that we don’t get confused by the mess of the game.
    What I have understood from the conflicts between astral energies is that it is essential to follow what the higher energies invite to do. Order begins with that. Defending our territory by battling with lower consciousness-energies risks ending badly. So I’m going to try to describe that this 3-strip billiard can invite us to realize the order by which we raise our consciousness.
    When we ourselves do the inner work of putting in order the conflicts that we feel, of going out of the defense reactions of the ego, by taking the energies from above to study the resonances that they can have in us, we transmit to the collective consciousness a possibility of exit from the top, which limits suffering.
    Here is a study of these conflicts and a proposal for developing the inner consciousness to develop, to modify, together, the collective consciousness.
  6. Conflict 1: Structural collapse, which is a conflict over the need for free access to resources. An example of this conflict is the struggle for toilet paper in supermarkets. We can, by fear of a form of destructuring of society, release gregarious energies to « save » our individual material plan. However, this is a regressive form where the lowest energy (the need for free access to material resources) tries to impose itself against the highest energy: the structural collapse that we have to accept.
    This conflict requires us to accept the structural collapse and to free ourselves from our old consumption habits. In this way, we will remain at peace and find solutions for the future. Otherwise, it’s chaos for everyone.
  7. Conflict 2: The sense of authority or responsibility, which can take an ideological form, is in conflict with the emancipation of access to material resources. An example of this conflict can be observed in the way in which governance in France manages access to the material resource of masks. Without going into the details of why or how, we can observe that the governing authority came into conflict with the liberation of the mask-making apparatus, for reasons that seem purely ideological. The result is slow and blocked access to material resources.
    So, if we want to avoid shortages of material resources, it is in our interest to become honest and responsible for ourselves in order to assert our sense of community before the authoritarian exercise of our ideals. For example, we can become responsible for ourselves by making our masks, or by buying them through a « free » production channel instead of waiting for it to come from a higher authority. So, instead of doing nothing and not protecting the community, we become responsible to the community again, while freeing up new means of production, which resolves the conflict.
    Otherwise, we can also grumble at the authorities with our perfect ideals 😊
  8. Conflict 3: Legal structures are in conflict with the liberation of access to resources. We talked about it above; we are currently, with confinement, in a conflict between a legal framework, which restricts our freedoms, and a need to free ourselves to access material resources. Partial unemployment, suspension or drop in activity … the legal framework for confinement limits the development of resources, a recession is emerging.
    Remaining in the conflict consists in wanting to marry the power that our current legal frameworks give with the explosion of our systems of access to resources. If we want to find our way, what matters is to emancipate ourselves first, and if that requires changing our legal framework, then it is desirable to do so. On a more psychological and less material level, we can say that there is a conflict between freedom and legitimacy that is resolved, at this moment, by emancipation and the acceptance to completely review the structure of our legitimacy, of the framework that gives us power.

It’s probably a little complex my pool table.
I will try to summarize it. Right now, the thing that we have to accept at the highest level of our consciousness is that we are experiencing a structural collapse, because the current structure of our world is worm-eaten and corrupt and cannot support our collective evolution. Second, we must also accept that our management of material resources is exploding to free us from old systems heavy and destructive of nature. Thirdly, our individual responsibility is to raise ourselves in a respectful conscience towards the community in order to collectively protect us from authoritarian ideologies that risk falling on us. And finally, it is important that we accept to completely review what our legitimacy and our living environment are based on so as not to be trapped in frameworks that no longer work.

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the Full Moon of April 2020!

Image by SNUrias1 from Pixabay

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