The New Moon of April 12, 2021

The New Moon of April 12, 2021 strongly stimulates our individuality. This is a window for us to embark on new initiatives that are close to our hearts. We can use this energy in a spirit of fighting against the deconstruction of our lives. Or we can take advantage of this moment to affirm our complete transformation and act a profound change in our lives.


  1. The balance of the moment
    The New Moon on April 12, 2021 has very Yang energy. It mainly stimulates male-type functions which encourage the externalization of oneself, initiatives, impulses and projections, whether in words or in deeds. If we have a more passive nature, the vibe of this New Moon will rebalance us and make us more energetic, while if we are of a fairly excited or instinctual nature, it will accentuate that in us. The way we experience each variation of energy therefore depends on the constitution of each one. Nothing applies to everyone the same. Understanding the energy of the moment is intrinsically linked to knowing yourself.
  2. Time to act
    For this New Moon on April 12, 2021, individuality is strongly strengthened and stimulated. Around this New Moon, we may feel a strong stimulation within us to assert our individuality. This is not necessarily a conflicting statement, because the general climate is not very reactive, but it can help us refocus on ourselves and give us the courage to launch ourselves a little. We may feel like we are all a little busy with personal things, or wanting to do things on our own, even if they concern each other or others. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s the energy of the moment. We need our energy to be expressed through personal impulses rather than through the sharing of ideas, feelings, or things that many of us would do. This energy, which can be often conflicting, is not overly reactive at this time, except on a point that we will study later. So we can feel that we are okay enough to do our stuff in our own corner without stepping on each other, each with their own particular initiatives.
    The New Moon period of April 12, 2021 is a good time to launch a few stocks that have been left fallow due to lack of momentum or shyness. Here we will have a gushing energy that will drive the actions left pending. Let’s take the opportunity to make this phone call that has dragged on for months, send this letter to undertake this process, launch this work, or advance this action which had remained at a standstill for months. The month of Aries is used for this in general, but for this New Moon, there is a great concentration of energy that supports the taking action. Usually what holds back in taking action is the hesitation, the fear, the feeling that now is not the right time and that we are caught up in other things to do. When we go through times like this New Moon on April 12, 2021, a concentration of energy gives us a mixture of enthusiasm and courage that allows us to come out of hesitation by accepting the risk of making mistakes, of overcoming our fears and get out of our routines. A small, silly example of this kind of action: this morning I took the initiative to change the NAF code of my main activity, an action that had been at the bottom of a drawer for months. It’s not necessarily about revolutionizing the world, but activating little things stuck here and there.
  3. Leaving the past behind us
    For this New Moon on April 12, 2021, our individual actions and our stimulation to assert ourselves may be thwarted by ongoing structural transformations.
    The very deep backdrop of the energy that we are going through remains the overhaul of our structures. We are in a period which tends to the demolition of old structures and constructions, interior and exterior, on which we had based our existence. These foundations are being dismantled because they can no longer support the growing energy. They have become obsolete.
    During this New Moon of April 12, 2021, we can be in conflict with this destructuring, which could undermine our affirmation of ourselves. If we try to assert ourselves by maintaining old structures, it will create conflict, inside or outside, and even greater suffering.
    To overcome this, it is best that we use the energy of this New Moon on April 12, 2021 to affirm a new version of ourselves that has fully integrated the structural changes underway. It may require us to let go of our old structures. There is around this New Moon a kind of mourning for the past to be done through the impulse of a new form of ourselves.
    In fact, we can use this energy to go to war against the forces that are destabilizing our old bases, which will probably be doomed to failure, or to find the courage to embark on new actions that reinvent who we are according to our today’s consciousness.
  4. In backpacker mode
    One of the keys in this journey is to stay in touch with energies of lightness, to keep your humor, not to fall into fear about the next day and to stay as much as possible in connection with the present. It’s not easy because we’re going through a real tsunami.
    If we take the destabilization of our structures or foundations with too much gravity and seriousness, we will likely be thrown off and out of focus with a feeling that we have lost our compass or that the world around us has lost its compass. Which is true on the surface, but false on another level. This can make us very angry because at the same time we discover how our structures were only a set of theater hiding moldy ripe.
    The strong assertiveness stimulation of the energy of this New Moon on April 12, 2021 can also very easily tune us in with an anger that would want to get everything back on track. If we let ourselves get into these thought patterns, we are going to trap ourselves in a hamster wheel.
    Rather, the key is to accept that demolition does damage and regain the zest for life in the little things in life. Institutions no longer look like anything. Health, economy, democracy, agriculture, media, education … nowhere is there a trustworthy institution that runs reliably. We are witnessing the ridiculous spectacle of the umpteenth attempt to patch up a damp old wall that smells like fungus. There is nothing left to save in the old world, let the mushrooms finish their job, or help them with a pickaxe to move on.
    We set off on the road with a backpack to go camping for a while, or squat with friends or family, while we rebuild. We will get through this period all the better as we will experience it as a phase of transition between two worlds and when we move from one place to another, we go light.
    So to conclude this paragraph, our best option is to put the energy of momentum, assertiveness and impulse of this New Moon of April 12, 2021, in accordance with an energy of lightness, joyful opportunism, openness, joy, curiosity. This way we will be able to ride the wave instead of waiting below for it to fall on us.
  5. Take responsibility for our vision of the future
    The New Moon on April 12, 2021 connects our sense of responsibility and integrity regarding our ideals and our vision of the future life, with a joyful and light awareness.
    This is another point of support to get us through the period pleasantly … or not. It’s up to you.
    If today, we give up joy on the pretext that all is not well or that some are suffering, then our ideology nourishes a form of morbid guilt which no longer allows the best to emerge, but requires a guilty form of contrition which muzzles itself and restricts its development to maintain an illusory course perceived as serious. This is a way of seeing that can drag us into a beautiful collective depression and cut us off from an enlightened conscience.
    We currently have an individual and collective responsibility in nurturing the vision of the world of tomorrow. The vision of the future that each of us is establishing at this time, constitutes the postcard images of the intentions sent to the universe for our future. Our responsibility is to be honest and to fully assume today this vision of tomorrow to maintain the vibration of this collective future. It’s about saying it, writing it, expressing it and singing it if necessary.
    Each of us can (and have much interest to) express our vision of the future world in our own way. If it’s difficult to project ourselves today, we can create by vision. Here is how I could express my vision of the future world: “My vision of a future world is a world of joy in which collective intelligence, inspiration and collaboration in multiple dimensions will find aesthetic, technical and economic solutions to evils that the old world has engendered. I have confidence in humanity. I completely detach myself from the fearful world that is being artificially maintained right now. This is not my world, this is not humanity, this is not the world of the future.  »
    Express your vision for a future world here if you wish.

Well, that’s all for today. Many thanks to all of you for your presence, which I appreciate with such joy every day. Thank you for your comments, which I read with delight even if my answers are often late.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the Full Moon of April 2021!



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