The New Moon and the eclipse of January 6, 2019

The New Moon of January 6, 2019 is a partial eclipse. It stimulates us in our way of life by showing us how painful it is to try to seal leaks with tape. And at the same time, it gives a strong potential to overhaul our structures to transform our lives.


  1. We are entering one of the eclipse periods of the year. Eclipses are periods that emphasize the path of collective evolution. This can be in its involutive phase or in its evolutionary dynamics. At this moment, we are going through a period of eclipse that emphasizes the involutive nature, that is, the tension that responds to a fear. What is it? 
    At this moment this fear affects our structures, what supports us. We may be afraid that our structures will not hold, that everything will fly away, and we will squirm, cling to them and make efforts to support them at all costs. In the current period, it comes down to the energy of wanting to patch up an old tub that takes water from all sides and resist getting into the sea on life rafts. We hang on to what looks like solidity, a powerful and massive structure, when in fact it does not hold. A leak fixed on the right, the one you fixed the day before yesterday crack open to the left, and this never stops. The old boat is to be scrapped, we must review our structures, lighten them, and go to sea with a completely different state of mind, by trusting each other, forming solidarity fleets and united by relationships of protection and collective benevolence. 
    I do not do drawings, but you see well in France where the boat that takes on water and lifeboats are. Those who have sailed in the lifeboats wear lifejackets ! The others clog the gaps with modeling clay. 
    If you go back to your personal story you will understand that too. Tell yourself that a part of yourself is experiencing this collective story in a field of experience of its own. Look in your theme where the signs of Capricorn and Cancer are. Capricorn, shows you the old tub that takes on water, and Cancer shows you the lifeboats that scares you. It’s still scary to go out to sea on canoes when you travel on a big boat, but it happens to be the only door of salvation. 
    In my theme, for the old boat, it is the house VI, house of work, the service that is rendered, the schedule … and for the rowboat, house XII, the retreat, rest, non-activity, inner life. Well, it’s scary, it means for me that I slow down and work less. I feel it strongly.
    The period we are going through personally requires me to take more time off and fill my agenda less. I have trouble doing it, but I’m starting to accept less work, less force. And anyway, if I work too much I run out quickly. I need more moments of loneliness, more than usual. I need my schedule to be empty even more than usual. The programs, the appointments make me tired in advance. Look at your theme in which houses are these signs. 
  2. For this new Moon of January 6, 2019, energy stimulates us much more in the tension on our structures than in letting go. There is an opportunity for reconstruction and its less funny side; we do not let anything go until we hurt ourselves or harm others.
    We are, because it is the time of the year that wants it, very stimulated in the construction, the maintenance of our structures or the construction of these.
    I realized it yesterday. I spent the day tinkering with my new site, repairing small bugs, right and left. I wanted it to be perfect for the release of this New Moon on January 6, 2019. It’s not perfect. I let go :-). But I’ll come back to it. And that’s normal, because it’s the energy of the moment. We also have external stimulation to build.
    It is a strong stimulation, and at the same time, a responsibility that we have to rebuild our structures. Redesigning my website during this period was part of it. And so I did it. I jumped into the water with a friend and partner and in one day we modified the site. Then I improve it with little touches. There is in this experience an echo similar to the energy of the moment, that’s why I talk about it. The old version of my site became obsolete and I could not evolve with it anymore. And then it took on water. Regularly, I had big bugs that made it crash. As soon as I tried to make it evolve, I broke something. But hey, I was a little afraid to change everything, the old version dated from 2011 in its structures, as such, in the Internet, it was from the Stone Age. So it was about breaking everything to redo everything. It seemed colossal to me. But the energy was there. It is still here. I plunged in and it worked. After, I was too exhausted to settle a lot of small details. And I see that this excessive energy of wanting to do and remake to perfection has tired me.
    So we are experiencing this right now. A window of opportunity is there to rebuild the new by dropping the old, provided that we take responsibility without waiting for it to be imposed on us. And at the same time, one can become too hard and too dry with oneself or others in this dynamic. We must be careful to remain flexible and available. 
  3. The question of emancipation and the liberation of our will to be is at the heart of this path of collective evolution at this moment. We are tossed between the fear of losing structures to carry us and the need to engage in a path of flexibility, connection, and trust in the other. In this sloshing, the question of our emancipation and our individual freedom is at the heart of the subject. It is in tension in this journey, which contributes to the fact that this need for liberation takes the form of a revolt.
    I will express it with another personal aspect. In my case, this need for liberation and emancipation is in house X, house of social positioning. In my life, this is the feeling that part of my social and professional positioning needs to emancipate myself so that I can devote more time to astrology in particular. But that makes me afraid of no longer having a solid work structure. If I received myself in consultation, I would say to myself, convinced of it, that I have nothing to fear, and that life will accompany me by helping me to work less to free myself. And I would believe myself very deeply, I would be convinced of what I would say. AND I am … Ah, it makes me laugh to write it and to see myself in my own fears when I know that I have nothing to fear! 
  4. The balance of the elements is always deficient in energy of conceptualization which does not help to take a step back. It is an energy that is not stimulated at the moment. It is better to have your plans ready in advance because we are bathed in many energies of will and doing. There is a lack of distance and conception.
    This perhaps explains a little why one seems to be out of order, without solution, and that one turns around the idea of firmness without finding a way out of the current crisis. In a few weeks, we will go through another form of stimulation that will bring a little height of view. But it is an energy that can also be very ideological and community. It will enable to take heights of view in relation to personal situations, but it will be necessary to be wary of ungrounded ideological identifications. It is not yet an energy of appeasement.
  5. The climate can be quite combative for the coming weeks. The energy of the will is stimulated by the desire for conquest, the need for freedom and justice which seems to create a rather combative, even explosive package. We can therefore expect some form of aggressive or combative expression in the weeks to come, that we already feel in place.
    I was recently re-reading a text by Jiddu Krishnamurti that basically says that when we laugh at someone who hurts himself, who falls to the ground for example, it was a kind of sadism in us. It sounds like excessive talk, but it is not. Laughing about the misfortune of others is a way to find pleasure in their suffering, which is the definition of sadism.
    When one is indignant and angry, distressed, hurt, one can find in the suffering of others a form of outlet. In this moment we go through, where the violence becomes daily, close to us, and where we can feel empathy for the people who are suffering and in turn hit, whatever their edge, let us remember that our pleasure to see someone to suffer is our form of sadism. Do we want to express that?

The world moves, it trembles even. The question of the authority of power and its foundations will not cease to be posed in the coming year. What we live in France is lived elsewhere otherwise. In the USA, it is young people who attack the government for its irresponsibility in the safeguard of the climate. In France, nearly 2 million signatories support a lawsuit against the state for the preservation of the climate. Canadians do the same. And the Belgians also, it seems to me. In India 5 million women have formed a chain of more than 600 kilometers to protest the patriarchal structure of their country.

In fact, it is everywhere that this energy now well presents and, will be stimulated during the year 2019. We are going through a period in which it is important to question our structures in order to put in place new structures, lighter and more adapted to the world of today. And during this year, the authorities, the reigning ones, our inner master as well as our external masters will be brought to question in depth. We will have to question our own structures, to take back our individual responsibility without delegating it to others. We can fear it or see all that it really means.

We enter the concrete evolution of humanity towards a new spiritual consciousness, much more humanistic and mature. Humanity is in its teenage crisis to enter into its adult maturity. Let us not fear it, but embrace our individual responsibility in our lives.

Very nice year 2019 to all! 2019, the year of the emergence of the adult consciousness of humanity. Good teenage crisis to everyone, myself included. It’s almost the end of acne pimples!

Good fortnight to all and see you soon for the Full Moon of January 2019!


Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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