The Lunar Eclipse of November 30, 2020

The lunar eclipse of November 30, 2020 is a special time to find a little lightness in the rather heavy climate we are going through. Let’s take advantage of this open window to lighten our consciousness.


  1. The eclipse of November 30, 2020
    We are right now in a period of eclipse, which astrologically means that our vital energy and emotional life is stimulating at both ends the axis of our collective life path. These rather brief moments correspond to the eclipses of the Moon (at the full Moon) and of the Sun (at the New Moon) that we experience twice a year. During the lunar eclipse (at the Full Moon), our vitality stimulates a need for security, to fall back on reassuring values, while our interior and emotional life excites what scares us and which we also have to cross to evolve. It is a period like this that we are living for this lunar eclipse of November 30, 2010. It is one of the key moments of the year to help us fully understand the evolutionary issue of the moment; it helps us to understand the internal tensions that obstruct our development. We are going to decipher a little more the dynamics of this collective path of evolution today. I say « again » because I keep writing and repeating this right now. The question comes up all the time, perhaps because historical circumstances amplify the dynamics of our life path in a caricatured way.

    Reminder on the axis of the path of life
    Since April we have changed axis of evolution. The collective fear that has been awakened is that of a feeling of loss of direction, of a lack of reliability, of a feeling that one can no longer trust anything or anyone, and that speech has lost its value. Lies, broken promises, contradictions and incomprehensible directives plunge us into a climate of loss of landmark. If you want to understand what experience in your life can be very sensitive to this fear in your chart, look at where Gemini is. I will tell you later about it for me so that you understand on a more personal level, the form that this fear can take.
    In response, we tend to focus on finding a new axis, a goal, a direction, to get our lives back on track. It is a fairly natural and understandable reflex, when one is lost, to want to find direction. If you want to understand what experience in your life may be affected by this compulsion, look at where Sagittarius is in your birth chart. But now, the problem is, when we persist in this quest, it takes a lot of effort and it does not lead to the desired result. Because right now, it is impossible to project yourself into the future. We must learn to reopen the doors of the present rather than go through the corridors of the future. They don’t lead nowhere. Just as if we try to force through, we will encounter resistance equal to the forces we are trying to exert on the world, much as if we are trying to get a nail into concrete with our thumbs. Pushing harder is no use. The attitude that can make us rediscover an evolutionary dynamic is to take life with much more lightness and carelessness, to live in the present moment, to act when we are excited, and to speak, to exchange, to free speech, laughter and humor.
    Take advantage of the energy of the eclipse
    For this eclipse on November 30, 2020, the energy of life is strongly stimulating our need to lead. We may feel that we have great strength, an important ability to pursue our goals, our quests, our impulses. It is true. It is a line that is stimulated during this month of Sagittarius. But as we have seen, it can turn into an obsessive quest which, pursued too seriously and without the necessary dose of detachment, openness and humor, can only result in us being crushed against a wall. It’s hard to have humor and levity right now when we can feel like we are looked upon with as much consideration as a herd of cattle. However, it is necessary. Passing in force will not help. A dose of trickery, naive impertinence, playfulness, and deep inner conviction are more effective than declaring open wars. Around the lunar eclipse of November 30, 2020, during the two days when the Moon will cross the sign of Gemini, our emotions, more mischievous, will be keen to show us how to play with the rules of the game rather than wanting to reverse the tray. Armed resistance, force, are not the solutions of the moment. The resistance right now is humor, joy, derision (but not cynicism or showdown). Do not try to persuade anyone of your beliefs with forceful arguments. This energy has lost its credibility. It is inoperative. Replace that with a good joke, be teasing, but not mean, ironic, but not mocking. The ambience of this lunar eclipse on November 30, 2020 should fuel lighter emotions in us. It’s a little window to help us and teach us to get out of dramatization and reconnect with the enthusiasm for life. Let’s rediscover some mischief, let’s play with offbeat ideas, there are plenty of them in social networks which are real pieces of bravery. My favorite (in french) is this one, it’s gift. I love!

  2. This small window of the eclipse of November 30, 2020 is all the more interesting to grasp as, in the current energy balance, we have very little stimulation that allows us to take a step back. Humor, distance, listening, the ability to conceive differently is not the stimulation of the moment. These are the least energized energies at the moment. They will still be very weak until mid-December when we will permanently switch to a new equilibrium, which will start to change the situation. But for the moment, we are still in this atmosphere which sticks to the sneakers and which it is difficult to observe with a smile. But all of this will start to move by Christmas. The progressive ideas of sharing, brotherhood and equality will awaken. It is too early to talk about it. We will see that in 15 days. Let’s just keep in mind that this lunar eclipse of November 30, 2020 is for us a window to experience another state of being, less stubborn or less obsessed and more in joy and lightness.
  3. The mood for this lunar eclipse on November 30, 2020 is still quite charged emotionally. In this period, we can easily identify with strong emotions without realizing it. This very emotional sensitivity can be stimulated or activated by structural transformations which disrupt our legitimate or legal framework, and which bring into play our individual responsibility or our authority. This emotional sensitivity makes us aware of what these transformations engender, which can create a fairly passionate climate which helps to destabilize social peace. We can observe this correlation in collective events. In France, the security law that modifies our legal framework by strengthening a form of authoritarianism made many people react, who were moved and reactivated a climate of protest that had not been seen since the last large gatherings of yellow vests. In the United States, it is the legal question surrounding the vote and the question of the authority, which will declare the votes that, feeds the passions. The atmosphere is not overly tense, but the emotional tensions are quite strong and recreate links and identifications with each other’s problems and sufferings.

Some of the elements mentioned in the previous lunations are still valid. You can thus refer to third paragraph of the New Moon of November 15, 2020 regarding our current crisis of faith, or to paragraph 4 of the Full Moon of October 31 regarding our misplaced combativeness at this time. I now come back to events in my life to illustrate the first paragraph of this text. What is difficult for me right now, my fear, is to be seen publicly as a light person who does not keep his commitments (North Node in Gemini in the 11th house). I had to learn to give up being perfect because my health no longer allowed me to. But I resisted for a long time. I persisted, working as soon as I could on the creations I wanted to offer such as my book, or the distance learning courses (South Node in Sagittarius in the 5th house). Every time I regained some energy, I would go back to work hard to keep my commitments. But I had to let go.

There are other more personal subjects on which I had the same problem to solve, that is to say that I had to let go completely on the respect of commitments that I could no longer hold or accept at the risk of being badly perceived, and in order to regain a good state of health. Today, I don’t know how these topics will progress, but I’m recovering and accepting that I don’t know at this point when I’m going to be able to keep those commitments. I trust that everything will come at the right time for everyone, including me. I will therefore move forward as best I can, day by day. This relief really materialized around this lunar eclipse of November 30, 2020. I find more joy of life, more carefree, more confidence too. There you are, I wanted to give you this information so that you can get an idea of ​​the possible application of this eclipse energy.

Happy fortnight to all and see you soon for the December 2020 Solar Eclipse!

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