The lunar eclipse of June 5, 2020

The Full Moon of June 5, 2020 is also an eclipse of the Moon. The shade of the Earth will dim the lighting of the Moon by the Sun. This is a fairly tense moment that allows us to become aware of the energies of collective evolution in the months to come. A beautiful test laboratory to experiment with the traps in which you cannot fall.

  1. The June 5, 2020 Moon Eclipse is marked by many aspects of tension. The energies of the moment are essentially in relation to conflict or stress. As a Full Moon is already a moment of tension between vital energy and our emotional state, the particularly tense climate around this June 5, 2020 Moon Eclipse can exacerbate emotions.
    It’s been quite a long time since we have had such tension in a Full Moon climate (NB: the eclipses of the Moon happen on the days of the Full Moon). Therefore, we may be surprised at what we may be feeling soon.
    We are going to detail what it is.
  2. In the hours surrounding the Moon Eclipse of June 5, 2020, the position of the Moon accentuates this climate of tension. Strong emotional reactions may be felt against a feeling of lack of seriousness or reliability on the one hand, or against a form of action or movement perceived as too vague or too imprecise.
    I will give a very simple personal example which is significant of this. I have to do my tax declaration like everyone else and for that, I await information from my accountant. He is usually a very rigorous man, but there for I do not know what reason, he is fleeing and does not respond to my request to make an appointment to fix the amounts of the declaration. I have the feeling that he flees and that this hides a little lie, like, oops we forgot a statement. In any case, there was no death of a man, but that stress me internally and I make a sort of fixation on the subject.
    The risk is there. Right now, for this Eclipse of June 5, 2020, we can easily make fixations on subjects that we consider of the utmost importance, because we are emotionally convinced that they are of paramount importance. This is not the right approach.
    We must rather keep the faith, pause ourselves 5 minutes, breathe, and ask ourselves internally if everything is fine or not. The emotional reaction that follows a feeling of losing control of part of our life is our worst enemy at the moment. We must learn to control this fear.
  3. The June 5, 2020 Moon Eclipse is a very good training to feel and understand what awaits us in the next 18 months. This eclipse takes place on the same axis as that of our collective path of evolution. It awakens the same fears with, in particular, the feeling that our direction of life is overshadowed, that it is no longer enlightened enough.
    We may feel like we are a bit lost, not seeing far enough to know where our life is going, because there are too many parameters of uncertainty and our environment is not reliable enough.
    It is the first fear that is awakened when we are at the beginning of this change of axis of the life path.
    Remember, at the beginning of the previous change of axis, at the end of 2018, the fear was that of being overwhelmed by incoherent, uncontrollable movements, by a spontaneous, familial, childish and unstructured state of mind. This change of focus happened on 9/11/2018. A week later the movement of yellow vests began.
    The axis change of the current life path started on May 20, 2020. It is very recent. This corresponds to this impression of disorientation that followed the deconfinement. This time, people do not meet on the roundabouts to make family, they stay at home. Going back to work or school is a drag. There is a widely shared feeling of not wanting to go back to the front and want to seize the opportunities of the moment to relive in the moment. There is a loss of sense and direction, and a development of more opportunistic and less reliable behavior.
    In this context, we will seek to give us back a direction and an axis for our life. This quest could become a destructive obsession in the long run. Our current sense of disorientation is not to be fought, but to be welcomed, as much as we can be wary of our desire to put our lives back on track.
    If you want to understand what area of ​​your life this is affecting right now, take a look at where the end of Sagittarius is in your birth chart. This area will tell you where you are where you might fear losing your axis, being disoriented. And then look where the end of the sign of Gemini is, this sector will show you what it will be important to open up to accept all the opportunities and experiences it offers.
  4. There is a small procession of energies back-pedaling right now. I am often told about this phenomenon in consultation (which we call in demography in astrology) with a worried air.
    We like to scare ourselves. Astrology is a good tool for this. There is a whole catalog of definitions, each more frightening than the other, to make us fear the worst. And the phenomenon of demotion is one of them.
    So right now, a lot of consciousness-energies are in this apparent coaster movement seen from Earth. For example, the energy-awareness of individual responsibility or authority is in this movement, as well as that of legitimacy, and that of dis-identification. Where does that lead us? What are the effects?
    The general idea of ​​these movements is that they invite more to revisit past things than to initiate a creative or new movement. For example, for the energy of individual responsibility, of authority, which is the power of the function of the reigning, of the leaders, well, the period is more in the balance sheet, in the questioning of the decisions taken than in the use of the posture of authority to move towards new decisions. We see it right now when there are many questions about the decisions made during the coronavirus crisis.
    As individuals, we can also feel that we are going backwards on decisions taken in the governance of our life, questioning ourselves, knowing if we have been well responsible. If you want to know where these events are going at the moment questions about our authority, or our framework and our legitimacy, or our great questionings, look where is the beginning of Aquarius and the end of Capricorn in your theme.
  5. Today I end with the balance of the stimulation of the lifestyles by the energies of this Moon Eclipse of June 5, 2020. The period still lacks stimulation of the will, of the impetus. Even if the Moon is currently stimulating the energy of the will, it will only last two days.
    The other elements have a balanced distribution, so that the feeling of lack is still focused on the energy of will.
    We are therefore at this moment still in a phase where it may seem difficult to us to embark on new projects.
    It makes our emotional tension, linked to the fear of being disoriented, all the greater and stronger. We are disoriented and disarmed.
    I see it a lot in consultation with people who have this feeling, are looking for an axis and cannot find any leads, or do not feel momentum. Either way, that’s fine. It prepares us to live in the moment and cut short the projections of the mind, which we have to learn to do right now.

Now is not the time for engagement in the great heroic epics. I do not mean to say that we have to commit to nothing, but rather to be wary of ready-made paths that would save the world.
Accepting this moment of disorientation also means stopping to look far away and ignoring what’s going on here. Stop wanting to be carried by great extraordinary projects that would save us, without taking part in the small gestures of everyday life that save.
More than anything, at this moment, we need to regain the enthusiasm for living, no matter what observation we can make about the state of the world. The trap is to be stunned by what’s going on and take action in black anger. On the contrary, we have to relearn how to get excited about the little gesture that gives meaning, instead of obsessing over so-called saving goals that will only destroy us.
It is rare for me to feel in a being that their conscience has understood a movement that is both peaceful while being active, lucid about the horrors of this world while being confident and optimistic. We have no choice but optimism and enthusiasm.
I discovered such a soul in the person of Isabelle Delannoy that I did not know. Thanks to Thinkerview for this wonderful moment. For those like me discovering it, this woman wrote the film « Home » by Yann Arthus Bertrand, and co-wrote a book with Cyril Dion on the symbiotic economy. The world of tomorrow is here. Not in the armed struggle against power. It is in our entanglement and in our enthusiastic involvement in a system full of life that makes us want to get up to create every day. Good viewing.


Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon in Cancer in 2020!

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