The lunar eclipse of January 10, 2020

The January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse is pretty sweet. It does not present any major tension and gives us all the space to integrate well and understand why right now, we need so much to restructure our lives and can become hard in spite of ourselves.

  1. The balance of the moment does not change significantly from the last lunation. We are still going through a long period of preponderance of energies of concrete realization. They are manifested mainly in the structures that support our society and our world. The singularity of the moment is that the energies that coexist in this sector are both expansive and creative energies, and energies of limitation, even blocking and complete questioning, even destruction.
    The big question right now could be, « How does it all coexist? » There are not many other important aspects in this January 10, 2020 Moon Eclipse, which is why I suggest that we focus on this strange cocktail of light and shadow.
  2. Right now, an energy of legitimacy and expansiveness supports the structures. This can be seen, for example, at the French national level, in the current strike against the government’s retirement plan. This strike restored legitimacy to the structures and the trade union organizations that had completely passed under the radars and became quasi-invisible and inaudible during the movement of the yellow vests. And there for a few months, since the energy-awareness of legitimacy and legality has passed into this process of realization which produces structured forms, it is the trade union organizations that are on the rise and carry the legitimacy of the movement.
  3. This energy of legitimacy reinforces the belief that we have to fall back on our structures, at a time when we can strongly fear the collapse of our system. If we take the case of pensions, there is a fear that the pension system will go up in smoke, and a retreat to union structures to maintain it. What I am expressing here is not political opinion. The subject is not whether the reform is good or bad, but just to observe the energies in place. At this moment the energy of legitimacy, of legality, of maintaining the framework, is favorable to structures, to the need to build things, which gives a feeling of power to fight against the fear (collective or not) of disintegration. There is an increased confidence in the structures, the organizations, the value of the effort, of the sacrifices to be made in order to develop support structures for society. For some, the effort to make is that proposed by a framework of law which makes retirement more difficult, for others, the structural effort to make is that of supporting a long strike by relying on structures capable of organize. These are the same energies that are expressed in two different ways.
  4. Our vital energy and our way of thinking are also turned towards construction, complex and slow development. We can easily identify with the rigor of the effort that we must make to structure ourselves, to establish the necessary foundations. We agree quite easily with these efforts…or almost.
  5. The “or almost” is the following: if we produce our structuring effort by not assuming our individual responsibility, by not understanding the necessary restructuring of our lives that we have to undertake, then there is a risk have blockage and breakage.
    We may tire and even break the machine. All this energy available at this time to develop foundations, structure and organize our lives, and as a booster to build or rebuild our lives. If we use it by being perfectly integrated with ourselves, by being aware of our responsibility, by fully accepting it to enter our authority and by accepting the upheaval that this implies in our lives, then we can use these energies seen above, legitimacy, vitality, etc., to build new foundations that will support our future existence.
    However, if we take refuge in fear, do not assume our responsibility, let others take care of supporting our needs, choices, desires, desires, aspiration by hoping that they adhere to our hope, then all this available energy, could have the effect of putting excess pressure and tension on a fragile and unstable structure. It risks collapsing on itself.
    This is what we are starting to observe. The disorderly posturing of Donald Trump, or the USA, we do not know too much, the aftershock, the nuclear negotiation proposal, the history of the plane, the police cars that kill passersby, Australia on fire … The disorder is going so fast that we can no longer follow the tempo, or take the measure of these pillars which collapse one behind the other.
  6. So what to do in this bazaar. If we want to escape from the energies of structuring, to this strong need to do our best and to make efforts so that everything is under control, I believe that we will not succeed. The question is not to say that we must resist this need to do, but perhaps to put it at the service of what makes sense, that is to say at the moment, take care of our fellow humans. . It’s a mess in transportation, and it’s also an opportunity to take care of each other, to talk to each other, to pay attention to our connections.
    The eclipse of the Moon today will slightly eclipse this feeling. And that’s kind of how the energy slowly went up to this eclipse. Little by little, we become less considerate and harsher. So that we can keep our conscience in the bond which unites us to the other, even if it behaves harshly. Everyone will tend to behave harshly, but we can put tenderness in our souls.

We cannot go through this period by withdrawing into ourselves without suffering. It is necessary for us to open up, to relax and to regain the sense of contact and bond. Our strength no longer lies in the material, but in the quality of our links. What we have to rebuild is not nations, businesses, not even a planet. We will not have the means until we start by rebuilding a humanity. Let us start by finding the meaning of what unites us. By reweaving our links. No one will achieve anything on his or her own. Let us learn to smile, especially on a bad day. These are the most beautiful smiles.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon in January 2020!


Image by Marisa04 from Pixabay

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