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The Full Moon of September 2, 2020

The energies around the Full Moon on September 2, 2020 can take us deep into sadness and apathy if we get stuck in it. Let us rediscover the taste for effort to regain our sovereignty and preserve our living environment.

  1. The Full Moon of September 2, 2020 very strongly stimulates the energies of the Yin type or the feminine principle. They represent 90% of the stimulation of the energies of this Full Moon of September 2, 2020. It has been a bit of a habit for a few years at the start of September to see a reappearing of very strong dominance in the stimulation of these energies of which I have described the effect of this kind of atmosphere in different ways: feeling of being stuck in the mud with little enthusiasm or impetus to start a new movement …
    If we have little momentum, and little enthusiasm at the moment, it should come as no surprise. It is probably that our basic structure is lacking and the stimulation of the moment accentuates it instead of correcting it.
    If we fight against this energy, we risk tiring ourselves for a rather poor result. In the energy of the moment, we will have more ease to do, to achieve concrete things by following our instincts. September is a good time to organize, classify, sort and cleanse our environment of everything that is unnecessary, polluting the body and mind. We are sensitive, in this period, to purify and sort out the wheat from the chaff. Although by nature I am the opposite of this energy since I am a Pisces by birth, I strongly feel the urge to cleanse and sort out right now, to clean and chase away dust and stagnant things.
    If there is one thing that characterizes the start of the 2020 school year, it is the obsession with health. As we are currently sensitive to this need for purity and purification by separation processes, the request or the obligation to wear a mask finds a rather favorable echo in the climate of the Full Moon of September 2, 2020.
    During the coming month the balance of these energies will hardly budge. So if we want to take initiatives or solicit enthusiasm around us, it will be quite complicated for us. There is a star that can help us, because it rotates very quickly and will change this balance a little during the month, and it is the Moon. So if you want to get into something, or create some kind of excitement and joy, you can try to do it when that star is stimulating those energies during the month. Here are the days that can support these modes of operation:
    – September 4 and 5, stimulation of impulse and will
    – September 9 and 10: stimulation of enthusiasm for discovery
    – September 14 and 15: stimulation of strength and power
    – September 18 and 19: stimulation of enthusiasm through harmonization
    – September 22 and 23: stimulation of commitment in one direction
    – September 26 and 27: stimulation of enthusiasm by ideals
    Here we are, we can experiment by observing what is happening on those days or if that tempts you, we can also very consciously take actions that will be supported by the lunar energies in these times. Good experiences!
  2. The main tensions of this Full Moon of September 2, 2020 concern a need for self-assertion, crossed by a combative energy. This need for self-assertion is also the subject of a fascination in which we may lack judgment in the struggles we wage to preserve our need to exist. We will dissect several points of the conflicts that are underlying these energies.
    We can feel threatened in our need to exist by heavy and cumbersome forms of authority and justice or legal framework. And it stimulates our energy as fighters to defend our right to exist.
    This summary description of the conflicting atmosphere of the astral energies fits perfectly with the general mood of the moment in the context of the health crisis. Regulations and government authorities weigh heavily on individuals and their need to exist. The frameworks, restrictions, obligations, and pervasive authority weigh heavily on the individual, creating a fairly strong internal conflict.
    We may feel internally in conflict with this legal framework as much as with the authorities who support and enforce it, whether at the government level, or at the level of a company or otherwise. All the more so since we can just as well sense that this same framework and these same authorities seem to be sitting on completely worm-eaten foundations.
    If we want to resolve this conflict, we have the possibility of frontal conflict, which should logically lead to the crushing of our will to be, for the energies of authority and justice that oppose it are more powerful.
    Until we understand what this story asks us to review internally, in terms of our own framework and our own individual authority, we will continue to experience this conflict on a plane outside of ourselves and we will continue to feel the tension, crushing, the feeling of being muzzled …
    We must therefore understand what these energies represent in us and transform them.
  3. Become sovereign again
    The idea right now is that the structural foundations on which our individual authority, our responsibility in life, was to be completely overhauled. If we want to understand which sector of our life this affects, we must look in our chart where (in which house) the last 1/3 of the sign of Capricorn is. It is in this field of experience of our life that we must completely review our individual responsibility. Here we must stop pledging allegiance to dysfunctional authorities, inside or outside of us, to restore our own authority by fully assuming our responsibility, its consequences and the efforts to exercise it.
    Often what causes us to give up our own authority is that we do not want to make the effort to follow through on our responsibility. At the moment anyway, that’s what matters. So we wait for it to come from others, and if it does not come, we complain, we feel that we are the helpless victims of this or that, of the system, of human stupidity, of parents, of the crisis or what do I know… When we thus give up our sovereignty outside of ourselves, we become subjects of submission. The important thing right now is to work on restoring our internal sovereignty.
    I will give a personal example. The times are complicated for all of us and we are all disturbed at the moment. In my theme, the story of this sovereignty concerns the service I render, my usefulness, my work. On returning from La Drôme internship, I found myself in Paris in a state of shock linked to the obligation to wear the mask (authority and framework outside me) and to other form of authority or figure of authority who expected from me, some form of allegiance. I felt stuck in the start of my internships, courses and workshops for the coming year. I had even considered canceling some activities due to a lack of registrants. I was caught under authorities outside of me who were blocking my work energy, then put my work energy back in place, made the phone calls and sent the messages that I had not sent, stopped complaining about this complicated life context, and everything was put back in place in a few days only. It was an amazing experience! I had to take my responsibility in this work and accept that it had to take time, energy, effort to provide on my own because it is my individual responsibility today. In a few days, the balance was reorganized. Do not believe that because all seems lost, it is. Get to work, become the ruler of your existence again by doing what you have to do now.
    Do not think that it will happen by itself or that it will come from elsewhere. We have to make the effort on our own.
  4. Recreating the bases of our legitimacy.
    The structural foundations of our legitimacy and our living environment are also currently being completely overhauled. As with our sovereignty, if we want to understand which area of ​​our life it affects, we have to look in our chart where (in which house) the half of the sign of Capricorn is. It is in this field of experience of our life that we must completely review our legitimacy and our framework.
    If we complain that the law and external regulations prevent us from developing, it is probably because we ourselves need to review the structures that carry our own framework, which we need to work on reviewing the structural bases of our legitimacy. It is no longer a question of assuming our responsibility as we saw above, but of redefining our personal framework and accepting the necessary efforts to preserve it.
    Currently the energy of legitimacy or of the framework is found in a process, which can tend to make us carry things that do not belong to us, to feel us legitimate to carry a whole bunch of loads which are not ours and which eventually could turn into a drag. We therefore have to review our framework to relieve ourselves of weight that does not belong to us.
    I will also illustrate this with a personal example again. In my birth chart, this again concerns the sector of my utility, my schedule or my work. For me, therefore, it is about rebuilding my relationship to the time I spend so that it creates a framework conducive to the development of my work.
    I recently found myself in a situation where I was being asked to assume things that, if I accepted them, would mess up my work set-up. I had to refuse even though it caused frustration. Before this refusal, I remained in an energy of inner conflict because I had a somewhat feverish perception of my legitimacy. This refusal reinforces my legitimacy, at this moment, to take time to recreate the framework of my activity which has completely changed in recent months.

There you have it, as usual, it’s a bit long, and very incomplete in terms of everything that we could talk about, but from week to week, the points discussed complement each other. Sadness can win over us right now. It is the emotion of Earth energy that is dominant at this time. It is so strong that it can be depressing if external events take precedence over us. The communication of this Full Moon of September 2, 2020 contains information to get out of sadness. When sadness comes over us, it is because we have given up on our ability to create and realize our life. In these times, it is important for us to get back to work, and do what we have to do, even if the enthusiasm and momentum are not there to begin with.
Let us take back our legitimacy and our sovereignty by starting with ourselves! Good housekeeping everyone!

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the New Moon of September 2020!

Image par S. Hermann & F. Richter de Pixabay


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