The Full Moon of October 31, 2020

The Full Moon of October 31, 2020 makes us dabble a little always in the same recurring energies for several months. Wear and tear can be depressing, but we are starting to see the first shocks come that will sweep away the old world.


  1. The invariant of the period, which we find in the Full Moon of October 31, 2020, is the preponderance of the energies of concrete realizations. They give us the ability to do what needs to be done. This does not mean that there is enthusiasm, understanding or joy, but there is an energy that makes it possible to materialize the things to do, by getting organized, by taking charge of them. The other modes of stimulation of our energies around us are much weaker; they share the other half of the cake between them.
    This preponderance of energies for concrete realization, and the fact that we lack drive and enthusiasm, can also paradoxically cause a loss of taste in what we do, a sort of energetic ageusia one might say. Ageusia is in fashion. Let’s talk about it a little bit.
    Being only in the stimulus of doing, for months, without sustained stimulation of our enthusiasm, our impulses, and without feeling life with others, can become really depressing. There is a rather painful robotic side to the consistency of this energetic backdrop, which can lead to a loss of taste for life.
    The intense and repeated stimulation to excess of these energies of concrete realization can also indeed engender a kind of sadness, apathy or discouragement. This is all the more true at this time, as the energies which stimulate this « doing » also have a strong tendency to demolish what has been done on a large scale. We are witnessing a structural collapse. The worm-eaten aspects of governance, justice or the legal framework are shamelessly displayed. The illusion of the benevolence of old structures is dissipating. There is not much we can do about this collapse at the moment. We have to accept that this end of a world we have been talking about for a long time is here. If we want to get back to a good life, we must no longer look behind, but ahead, accepting that this is the end of the old world. We have this grieving to do collectively.
    This is what this second lockdown is telling us. Let’s not hope to come to terms with the system, it is racing in its destructive madness.
  2. Around the Full Moon of October 31, 2020, there is a first burst of revolt. Something is happening that you might call « a scratch in the peace contract ». It’s very cyclical on this Full Moon on October 31, 2020 and it will dissipate pretty quickly, but it’s pretty intense. Our emotions are strongly stimulated to set foot in your mouth and free us from a form of droop or immobility that still kept unexpressed emotions under wraps.
    It’s as if a first volcanic eruption has taken place, with its first lava flow, both painful, but releasing a too long contained pressure.
    Globally, this manifests itself in demands for freedom that are suddenly embodied in demonstrations that are popping up all over the planet, at the same time as governance and justice impose an increasingly cold and harsh framework. There is an atmosphere of pre-revolt or at least of sling, which was not there at all last spring.
    We can also experience these energies on a personal level through explosive experiences that release emotions that have long been held in check. These seeds of revolt are an opportunity to lift the veil on the bad reasons that made us keep an unsustainable peace.
  3. In the energies of the Full Moon of October 31, 2020, a part of us is still energized in the search for harmony. We can think in terms of agreements right now and give them our preference to preserve some kind of harmonization. The explosion I mentioned above is mitigated by the fact that our intellectual and sensory stimuli seek consensus more than confrontation.
    This is another point which tends to moderate the temperament and which contributes to the fact that we are not really in an intense moment of revolt, but more in a sporadic explosion that empties an emotional overflow.
  4. The energies of the Full Moon of October 31, 2020 connect our need to fight to assert ourselves with the need to project ourselves into the future or to steer ourselves strongly towards a goal. These two energies are mutually reinforcing. So we can perceive goal achievement as a way to assert who we are or, on the other hand, we can use some form of combative assertiveness to support the direction we want to take or give to things around us.
    Whichever way we take this association of energies, it is in our interest to ease our stubbornness. They will only lead to banging our heads on walls harder than our skulls. What matters right now is to get out of our mute quest and find the meaning of play, laughter and speech. It is more productive and effective at this time to speak, to take things lightly, to take an interest in others, to de-dramatize and to ease tensions, than to stay in a projection that will not succeed. At the moment, there is no point in projecting yourself.

The period in which we are living is becoming more and more difficult. We will go through it better by understanding it. The pillars of the world we were born into are falling and nothing can be done about them. This is the world we entered with a feeling that it was not our own. Let us remember it with all our soul.
It’s a gigantic jumble. Everything crumbles, our illusions of a protective institutional benevolence above us along with it.
So the question is: what do you do when the roof and walls of the house collapse?
Do you stand inside repairing or attempting to put back a straight beam? Save an old picture hanging on the wall?
This attitude is suicidal, heroic, but suicidal.
When the house collapses, we get out quickly. We stop thinking that we can continue to exist in this world. We save our skin.
We are entering the collapse phase where what matters is getting out so as not to be under the bricks, beams and tiles. Now is not the time to rebuild. This time will come later. What matters right now is mourning the crumbling old world, letting it fall apart, severing ties with it and getting out of the house.

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you very soon for the New Moon of November 2020!

Image by Jordy Meow from Pixabay

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