The Full Moon of October 13, 2019

The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 is quite balanced and harmonious. But it hides a little background blues on the energy of the moment that has trouble stimulating us to take off and change things. Let’s continue plowing the old world to plant our seeds of the new world.


  • A temporary balance

    The Full Moon of October 13, 2019 is a relatively balanced period in the stimulation of energies. A little all modes of operation are stimulated in similar proportions, giving us an overall impression of being able to play a little on all the keyboards of our interactions with the world. We benefit from a stimulation of the ability to engage in new actions and projects, the ability to do and concretely achieve what we want, a clear enough vision to take a step back and intelligently design what one does, and strong connections with others.
    The moment is therefore balanced enough which is pleasant and allows us to feel at ease a little in all that we have to live and experiment. But this remains a very temporary balance. We are still in a more global period where the trend remains to a strong stimulation of the energies of concretization.

  • In an atmosphere of global disintegration

    The energies of « doing » that remain the dominant part of the great period we are going through, in particular activate a strong deconstruction of structures, and a form of destabilization of our relationship to matter, that an impetus for reform of the world.
    It’s hard enough to cash in because with the awareness of the urgency of saving our common ecosystem, we would like to take action, but we are little stimulated by the energies of will to support our enthusiasm to undertake creation of a new world.
    It makes us sad and it’s pretty depressing, but you have to go through it. We must accept, without sinking into sadness that the old walls must collapse before we can rebuild new ones. And for the moment the old walls still hold.
    If we want to help this world change faster, the important thing is not to get into the emergency and the stress of rebuilding a society from above when we have neither the strength nor the opportunity for the moment, but to make fall in us our old walls, our old attachments to obsolete structures, to start rebuilding it from below. For example, what we do every day to keep us afloat in the old system, for fear of losing our job, not having a retirement, are old patterns that we can transform. What do we choose to do between a retirement savings plan or work to make our habitat greener? Are we waiting for the state to do our work? Our old patterns tell us to save. What’s the point? Why not circulate our power and energy right away for the benefit of what will bring a little gnawing of the big global solution?

  • Little will and commitment

    The energy of the Full Moon of October 13, 2019 which remains the weakest is that of the will, the impulse or the commitment. In the two days that frame the Full Moon of October 13, 2019, this will is a little more balanced by a very temporary stimulation. As soon as we come out of these two days, the energy of the will will find its weak stimulation of recent times. So that over the period of 15 days, we will find this atmosphere that we know for some time now, where it is difficult enough to mobilize on our own will.
    It goes back to the top to explain why we are sometimes caught off guard with a desire to engage in big transformations, but that we are not able to engage powerful impulses. The time is still in this state of rotting old structures before taking action.

  • Passion and links

    The novelty of the Full Moon on October 13, 2019, is a strong stimulation of our need to feel connected. We identify easily with these links and can particularly love at the moment, to feel connected. The type of links that are stimulated are intense and powerful. Sometimes too much, which means that after a while of passions, we need to undo these links to get back to our distance. But for the moment, we are only at the beginning of this stimulation which creates passion and strong attachments.
    For each of us, it affects a particular area of ​​our life. If you want to understand the area, look at where the beginning of Scorpio is in your birth chart. It is in this sector that we particularly feel the need to be connected.
    In my case it is about the IV house, the home, and it is true that at this moment, for a few days, I am much more stimulated to create strong bonds in my home. I passed caps and passed my lonely state more easily by opening my home.

  • A dynamic sky full of opportunities

    When we look at the chart of the Full Moon of October 13, 2019, we can see that the diagram is very dynamic with many interactions between the energies of the sky. This is a consequence of the fairly balanced distribution of the energies of the moment. The fairly balanced distribution of the stars creates many links between them.
    The resulting relationships generate as much fluidity as tension which gives many stimulations and opportunities for resolution. The idea here is with such a sky, that our states of tension can be more easily solved, because there are harmonic energies readily available.
    For example, for this Full Moon on October 13, 2019 we can feel that our need for harmony and balance is in tension with emotional states that need to strongly express individual wishes. Well, there is a point on which this tension can be solved. If we take the problems created from the point of view of the legitimacy, or the legal aspect of the goal pursued, we can find a solution by reframing the need for sometimes too conciliatory harmony, and the individual will sometimes too aggressive. I only detail this example because it would take too long to resume everything here so there are interactions in this theme. But if you want to express tensions that you feel, I can try, in comments, to look at correspondences and to evoke what can help to fluidify them.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the exciting New Moon at the end of October 2019!

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