The Full Moon of October 1, 2020

The Full Moon of October 1, 2020 is an important turning point in the energies that support our structures. The time has come to exercise another form of responsibility in a new setting. We can now count on new structures to change the world.

  1. The Full Moon period of October 1, 2020 stimulates the energies of conceptualization, the awakening of ideas, the need for agreements and harmony, but it remains a rather isolated trend. Staying on course for a sense of harmony, measure and conceptual intelligence is stimulated by the presence of our system’s most powerful star, our sun, but its energy is not relayed by any other energy.
    It’s almost paradoxical, we are in the month of Libra which stimulates harmonization, balance, agreement … and this energy, although powerful, remains very lonely in the atmosphere of this Full Moon of October 1st 2020.
    We can perhaps observe this in civil society where we see both being expressed and heard the measured expression of a scientist such as Professor Toussaint, and at the same time, we continue to pursue deleterious measures on society without the clear and rational speech being really taken into account.
    We find ourselves in this paradox where the reasonable and enlightened idea manifests itself, but where the action follows a completely different path.
    The Full Moon of October 1, 2020, pitting action against words, risks highlighting this singularity. The action will be more on the emotional side, perhaps more carried by women, while the word and the search for harmony will be more carried by our life energy, and perhaps by the masculine. To observe. In each of us, these energies exist and oppose on this Full Moon of October 1, 2020.
  2. The general balance of energies of the Full Moon of October 1, 2020 still gives pride of place to the energies of concrete realization, to the verb « to do » in everyday life, to the detriment of the energies of conceptualization which remain weakest. The other energy stimuli, will and reliance, are fairly balanced. The table gives the following atmosphere:
    – We have energy support to carry and stimulate personal impulses and wills. It does not move mountains, but it is present enough to support initiatives.
    – Most of our energy is stimulated in doing it, in the concrete realization of things. It is even a kind of need to achieve things, to work, very often in depth enough to rebuild our bases. I will detail it later.
    – What we lack the most, however, is hindsight, taking stock of events, distancing, not social or physical, but mental. We have our noses in stories, narratives, events, and our ability to take the height and put them into perspective is weak right now. This is the point we must cultivate.
    – Finally, our intuitive awareness of what is happening gradually resurfaces. We’re more stimulated right now to connect and feel.
  3. Structural transformations are shifting energy around the Full Moon on October 1, 2020. For a long time we have been passing through fairly passive forms of our energy-awareness of the responsibility and legitimacy of our personal and collective structures. We observed a form of disintegration of old functions without much possibility of rebuilding the foundations of our legitimacy and of our personal and collective responsibility. We were like in a waiting and observation lock. It was a time when we had to accept to observe what was no longer working without being able to take concrete action to transform it.
    Now, provided that we are no longer tied to the worm-eaten pillars of the old world, the dynamic becomes reconstructive. We can establish ourselves on new structures to exercise our responsibility and establish our legitimate framework.
    I was explaining this in consultation yesterday. We are in a phase of transition between two worlds, as if we were living in an in-between where these two worlds are superimposed. Their manifestations are also superimposed, so that we can keep one foot in both for a while. It’s as if we were at a station and two trains going in opposite directions were at a standstill and we could move from one to the other.
    It is up to us to choose the paradigm, the world in which we want to register. And we are going to see more and more operating differences arise between those who have jumped on the new world car and those who will be in the old.
    The new energy of this Full Moon of October 1, 2020 is that the trains of these two worlds are moving and that we can no longer keep one foot in the old and the other in the new without feeling more and more cantilevered. These postures are becoming more and more unbearable. The trains are moving.
    In my personal life, the sector affected by this change of energy is that of service, of my usefulness. Recently my responsibility and legitimacy, or framework, was in turmoil, but there was little I could do other than accept this reversal. In recent days, everything has changed, my individual responsibility and my authority in the service I render have become very clear, and my framework is structured to support them. There is more and more fluidity as I enter my new professional world and let the old world go by, without regret and without attachment.
    If you want to understand where this tipping point is, look at where the second part of Capricorn is in your chart. 
  4. This change around the Full Moon of October 1, 2020 can generate conflicts with our need to assert our existence, to defend a need to exist that we could feel threatened by external constraints, likely to make us lose control in our initiatives.
    In the energy of the Full Moon of October 1, 2020, fighting to exist without taking our responsibilities, nor putting in place what is necessary to renew our living environment, would be useless. The desire for assertiveness is now in a phase of observing past actions that does not allow it to act forward. There is a phase of withdrawal into itself of this energy, which brings out our past mistakes and asks us to welcome them with calm to take them up and correct them.
    We therefore have an interest, even if this seems to constrain our need to assert ourselves, to be careful not to neglect the restructuring of our responsibilities and our legitimacy, even if this frustrates our need to move forward in the field of asserting ourselves.

For quite some time, I had felt that fall 2020 would probably be pretty heavy. I couldn’t see this period any other way. This vision was marked by the fact that a substantial part of me remained anchored in the old world. I was sad and saddened to feel that the wave of transformation was going to reach a lot of people, not ready to change.
For the past few days, I have been experiencing something much more fluid. The repositories of the world before are receding, dissipating like a vague memory; a new world is taking shape. I remain attached to old patterns, but this is more psychological than real. I find a form of lightness. The old world scrolls before my eyes like a memory, a reality of which I am no longer really a part.
The introductory course in Vendée brought me a lot in this change. It symbolized the crossing of the border of the two worlds, the old and the new. I had hesitated to do it for lack of participants. From the moment I signed up, it magically filled up. It was the right way. You just had to have faith. Faith is important at this time. We will have a chance to talk about it again, maybe for the next Moon, but I invite you to think about it now. Faith is the key to moving from the old to the new. Trust the universe to support your transformations into a world of more love and kindness.

Happy fortnight to all of you, and see you soon for the October New Moon 2020!


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