The Full Moon of November 12, 2019 – Quiet but vigilant

The Full Moon in Taurus of November 12, 2019 is rather attenuated for a Full Moon which should allow us to spend it quite quietly … but that is not an excuse to fall asleep on the energies of the moment. Let’s lift the veil of illusions and give our responsibilities to prepare a more peaceful world.


  1. The atmosphere of this Full Moon on November 12, 2019 is quite relaxed. The Full Moon is often quite tense, because our emotional reactions are in tension with our vital energy. This opposition generates short periods when we are not very calm and can have quite strong emotional reactions.
    I will try to illustrate some of the tensions of Full Moon with examples. For example, during a Full Moon period, as at this time, we could have a vitality that encourages us to live in our house and stay warm, in short, have a vitality turned inward, and, on the other hand, feeling emotional stimuli that pull us to do things outside in our social and professional life for example. That could be my case. So we feel in these moments a little out of phase, not very aligned, with emotional tensions that go against our life energy.
  2. When these tensions occur in signs of the Zodiac that strongly excite our emotional reactions and make them perennial or unstable, it can create quite violent or very intense Full Moons. For this Full Moon of November 12, 2019, our emotional reactions are colored by a sign that tends to temporize, to calm, and to have rather peaceful behavior. Therefore, the emotional reactions are less vivid in this configuration of Full Moon, even if our vital energy is still quite piquant at the moment.
  3. There’s another element to explain this rather placid atmosphere of this Full Moon. Overall, if we look at the drawing of the map of this Full Moon, we see immediately appear a trapezoidal pattern that draws quite clearly. It has at its base, the « nice tension » between our energies of life and our emotional reactions of which I just spoke, and for all the rest, of relations, which are all harmonic.
    This is what makes the atmosphere of this Full Moon of November 12, 2019 even quieter. There is no point of friction or tension that comes to put oil on the fire of this Full Moon, the kind that supports where it already hurts. Quite the contrary. Where the small tension of this Full Moon presents itself, we have plenty of solutions and tools to make them more fluid with other forms of energy. We will try to review them.
  4. First, here are the two kinds of tension that we can encounter during the Full Moon on November 12, 2019. We can have emotional reactions that tend to pacify things while deep inside us, we feel what is wrong in the links we have with others. This creates an inner tension between a desire to settle what is wrong and a desire for appeasement. Another form of expression of this same tension could be to desire to create links and to meet resistances. These two examples proceed from the same reading of this Full Moon where the energy of the Sun, pungent and connecting, is thwarted by that of the Moon, placid and distant.
    The opposite now, could be to remain quiet and be disturbed and destabilized by energies that upset our tranquility. So in fact, we oscillate between these two poles alternating between a vitality that seeks to go to the bottom of things and that comes to us in depth, and an emotional need to be quiet. This yoyo is very cyclical on the Full Moon.
  5. Now let us look at the two main ways to smooth these tensions. We can, in the situation that presents itself to us and that would resemble one of the situations described above:
    – on the one hand, to review our responsibilities, to gain height and to grant our need for pacification, to the responsibilities that are ours right now, in a context of restructuring of our life,
    – and on the other hand, we can also see how what stings, attacks and disturbs us, reveals a part of ourselves that would have remained a little illusory in the realm of our spiritual belief or our faith in humanity. For example, we sometimes delude ourselves into believing that everything can, or everything must, get better without making it cringe, while sometimes we have to accept that no, that we have to go through impossibilities, tensions or losses.
    Globally, the Full Moon of November 12, 2019, is a bit a time to lose some illusions and to revise our responsibilities in a context where we start all over again.

I did a bit of a big focus on these few topics today. The idea is to understand that, even if the tension is not very strong for this Full Moon of November 12, 2019, it offers us an opportunity to find ourselves internally and to clarify our life situation. We are collectively experiencing an enormous period of transformation and it is quite legitimate that we want to feel calm from time to time. However, do not confuse calmness with falling asleep. We could take advantage of this moment to put an awareness on what is happening to us and to take a step that would not require a kick in the heart … Are we able to change without having to be too shake. This is the challenge of this Full Moon. Let’s try and see. 😊

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon of November 2019!



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