The Full Moon of May 7, 2020

The Full Moon of May 7, 2020 is an energy turning point for the next 18 months. We are faced with a painful collective situation where it is a question of both regaining or retaining our authority in our right to speak, and where we must take with much more lightness the forms of interventionism which are beginning to manifest themselves.


  1. Today I am going to begin the analysis of the Full Moon of May 7, 2020, classically by speaking about the balance of operating modes.
    There is no stimulation of the will, the momentum and the impulse. This is a mode that is not (or almost not at all, we will see later) stimulated now, so that we may find it difficult to set out on new projects. We may have all the ideas and the ability to « do » in the sense of working, but not the momentum or the impulse to commit to something that would represent a new challenge.
    People, whose will is usually powerful, may feel this moment as a break, without necessarily feeling blocked in their tracks. People whose will is more naturally attenuated (little fire energy in their birth chart), may feel a little stopped with regard to the new initiatives they would like to undertake and which remain a little stopped.
  2. Ideas can be vivid in our minds for this Full Moon on May 7, 2020. We can have quite strong intellectual stimuli, with plans that take shape pretty well in our heads. The ability to talk, think and conceptualize is quite present.
    We can, more than usual, appreciate and enjoy discovering new approaches, new thoughts and new ideas. At this moment, there is a certain pleasure in discovery, to nurture a form of curiosity and to live the little pleasures that come from the exchange of ideas and multiple discoveries.
    This intellectual stimulation also nourishes a desire, more combative and less bucolic, to spread our humanist ideals, and the ideas that we consider, perhaps, as those which should guide collective thought.
    I recently found myself battling in an oratorical game with this type of stimulation, whereas for years now, I have been more inclined to take a step back on the battles of ideas that seem sterile to me. However, this time it was stronger than me.
  3. This stimulation to the debate of ideas is all the more powerful, around this Full Moon of May 7, 2020, that we can have the feeling that these are important questions in which we engage our authority and which come under the governance of our collective and individual life.
    And it is indeed the case right now. There is a strong stimulation of the ideals of governance. We are collectively led to take a stand, to become responsible for ourselves regarding our ideals of progress, solidarity, sharing and equity. It’s a process that will take about two years.
    The idea is that, either we feel small and unable to think for ourselves how we live together, and in this case we submit to the thought of authorities that we consider to be superior to ours, or we let us fully assume our conception of human progress and we align our thought and our word without fear of the authorities, nor of losing our power.
    During this period, we are at an important crossroads in terms of our individual responsibility vis-à-vis the authority of speech.
    The generalization of the wearing of the mask is symbolically a way of putting a plaster on our mouths. Our speech is masked. In an increasingly strong and visible way, there is on the part of the authorities a form of monopolization of the word and the thought, accompanied by censures and prohibitions to think or speak otherwise which takes the symbolic form of mask.
    We are at a time when we have to choose between, to become responsible for our word and our own thought in the way we conceive of balance, solidarity and sharing, or to be silent entering into a rumination, a frustration, accepting a unique thinking model, masked thinking.
    I am not a follower of confrontation, and do not invite to refuse the wearing of the mask in the circumstances where it will be made compulsory, even if it would symbolize a globalized muzzle of speech. Refusing mandatory measures is an extreme of last resort that, I believe, is only necessary when physical integrity is threatened and we cannot avoid confrontation to protect ourselves.
    The idea is to realize that in no case does the mask affect our consciousness, our speech, our thinking, our expression in words, our concept of equity, sharing and solidarity between us, humans, and in our relationship to the Earth and the beings that live there. We can speak. Let’s talk together. Let’s not stop at the fear of the other and the symbol of the mask.
    Let us continue to think and speak freely, realizing that the mask does not enslave our speech.
  4. The stimulation of the operating mode of the concrete realization is still dominant around this Full Moon of May 7, 2020. We are very stimulated to do and to work, always with this double aspect that, on the one hand stimulates the overhaul of our old structures, and on the other, stimulates the taste for nature and the work of raw materials. It’s always a good time to tinker, garden and restructure your environment by cleaning up everything that is no longer needed.
  5. The difficulty is not to « do » but, as indicated above, to find the momentum, the impetus which allows us to put ourselves on a new dynamic.
    We will try something for the next 15 days. There are short periods during which stimulation of the will could help us get started. I will give you these periods and if you wish, you can get started in your new projects at these times. It will be a collective experiment to see if it helps us. We will be able to take stock in 15 days to see if we have had more ease. Here are these periods: from May 8 at 10:30 a.m. to May 10 at 12:15 p.m. and from May 17 at 5:15 p.m. to May 20 at 3:30 a.m.
    In these short periods, the stimulation of the will is going to receive a little boost. We can experience if we have gotten ourselves into something new at these times. I will personally launch my next course and internship program, which I cannot initiate, in the second period. I just realized that I had not asked for a consultation during this period and all of a sudden, I understand why!
  6. We are, around this Full Moon of May 7, 2020, changing energy in terms of collective evolution. We are ending the period when we tended to reassure ourselves with structured and solid forms, and when we needed to rediscover the bond with others by relearning to trust.
    The period in which we are entering and which you may feel, tends towards strong objectives, for fear of being entangled by inconsistency and whimsical ideas. We will tend to want to direct our lives, give them an axis and a clear meaning with serious objectives, and at the same time, we will be in fear that what deviates us from this strong axis will engulf us in an ocean of nonsense, deception or superficial behavior.
    We will therefore all be, at first, very stimulated to seek a direction. There will be there, a temptation of obtuse dirigisme. In ourselves as much as outside. What we will have to learn not to get lost in these drifts, will be the lightness, the joy and being in present time.
    In the coming troubles, it will certainly not be easy, but it will be our way of salvation. We have relearned to relate, we have to learn to take life in the present with much more lightness.

Let’s not get angry. With the deconfinement, we will gradually open our eyes collectively to many things that can give us a feeling of bitterness and anger. Our eyes see and our ears hear. Let us keep our word free and light in the face of gravity. It’s not inconsistency, it’s wisdom. Krishnamurti said, it seems to me, something like, « Take insignificant things very seriously, and take important things lightly. The more we accentuate the gravity in ourselves, the more we will feed the energy of the dirigisme that will appear outside. Even if it seems obscene to us today, with the health crisis and the management that has been made of it, let’s begin to cultivate the lightness, humor and joie de vivre that will nourish our freedom of speech. Our inner state is more important than anything. It is that, that draws our experiences to us.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon in May 2020!

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