The Full Moon of March 9, 2020

The Full Moon of March 9, 2020 is quite similar in terms of energy with the New Moon of February 23, 2020. We will try to understand what distinguishes them, and perhaps go a little deeper to understand what the period tells us.

  1. The energy mood is much the same as that of 15 days ago with an accentuation of the Yin energy, which is even more marked for this Full Moon on March 9, 2020 than for the New Moon on February 23, 2020.
    It’s therefore an atmosphere very much linked to the feminine principle (not gender) in which we are with very little stimulation to set off towards new ideas or projections. You can refer to the first paragraph of the New Moon of February 23, 2020 for a more precise description of this atmosphere.
  2. The Full Moon of March 9, 2020 opposes energies that are linked to doing, to concrete action, to energies that seek a connection to the whole, a form of connection with what is greater than us.
    Our emotions can lead us to return to simple and basic action to clean up what is cluttering us, while our vital energy is rather directed towards a greater aspiration, towards something greater, which also relates to our faith in life. I will give you a very concrete example of this in what I experienced today before writing this text.
    I am recovering from a fairly severe lumbago, so I sat at my desk for the first time in a week to write this morning. I had a nice intuition last night after listening to a report on black holes and I wanted to write a conclusion to my book on the way of life by following this intuition. I was excited to be able to do it. But my desk was disturbed, and emotionally, I needed it to be in order. So I started with a little administrative work. Then someone rang the doorbell to offer me pruning. Great, since the time I wanted to do it, I welcomed these people, showed the works, until the moment when I realized that it was going to be occupied half the day to follow this small building site with workers who did not seem to listen well to what I told them. And there I said to myself that my energy must remain concentrated on this Full Moon and the conclusion of my book.
    So I oscillated like that between my cosmic and spiritual aspirations, and a purely material need for clarification and cleansing. This is the kind of tension we can experience in a Full Moon like this. It’s not bad, but the idea is not to become a slave to one’s emotions, and while using this purifying energy today, to also be able to let our vitality feed us with our greater aspirations.
  3. The other novelty brought to us by the Full Moon of March 9, 2020 in the energy structure of the moment is a significant change in our sensitivity to material comfort, or to the stability of our environment. At the moment we may be experiencing some turmoil about this. There is a form of liberation and emancipation from a certain sense of physical and material well-being, which can manifest as a sudden upset in our balance.
    This change is linked to our way of life and little re-stimulate in us a need to strengthen our structures, which would not bode well. Conversely, we can also use this energy of liberation to let go of our old structures and dare to move towards a more human future, even if it is less constructed.
    Here is a personal example. I learned this morning that the wing of the project in which I participate as a business consultant was going to be reduced. This activity bringing me a form of material stability is today threatened with disappearing for me. This corresponds to an old structure which no longer corresponds to my aspirations. In a way, this sudden news deprives me, but it also frees me so that I can commit myself more to aspirations that are dear to me, even if they are uncertain in terms of material comfort. This change has been latent for some time, but it’s really the last few days that the explosion has taken place.
  4. The veil continues to lift over the illusions of grandeur to which we aspired. We will return to more clarity and discernment by going down a level or two in our aspirations. The period is one of purge, which allows us to return to more modesty, and discernment, which does not mean that it loses as a spiritual elevation. On the contrary, it is by recognizing the reality of things in the world and what we are that we can consciously relate to greater than ourselves to guide us effectively. Sometimes our minds may be clouded by aspirations that are too high or that are not ours, which makes us deaf to the calls, signs and messages that we receive and that correspond to who we are. Lifting the veil on our illusions of grandeur allows us to become attentive again to what concerns us.
    Perhaps the natives of Pisces feel this more than others. Since I am, it’s easier to talk about it. For example, thinking big for me could be believing that I would be able to maintain my business activity with the growth of my activities in astrology. There was an illusion of grandeur in me, as if I could embrace everything in a development without limits. The current period comes to show me my lack of discernment on the limits of what I could embrace. And at the same time, it’s important for me to be humble in this period when a significant part of my resources are going to disappear. The events I mentioned above were latent, I have longed for this change, but I had not lifted the veil on these total illusions. To move forward now, I must refocus with more modesty on my abilities and more humility in my requirements.

There, there are other things to say about this Full Moon of March 9, 2020, but for the most part, these would be repetitions of the text of the New Moon of February 23, 2020. And I have something else to tell you. I have just had a complicated little month with illnesses that have bedridden me, and pain of rather extreme violence. I come out with gratitude. These diseases healed me and allowed me to take root in a change of life axis to devote myself more to astrology. I don’t know how exactly yet, but I decided not to worry about it. Or let’s say to be more honest, to commit myself and accept what will come. My book is finished writing, so I’m going to find a publisher now. I take your suggestions, contacts and good tips with joy! In April I resume the initiation courses. I will continue in August with another internship in Drôme, then another in November and others to schedule to support those who want to improve their practice and share their work under supervision. I will announce this bit by bit now. There is also the Telesummet of Astrology 2020 from March 23 to 29 (now is the time to register) which I am participating again with Emilie Morel. And lots of other things to come including a conference in Lyon in October.

But for now it’s … My birthday! I was born on March 10, 1966, but this year, my birthday (back from Earth to the same place in its race around the Sun as at the time of my birth) is today! And for my birthday, I wanted to offer you this little video of Tistrya who inspired, helped and accompanied me a lot when I was stuck in my bed. Very nice viewing to all and a very nice fortnight while waiting for the New Moon of March 2020!

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