The Full Moon of March 28, 2021

The Full Moon of March 28, 2021 continues this parenthesis of sweetness that gives us the opportunity to work internally on our anchoring in a choice of free, joyful and living existence. Let’s anchor this energy deep within us to stay connected to it when the collapse of the great oak tree can make us fear an end of the world which will in reality only be a rebirth towards a much brighter world.

  1. Who do we want to be?

    The Full Moon of March 28, 2021 comes to shed light on our intimate relationship with our material existence. I spoke about it briefly in the article on the consultation offered for Aries because it is a configuration that concerns them for the year 2021. It also concerns us all, where we have Aries in our birth chart. The Full Moon of March 28, 2021 highlights precisely this configuration, that evokes the duality of our existence between our part embodied in matter and our spiritual part. It is a small star, Chiron, that crosses between two major stars that operates this transition and highlights this duality in us. It makes the connection between the highest form of social consciousness embodied in matter, the energy of authority, integrity, responsibility and self-control (Saturn), and the first spiritual consciousness, the energy of emancipation and liberation (Uranus). These two energies being currently in conflict since January and still for a moment (See paragraph 4 of The New Moon of January 13, 2021)
    This little star is like a soul ferry from one plane of consciousness to another. It highlights where it is, what we struggle to overcome in our social consciousness anchored in materiality, to free it from the burden of imprisonment in the material dimension. At this moment, this little star is in the sign which supports the process of existence, of « I am », of the will to be (Aries). The energy created by its passage in this sign is a bit like this: « Is my existence defined by my social function embodied in matter, or is « I » free from this condition? ?  » If we remain stuck to our social identity, or to a social or societal vision of the world, our will to be does not go beyond this framework and only material and social concerns make us understand and think about the world. If we rise in consciousness, while keeping our feet firmly on Earth, towards an understanding that we are first and foremost spirit beings whose consciousnesses manifest the world according to their intentions, we emancipate ourselves from our embodied social limitations and can opening our horizons beyond social consciousness, which includes conscious creation in the subtle planes.
    When we reason in terms of our existence, of our manifestation to the world in terms of justice and injustice or in terms of authority and guilt, we remain cloistered in forms of consciousness that go round in circles and do not arrive to see the world on the spiritual planes. Then there comes a time when we realize that there is no spiritual injustice and no guilt. What we encounter always serves as a blueprint for us. We understand that « We » are free, even though we are conditioned. At the moment this little star, in my theme is in the house which evokes the development of higher consciousness through studies, learning, knowledge (9)… Where it questions me and awakens this duality in me is that I alternates a lot between questions on the politico-economic level of what we are going through, and a purely spiritual approach. I feel this passage that tends more and more to distance myself from the social reading of the world, in order to adopt another more spiritual form of reading. My consciousness is changing profoundly. It’s on the way.
    Globally, we also see that we are in an important transition of the will to be. There is a schism taking place. Some want to stay in a form of consciousness anchored in matter and governed by function, others drop out of this form of existence and guide their existence by referring to other planes of consciousness. This can be summed up by this thought: « I prefer to live free for a shorter period than old, but deprived of freedom. » In this thought, the matter of the body is no longer the essence of what makes the consciousness of being. The body can fail. It’s accepted. What matters is that the mind is free to be.

  2. Spring sweetness always and again

    While we are working on these great existential questions in depth, the Full Moon of March 28, 2021 offers a fairly mild spring climate. Overall, the relationships between the energies are overwhelmingly harmonic, which gives a certain relaxation to the general climate. We are little inclined to confrontation, and much more to concord. This point is accentuated for this New Moon by the fact that our emotionality is balanced and measured by a process which tends to avoid and smooth out conflicts to preserve harmony. At this time, our emotions will be rather softened by the atmosphere and will tend to pass through a moderation filter.

  3. Words, words, words

    The most present mode of operation during the Full Moon of March 28, 2021 is that of ideas and concepts, the one that tends to develop in us a capacity to think about the world and to transmit its ideas. It is a modus operandi that allows us to gain height, distance, and which also stimulates the dissemination of these ideas. For the Full Moon, this mode of operation is stimulated by energies all linked together. Thus, we will be able to have a mood, which instead of igniting, will know how to posit with clear ideas what we are feeling. This good-natured affable mood may relate to a regained desire to express joy, humor, and a little more recklessness in this overly serious and overly concerned world. Both will positively nourish our sense of responsibility, our integrity regarding our ideal of living together. And the three allow us to finger touch, to stimulate without being too afraid of it, this need for lightness and carelessness that we so need in our current collective life path.

    We are far too locked into axes and directions that lead nowhere. It is important that we relearn diversity, that we re-enchant the world with joy, poetry, fantasy. Our world needs this breath and this renewal. I return here to my first long paragraph because they are linked by the same fate at the moment. This desire to re-enchant the world, which goes beyond fears of all kinds, goes through the integration of the awareness that we are not beings reduced to our bodies, but spirits embodied in bodies.

    The pilot is not the body. The body is our vehicle. If we run our life with the body, it’s like asking our car where it wants to go. Isn’t that a bit strange? The intelligence of the car or our body is to respond to our urge to travel through existence, not the other way around. It is important to put the pilot of our mind back in control and to stop letting ourselves be piloted automatically by fixed thoughts that think only of preserving an envelope that has become inert.

Well, that’s all for today. I insisted on the first paragraph because it seems fundamental to me right now to understand this schism that we are going through in this form of elevation of consciousness. This Full Moon of March 28, 2021 is a moment which can help us to feel this breath of a new humanity which is reborn in its playfulness and its joy of living, far from violent fighting, but in an inclusive approach that could well inoculate the virus of Life in a world that would like to vaccinate us. Here is a little video that illustrates this energy that is flowing through us at the moment.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the New Moon of April 2021!

Image par Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida de Pixabay

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