The Full Moon of June 17, 2019

The Full Moon of June 17, 2019 is a great opportunity to release the pressure and find ourselves in an energy of benevolence and relaxation. It invites us to make a conscious evolutionary leap.


  1. The energy of this Full Moon of June 17, 2019 is rather balanced. If we integrate the movement of the Moon that moves very fast (it travels almost half a sign of the zodiac a day, where it takes a month for the Sun to go through a sign) we have one of the most balanced distributions that we can have. This kind of atmosphere makes life easier because it stimulates all modes of operation, giving us both the impetus to get into something, an ability to realize what we have to do, to conceive or to feel around us what is happening. It is quite pleasant and relaxing to feel that one can dispose substantially of all its forms of energy.
    So let’s take advantage of it to just live in the present moment with this feeling that we can enjoy living with a certain ease, that life goes on without feeling tense by an excess of this or that.
  2. We live in the present month and in the coming one an important opportunity to understand and feel the energy that opens up the potentials of our collective evolution path. To understand it, we have to go back a little bit in time.
    Every 18 months or so, our path of collective evolution changes energy, it moves into a new sign, it renews itself. The path of life is built like this: there is on one side an energy that manifests itself that scares us, and on the other, an energy on which we fall back to get away from this fear. The path on which we are, started around November 3, 2018 for 18 months. The fear that characterizes it is a fear related to the spontaneous, confident and natural attitudes that one takes for a form of infant life, a carelessness, a lack of maturity. This causes fear of loss of control and complete disintegration. When it comes, we reassure ourselves by focusing on structures, strong organizations, efforts, responsibilities …
    Explanation: The current path of life goes from the South Node in Capricorn (the structures) to the North Node in Cancer, the spontaneity and the relaxed attitudes.
  3. On a collective level, in France, the way of life was highlighted by the emergence of the movement of yellow vests as of November 17, 2018. The synchronicity is extraordinary. On the one hand, the demonstrations have stimulated the fear of being overwhelmed by a claim perceived as disorganized and childish, on the other, the reaction of the governance, lost in the face of this strong questioning, strong of itself by the population, consisted in tension and hardening.
  4. These life-cycle energies have contributed to the generalization of a climate increasingly heavy and tense by the tension of governance on positions of rigidity and closure translated by a climate of gregarious repressions, very involutive.
    This reaction, which lasted more than 6 months, is linked to the part of the life path that fears opening up to a form of confident well-being in life. Basically, it is born of the beliefs of the types « life is hard », « there is not enough for everyone », and « we must fight to make our way through ».
    Now, if we take a little look at what we have experienced personally during this period, it’s a safe bet that we can easily identify a sector of our life that has been under tension during this period. This area is where the second half of Capricorn lies in our birth chart. In this sector, we have had the feeling, these last months, of having to make big efforts, of having to take our responsibilities, sometimes of being completely blocked and in other cases, that everything could collapse. In short, it is a sector that has put us in tension and where we have probably refused to believe that things could be lived without us controlling what happens there. Outside, the government suppressed the demonstrators with violence, but in each of us there was also a form of repression, a tendency to seek to reinforce ourselves in our structures, linked to a fear that is often quite real that everything goes into a downward spiral.
    In my case, it was about the sector of work, the service and it is true that I struggled a lot during these last months to build something in this field, which required often heavy efforts. For one of my children, it is the affective sector that has been put in a strong strain, in another one, that of autonomy and resources. I could observe that closely. The interesting thing is to understand what it means to us, instead of focusing on the outside and projecting our discomfort into a collective situation.
  5. It is now that I arrive, after this long review in perspective, at the development of the opportunity of the Full Moon of June 17, 2019. The mood has changed. The energies of the moment stimulate the resurgence of a form of confidence and sweetness of life. That allow us, if we are willing, to regain confidence in what binds us to each other, to help us relax rather than remain tense.
    The energy of desire is oriented towards the search for grounds or spaces in our life that offer more sweetness or a sense of family that both develop more confidence in life. Our mind also identifies more with a confident thought, more connected to life and to others. It is the conjunction of these two energies that counterbalances past tensions and mitigates the current climate. We have here an interesting opportunity to appease ourselves by regaining the benefits of carelessness, a form of relaxation that is not carelessness. What is important to capture, feel and develop right now to get better is the fundamental character of gentleness and benevolence in human relationships. This form of energy soothes our fears about the future.
    What we have to rebuild right now is an ability to stop worrying about trying to rebuild a worm-eaten edifice at all costs. Let it languish and collapse in its jolts and groans of agony and turn our energy towards the reconstruction of fraternal human bonds, so much more essential. The energy of the moment stimulates this opportunity. It is important to live it fully to impregnate it for the months to come when it will not be there and where the climate will probably tighten strongly again.
  6. This stimulation of gentleness and trust is in harmony with a more universal and compassionate vision of the world. At this moment this aspect is strong too. We can align our consciousness of universal love, our compassion for beings, and our deep faith in humanity, in life simply, with this resurgence of trust in the bonds we can create with our loved ones. This is another important point that offers us, around this Full Moon of June 17, an opportunity to feel the path of deliverance without locking us into the path of suffering.
  7. In the coming weeks, the stimulation of energies of trust, of support through the bond, of spontaneous development of initiatives that unite instead of divide, should continue. The beginning of the summer should keep a significant stimulation of this energy. It is therefore a fairly broad window that we have before us to accompany us in a transformation whose object is to remind us of the importance of human links versus our beliefs that we must build ourselves and build walls against the vagaries of the future.

The only thing that can protect us from all that the future holds, whether it’s the madness of men who are waging war or those who destroy the Earth, is our awareness that we are a human family. Nothing is more powerful than this consciousness to bring to each protection and love, whatever the pangs of existence.
Let’s not be naïve, the stimulation of fears and energies of rigidity are still present and there are still significant energies of tension. We are in a period of our history that is both exciting and troubling where a powerful energy of destructive governance dominates the Earth. But we can choose to associate ourselves with this world of fear, domination, war, destruction, or not. This is the free will of everyone. We can bond with the fear of the future or untie it. When we untie these bonds to reweave our existence into a benevolent creative energy, life protects us. At this moment we have the opportunity to feel this other form of energy to anchor it in us. Let’s enjoy!

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the New Moon in Cancer of 2019!

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