The Full Moon of July 5, 2020

The Full Moon of July 5, 2020 falls… during my vacation 😊. It’s not what characterizes it most, but it does. We will see how, from this joke, we can learn a little collective lesson about this period that makes us work on the assertion of ourselves in a tension between letting go and being back in control.



  1. If I started with this joke, it is because the energy of this Full Moon of July 5, 2020 put me in tension by asking me to take a day of vacation to work, which is symptomatic of this Full Moon energy.
    The energies of the Full Moon of July 5, 2020 oppose, on the one hand, a vital energy, a natural expression of oneself, who wants to be cool, in sweetness, to connect with others, to seek the link and affection, to let go a little, and on the other hand, a completely opposite emotional state, which responds to a need to do, to be serious, to develop, to structure, to keep things in order …
    We are a little caught, around this Full Moon of July 5, 2020, between a cool attitude a little nonchalant and inner emotions that emerge from who knows where and ask us to recover and to structure ourselves, to be a somewhat adult in a way.
    So this morning when I got up, I was caught in this contradiction between, having a good day of rest, or working. And this reactive energy of the Full Moon energized me in a beautiful realization that I had a lunation to write and the programs of courses and workshops for the next year to finalize and post. What moved me and got the better of me was a need to be serious and build what I had to build. And this is very well so. But … it was not spontaneous at the start. In my case, the Full Moon of July 5, 2020 is played in the time axis, the restricted time of work and the free time of retreats and vacations. So it affected my willingness to coerce my free time.
    If you want to know in which areas of your life you can meet these opposing energies, look where (in which houses) are in your theme the environment of Cancer and Capricorn. You will understand what is at home in tension between a need to relax, to let go, and a structuring energy that opposes it. This opposition can also be felt between a need to live in spontaneity and a more laborious aspect that requires us efforts and time to achieve a result.
  2. The energy of the desire to realize our will, to find a territory of action that represents our will to be, is particularly stimulated at this time.
    If you want to understand which territory of action it is for you, look in your theme where the beginning of Aries is located, this will give you an idea of ​​the experience in which you can feel a need for assertion of your will.
    In my theme, this energy stimulates the sector of knowledge, studies, higher consciousness … This fully corresponds to my desire to write and set up a course program for next year, in which I affirmed an approach to astrology that I have chosen to call « quantum ».
    Each of us can be, in this Full Moon of July 5, 2020, strongly stimulated by a desire to assert our will in an area of ​​our life.
  3. Stimulating the affirmation of our will to be can also help us to overcome certain fears about asserting ourselves. If we go in the direction of daring to assert ourselves, even when we fear that it is badly taken, or not understandable, if we overcome the fear that the affirmation of our will will make us lose some privileges or prerogatives in the manifested world, then we will be able to achieve a freer form of expression of our will to be.
    It is not a question of rushing into the stretchers and imposing yourself violently. This form of assertiveness is actually an expression of a fear of not being heard. Anger and violence are forms that actually manifest the belief that we are not respected in our will.
    The moment we are going through can help us go through these fears from violent anger to assertiveness without detours and without fear.
  4. However, it may seem difficult to mobilize our will. It’s not a very relayed energy right now. It even receives annoyances on both sides rather than helping stimuli. We can therefore feel a certain heaviness and a certain difficulty in bringing out our will to emancipate ourselves. This can lock us into inaction. But it seems to me that we can get more out of it by not getting caught up in the glue of the present mood and pulling ourselves out of it with a gentle and assertive assertion of who we are.
  5. The energy awareness of responsibility takes stock, returns to itself, by revisiting a process that affects the structures of our society. I will decode that. We could say that the energy of the moment takes stock of past actions in institutions. It is a collective form of this energy that we can see very clearly emerging in the post-confinement, with this period of assessment of the health crisis. Responsibilities and governance are assessed and criticized.
    Personally, we can also experience a period of assessment of our past individual responsibility. The responsibilities that we have not taken or badly exercised come back to us in the face and ask us to integrate a more seasoned awareness of our responsibility in existence.
    In our theme, this concerns the place where the very end of Capricorn is found. In my case, to illustrate, this is the end of the sector that represents service and work, and it is indeed a sector where I must take stock and take my responsibilities at the moment.
  6. The period of lightness evaporates. The energies of the moment are mainly Yin. The fairly aerial mode of operation which stimulates ideas, concepts and gives us lightness, which we have gone through in the preceding weeks, is decreasing in intensity of stimulation.
    The mood becomes a little heavier and we can feel that we have lead feet. This is relatively temporary because when we arrive in the energies of the Lion, a form of momentum and stimulation will come back to take place.

Well, that’s all for today. For the past few weeks, I have received messages that have questioned me about my work in astrology. They have allowed me to work to get to the point where I am today, where I feel it is time to say that we need to reformulate astrology. I am often asked which book I would recommend in astrology, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer.

We are experiencing a paradigm shift and need to integrate it into astrology. What is it about? It is essentially a realization that we can no longer evolve with astrology by reducing these components to frozen life forms. Astral energies work like quantum particles. We cannot know in advance, what form they will take. We must consider superimposed states. It is probably the awareness we put on these potentials and the choices we make, the direction in which we look, that will change the expression. It is this awareness of astrology that I am trying to transmit and develop. This is what has guided my work in astrology since always; I needed to formalize this Astrology Otherwise to continue my work. This « Otherwise » today could be called « Quantum ».

Very nice fortnight to all, and see you soon for the New Moon of July 2020!

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