The Full Moon of January 28, 2021

The Full Moon of January 28, 2021 rebalances certain energies and brings us into a phase of intense intellectual stimulation that awakens the founding ideas of our human community. This intensity will grow in the weeks to come: an opportunity to redefine ourselves collectively, but under what auspices?

  1. General balance of Yin / Yang energies

    The stimulation of the energies of the Full Moon of January 28, 2021 balances the polarities of the feminine and masculine principles, or Yin and Yang if you prefer. For once for a long time, we have a balanced measure between the dynamic of exteriorization and the dynamic of interiorization, between what pushes to exteriorize and what allows to grow within, to receive or to give, to take or welcome. This balancing can be felt in the feeling of less passivity and the awakening of a certain dynamism that is expressed above all through the propagation of ideals. The Yang or male principle form that is stimulated in the Full Moon period of January 28, 2021 is primarily about the expression of ideas. The other form of masculine expression, or of the Yang energies which consists in following our will and impulses, to throw ourselves into battle, to go for it … is still very little stimulated in the current period, even if the Full Moon in Leo on January 28, 2021 briefly awakens this strength in us.
    The impact on us of a moment like this is fairly neutral. We all have a birth Yin / Yang balance that can be either balanced, or on the contrary more feminine or more masculine, without it having anything to do with our gender. When the energy stimulation of the moment is in equilibrium, we regain our natural state, which is neither accentuated nor tempered by this more neutral state of balance.

  2. Vitalization of fraternization processes

    It is therefore the dissemination of ideas of progress, sharing and solidarity that is currently very strongly stimulated. The stimulation is of several kinds. First, there is our vital energy that strongly stimulates our need for equity, solidarity and our sense of community. It is an instinctive function, first. Our vitality seeks more naturally than at other times of the year to express itself in this form, which will spontaneously seek a form of solidarity sharing with others, or to form community while forgetting ourselves a little. This vitality that inclines to sharing, in search of an ideal society, will also stimulate in us the awakening or interest in the ideals of progress. Our intellectual stimulation may or may not generate behaviors, depending on our inner construction. In my birth chart, the sector vitalized by these energies of the moment is that of unions and partnerships. And it is true that at the moment, I have a fairly strong stimulation of collaboration, partnership or union around the ideals of progress. I have more exchanges of this nature than at other times of the year.

  3. The Authority is imposed on the ideals

    The powerful energy of life that stimulates ideas of progress, sharing and solidarity meets other forms of consciousness, which strongly influence its evolution. We first had around January 24 a blockage of this energy, a slowdown, a brake put on this dissemination of ideas by some form of authority (see paragraph 3 of The New Moon of January 13, 2021). This has been expressed globally by blocking information on social networks, or directly blocking certain social networks. An energy of authority has imposed itself and has blocked the dissemination of certain ideas in a massive way. This happened when the Sun’s life energy encountered this awareness of authority that I also call awareness of individual responsibility or sovereignty.
    Whether this sovereignty has been exercised in a laudable way or not is not the debate here. I illustrate with world facts the energies for everyone to feel the effect on a large scale. My purpose here is to seek to understand how we experience these energies internally and what we do with them. Because what we do with it internally becomes what the world collectively expresses. Looking out and telling yourself that everything is wrong is one way to avoid looking inside to change what is wrong. We will therefore continue to dissect these collective energies and then try to understand them better individually.

  4. Between new breath and suffocation of fraternal ideals

    Around the Full Moon of January 28, 2021, this time the life energy of the Sun has come to meet the awareness of the legitimacy of ideas, which provides a framework for development.
    If we look at world events, we can observe this by noting that a new form of expansion of these ideals followed the blockage of the diffusion of ideas previously explained, by new alternative networks. The blockade did not stifle the sharing of ideas that found other forms of development. The period is not unilaterally blocking the dissemination of ideas. It is also that of their expansive development, which can create this impression of successive amplification and narrowing of new ideas with fraternal and community aims, whatever their morality.
    In the concert of these two forms of consciousness, expansive and restrictive, which gives legitimacy on the one hand and which imposes an authority on the other on ideals, it must be understood that it is the consciousness furthest from the Sun, that is to say that of authority and responsibility which is dominant. We have a plethora of national and international events to illustrate it. The ideological debates around health issues are a very good example. Regulated professions, which are therefore not free and follow a legal framework, are closely linked to the energy of legitimacy, of legality. This is the case of doctors, lawyers, notaries, judges … In the field of health, we see in France that the prohibition on doctors to speak outside what would be recognized medical science, is precisely of this authority that is imposed on the practice of medicine within its legal framework, on the legitimate and regulatory forms of expression of the latter. The same goes for the prohibition on prescribing. On the political level, the legislative assemblies represent the legal and regulatory level, and here too we see that the authority is crushing these functions.

    How long will this take?

    We can tell ourselves that as long as these two energies are frisking with each other, that they are close together, in the same processes or signs of the zodiac, they will tend to work in pairs and that we will have similar effects. Concretely, they entered into « communion » in the sign of Capricorn in December 2019 – it’s funny to think that this is where this story of health crisis began – and they will really separate around January 2022.
    Over the year 2021, they mainly operate in the same sphere, which evokes this alternating struggle on the question of ideals. Overall, we are coming through the tensest period between these two forms of consciousness. We should see a little more distance between justice and authoritarian power appearing in a few months. The small animation below shows the evolution of its two stars, Jupiter and Saturn therefore, from early December 2019 to early February 2022.

    And on a personal level

    If we are to understand how to handle this situation at this time, it is important that we elevate our consciousness to the more mature energy of its two. The most mature is that of authority, which in ourselves manifests itself in the awareness of our integrity and our individual responsibility.
    If we align with ideals to ensure a framework that will support our development, while neglecting our integrity in terms of equity and brotherhood, then we choose to submit to authority in exchange for community legitimacy… Eventually, life will ask us to rectify this to align with our values and it will be painful. It is therefore preferable at this time to take a second look before aligning ourselves with ideas, especially when these seem to be the most promising for legitimate short-term development.
    What is important is to ensure that our need to develop within a common framework does not jeopardize our integrity. It is fundamental to keep our sovereignty over our conception of what founds our integration into human groups.

  5. Reminder

    The concert of these two defying forms of consciousness, the legitimate framework and the authority, is always in conflict with the unified consciousnesses of emancipation and desire. I recall this point without detailing it. It was developed in paragraph 4 of The New Moon of January 13, 2021. You can read it again if you wish.

  6. Towards even more debates of ideas

    Overall, this Full Moon of January 28, 2021 remains quite tense overall. Rather, the relationships between the forms of consciousness in play are mostly stressful. And we can also feel around this Full Moon of January 28, 2021, a form of strong questioning of our taste for effort, or questioning of the efforts that we may have made previously. This feeling, which can develop a certain sadness, will not last, it is temporary. In a few days, starting on February 1, we will collectively move towards another form of inclination that will make us appreciate more and more the exchanges of ideas that will grow in intensity. We will appreciate them more and more and will know how to leave behind the feeling of disappointment that we had to question, even abandon, old constructions.

A sense of community is essential to being human. We can hardly survive in this world without forming a community. What founds a community are the ideas it shares about life, the world, the relationships between everyone. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 is the foundation of our society. It is, in our scale of values, the highest collective value that has been expressed. It is written in our nation’s DNA, for France and for many other nations that have been inspired by it.

Here we are at a point in history that asks us to choose between forgetting and remembering this DNA, which is jostled, tampered with, unraveled in its essence. As I reread the preamble to this text, I remembered that as a nation we had declared our collective values « in the presence and under the auspices of the Supreme Being ». Which brings me back to this feeling that is growing in me right now, that the solution to the problems that we are going through lies above all in our hearts, in our prayers and in our faith that create the vision of the world that we nurture: the world of fear or that of love.

Happy fortnight to all of you, and see you soon for the first New Moon in February 2021!


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