The Full Moon of February 9, 2020

The Full Moon of February 9, 2020 brings a new stimulation of our will and our impulses. It could also reveal some small impurities to clean to reduce our numbness in the material world.

  1. Around this Full Moon on February 9, 2020, the stimulation of our impulses, of our desire to put our life into action, is greater than what we have been able to live and cross in recent months. The stimulation of the will is one of the weakest in the great period that we have been going through for many months. So much so that this stimulation, which is happening now, gives us the feeling of being able to act on our lives, and to undergo it less, in a very sensitive way.
    It’s a bit like tasting the first cherry in spring. Long deprivation gives us this energy, which comes back very appreciable.
    We can find a certain pleasure in launching or relaunching in initiatives that had remained asleep. The appetite and the taste for initiative return for this Full Moon on February 9, 2020.
  2. This stimulation is relayed by two other forms of similar energy that make the small window of this Full Moon on February 9, 2020, and the days that surround it, quite dynamic in terms of the expression of our will. This reinforcement of our will supports our renewed taste for initiatives.
    One of these energies is how we can manage our emotional states. Where usually we could have a more detached, tenderer or more pragmatic character, the energy in which we are in this Full Moon of February 9, 2020, makes us more reactive with regard to our brightness, our need to feel strong and bright. If we feel threatened in our strength or our brilliance, we can have fairly strong reactions.
    The other energy involved has been around longer. It is the energy of desire, which is currently oriented towards the quest for a goal, committed to a goal.
    These three energies together, the newfound taste for initiatives, the emotional reactivity on what affects our radiance or our power, and the conquest of a goal, stimulate us quite strongly around this Full Moon Full February 9, 2020.
    This can give new impulses that appear and in which we engage with a feeling of finding a form of vitality.
  3. At the same time, this emergence of a taste for action can create a tension with our need to structure things, so much so that we could imagine that these impulses from which we hope to derive pleasure, in fact generate conflicts or tensions with our structures.
    There can be many different forms of this energy. It depends a little on where we find, in our natal chart, the beginning of Aries, which shows where we have a form of stimulation of our will, and where we find the beginning of Capricorn, which shows our need to structure. In my case, the stimulation of desire relates to personal development, through knowledge and teaching (house 9), which corresponds to my desire to engage in new things in astrology. The need to structure is linked to my work, my service to others, to my utility (house 6). I encountered this problem very precisely in these sectors with a desire to evolve my astrology site which caused structural problems on the latter preventing me from creating new articles. The problem is not resolved; I publish this one because the draft was created a long time ago.
    This tension and its surprising, sudden character also come from other astrological points that we will study.
  4. This tension is probably a way of dealing with the old structural problems that were sleeping under the carpet. This is suggested by the fact that this taste for newfound initiatives can bring to light hidden things that we did not expect to see appear.
    There is an idea of ​​a resurgence or sudden revelation of something that we were not really prepared for, which follows on from our initiatives. We undertook an action under the impulse of the expectation of pleasure, and that raised a big trick to manage.
    What becomes visible must now be the object of a cleansing, of a purification which allows us to pass to a form of being, of sense of existence deeper and more detached from our material form.
    As far as I’m concerned, the problem that has appeared on my site is linked to a stack of do-it-yourself things and the use of somewhat questionable plug-ins, which were part of my old structures and old mode of operation. I used to tinker alone in my corner with my tool, which hid some more or less visible problems. They appeared when I started a new action on it. Today, I do not know how this will be resolved, but I feel that I have to let go of my old way of doing things and rather trust others than me to help me solve this.
    We are always coming back to the same thing right now. Trust. Stop wanting to master with our archaic tools and trust others.

That’s it, that’s all for today, I wish you all a very good Sunday, under the storm Ciara which cleans us of our impurities :-). Very nice fortnight and see you very soon for the New Moon of February 2020!

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