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The Full Moon of February 27, 2021

The Full Moon of February 27, 2021 is full of interactions in all directions. It is a very rich Full Moon at the heart of which lies the question of our view of the world. In the coming weeks, we will hardly be able to change the direction of movement by will. On the other hand, the doors of spirituality are open to us to connect and nourish the universe with our view of the world afterwards.

  1. Straight ahead

    All the energies of the stars of this Full Moon of February 27, 2021 go in the same apparent direction from our Earth. It is as if we were sailing on an arm of a river devoid of whirlpools and eddies. We move smoothly straight ahead, without any contrary current to slow us down, deviate, or make us go back. This doesn’t mean that the navigation is easy, but that it goes straight ahead. It can make us feel like we are going through a period in which we can move forward positively, without feeling suddenly blocked, without being too hindered, sidetracked or slowed down. Do you feel it? Temporarily, the current slides in a very fluid and direct corridor, without bringing us back to old badly treated files. It’s a pretty refreshing moment where the possibilities seem open, where we can feel a pretty strong dynamic leading us straight ahead. It’s rare enough to be noted.

  2. Today no anger

    The energies of the Full Moon of February 27, 2021 stimulate all modes of operation fairly evenly, except one that is completely lacking. These are the energies of willpower, momentum, launching into new adventures. They are almost completely lacking in stimulation at this time. Despite a certain fluidity mentioned above which means that we are less constrained in our movement, this movement in which we are does not always emanate from our will. We may feel like we are caught in a flow or a direction that was not necessarily the result of our will. We go with the flow, but not always with the feeling that this is a direction we have chosen. For some of us it can be scary, for others not. Not being able to actuate one’s own will too much leads to fear of being directed by a will other than one’s own. It can be scary. Or, maybe it is a sweet time when this question is put aside for a while. The other side of will energy is anger. When we don’t get what we want, it can make us angry. In the present moment the will is extinguished, the anger is not overly stimulated. Well not at all even. This may allow us to calm some of our emotional reactions to experience the energies around the Full Moon on February 27, 2021 more internally.

  3. Strengthening Faith

    Still on the theme of the balance of the energies of the Full Moon of February 27, 2021, the novelty of the period comes from the stimulation of the energies of reliance, and particularly of those that connect us to the whole, to the totality, to the cosmos. These are the energies that we associate with spirituality. Around the Full Moon of February 27, 2021, a love of this re-bonding that our life energy spontaneously seeks develops in us. These energies come to nourish our Faith that is in us. This month of March 2021 is a pivotal moment in the great period we are going through. It stimulates in us spirituality, the connection with the divine, the fact of turning our conscience towards greater than us. Towards the inside. And that’s a key to our development right now.

  4. Go through fear

    This connection to the divine is a key to transcend the fears that cross us around the Full Moon of February 27, 2021.
    In the current crisis, we no longer know how to go or where we are headed, or where. It can fuel a sense of urgency to get our lives back in the « right » direction. Sometimes we wonder what we could do about it, but we come up against walls. We are figuring out what to do. And that can generate tensions because it is not easy to be able to project ourselves at this time.
    This is where we can come under great tension, and in so doing feed emotions of fear or anger that make the situation worse.
    If we keep our eyes on visible events, we lose the ability to understand what is happening on a deeper level and we become afraid.
    To get through this fear, we have to go through the spiritual dimension right now, which is what March will prepare us for. If we try to regain control or bend the direction we’re given with all our willpower to get the boat back on course, it might not work that well. What matters is not who has the more powerful will, because the more powerful wills cannot really impose themselves in depth. What matters is to capture the spiritual dimension of what we go through as we wake up and reconnect with our joy of living.

    Open the eye and the good

    Anyone with an open eye realizes that something is wrong.
    Whoever has two eyes open understands what is wrong and often gets scared.
    Whoever opens the third eye perceives the divine plan and comes out of fear.
    Even though he doesn’t understand everything, he knows that something is happening that leads us to the next world. Every part of the plan that scares us is a reflection of a desire for spiritual growth that humanity is looking at closely. We can observe this since the first containment, and since then it has continued to develop.
    Haven’t we been thousands or millions to say that the world without mechanical noise is a wonder? That nature and the animals that entered our spaces, which had become softer, less polluting and less aggressive, created a wonderful harmony?
    Haven’t many of us wished for decades a big reset for our greedy world walking on its head? To hope for a radical change where the accumulation of wealth would no longer be the goal?
    Didn’t we hope that school systems would be shown for what they are in order to move on to another way of educating, more respectful of our children?
    Didn’t we hope to switch to another, more natural and responsible health system?
    The list is endless.
    Each of these ailments that are falling on our heads at the moment, is there to show us all that we no longer want in the world afterwards, by magnifying them as much as possible. Let us just remember all that we wanted for the world afterwards. Let’s watch it, keep it in our hearts, nourish it with all our love and faith. And trust the big boss. We have already given him direction.

  5. The annoyances

    I could have gone into more detail about this Full Moon of February 27, 2021, astrologically very rich in interesting interactions and positions. I didn’t have the energy to go into all the details of all the astral positions and their aspects. But it bothered me.
    In itself, if I express it there, it is because it expresses the opposition of the Full Moon of February 27, 2021 between on the one hand, an energy very turned towards the universal and the faith of Pisces, and on the other, an emotional interior life which needs more precision and rationality, to delimit, to analyze things in concrete terms.
    Because of this opposition between these energies, we can worry about details not as important as we think, feel like we are drowned, overwhelmed and not being able to properly deal with many small details.
    This is the effect of this Full Moon. We experience the contradiction of these two energies, one that tends us towards a more global vision and the other that brings us back to the sense of detail and the small things to be accomplished. This opposition, if we do not take some height, can generate small episodes of tension or one concrete thing suddenly takes on too much importance. It will pass quickly and we will find a broader vision in a few days, perhaps by putting into perspective our little everyday addicts. Above all, by rediscovering the Faith.

Well, that’s all for today. Very nice sunny fortnight to all and see you very soon for the New Moon of March 2021!

Image BYRudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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