The Full Moon of February 19, 2019

The Full Moon of February 19, 2019 stimulates us to a form of appeasement while inviting us to take a more individual responsibility. It is not a question of falling asleep, but of assuming by acting responsibly.


  1. There are two modes of functioning which dominate this Full Moon of February 19, 2019. It is on the one hand that of the concrete realization, the use of palpable and tangible things and, on the other hand, that of feelings of others and moods, and the link in connection toward others. These are the two very Yin operating modes, very « feminine » which are more internalized than externalized modes.
    If you do not feel too much momentum right now it’s pretty normal. Modes of operation that give momentum, will or intellectual fizz are, conversely, very little stimulated at this time. You may feel a little bogged down right now, with your feet a little heavier than usual and you may miss new impulses.
    This Yin, feminine atmosphere, is also an opportunity: it naturally gives us, on the one hand, a taste for doing things, for realizing them concretely, for putting us to work or to the task, and on the other hand , an ability to connect with others, to feel them and to include them in our movement.
    There are « feminine » qualities that are often mentioned to praise the feminine efficiency in her ability to do things, where the masculine can have a low potential for accomplishing daily tasks. The « masculine » or Yang energy prefers ideals and great impulses. This is what makes the comedian La Bajon say that God is a woman, because God created Light in one day, whereas it takes 15 days for a man to change a light bulb!  In fact what is meant here is that the masculine has little taste for the concrete achievements of everyday life and is less sensitive to what others feel. The feminine is the opposite. So we are in a more Yin, or more feminine mood at the moment, with more attention to others and a greater ability to do concretely. Let’s enjoy! It’s a good time to make concrete progress by collaborating, even if you can feel less lightness than usual.
  2. Among the energies that participate in this atmosphere, we can note that we are particularly sensitized at this time to take concrete responsibility and to make significant re-examination in our lives. This can be accompanied by a certain capacity for self-denial, which means that one takes with a certain grace important charges that one would not have imagined / wanted to take. In fact, at this moment, we are entering a phase of great clarification and purification of the distribution of individual responsibilities, and the authority of each in the establishment of organizations and structures. At this time, we can be highly sensitized to take on these individual responsibilities that structure us. In my opinion, it is important not to turn our backs on them and dare to take our place. Later, those who will not be in their place can be destabilized.
    To evoke this awareness of individual responsibility right now, I have a little anecdote. During Friday’s astrology workshop, I planned to have the students work on a completely different energy and, without realizing it, we basically derived from this notion of individual responsibility. Same thing during Saturday.
    In my case, this energy concerns the area of ​​work or service that I give to others. In astrology, I have just explained how days of work are oriented in this direction. I also passed a course assuming a new responsibility. In my other professional activities, I am in a period of questioning and taking much greater responsibility.
  3. The energy of desire and conquest of territory has entered a more peaceful process. One can expect a form of diminishing tensions or violent reactions from now on. There is still a certain reactivity which makes us still able to see and have a kind of bellicose drive, but it is diminishing. It can be observed in oneself and also outside oneself as we saw this weekend, with a decrease of the tensions in the movements of the yellow vests. We are moving towards a decrease in reactional impulses in the coming month.
  4. Another element tends to lower tensions. Our vital energy is much more empathic and more sensitive. It has just changed filter from a process that tended to develop and stimulate ideals, which can sometimes turn to ideology, to a much more sensitive process. Our vital energy now makes us powerfully feel atmospheres and people. This change of energy will last a month and give us a more empathic climate, maybe sometimes more confused too.
  5. The energy of justice, which is determined and active, is linked to a form of lack of ideological and community discernment. By writing this way, which is a form of literal translation of an astrological configuration, I realize how much it sticks with a form of « madness » in which justice seems to be struggling in France. We also see a kind of delusional action. We are given to see that.
    To a personal level, let us be vigilant that what gives us perhaps today a feeling of legitimacy a little unbridled, hides a form of illusion which we would have to assume consequences later. Let us make sure that we use our legitimacy legitimately or that we are clear-sighted in the actions and goals we pursue with regard to collectives or communities. If we find that justice can be delusional, let us not forget that we are personally affected by this energy that may raise unexpected issues. The period we are going through is a period that shows this relationship between legitimacy in action and ideals that lack discernment.
  6. This voluntary energy of justice, which one could also see as the feeling of having a powerful framework of action, is in conflict with the energy of universal faith, of the feeling of human unity. We may perhaps observe this in ourselves, in more or less important internal conflicts where we might feel that our power of action is no longer fully in line with our faith or our consciousness of universal love. Outside of us this can be observed in the legal aggressions with regard to the social movements in a large way (yellow vests, leftist political party, left media …). The energy concerned here, which represents faith, universal love … is also the one that gave birth to and supports the popular and social movements. In the last presidential elections of 2017 in France, this energy that can be associated with the social was little supported, while the energy of emancipation that supports liberal political forms, was much more.

Well, that’s all for today. I wish you all a very good fortnight, and see you very soon for the New Moon of March 6, 2019 and for some new articles!

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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