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The Full Moon of December 30, 2020

The Full Moon of December 30, 2020 is the last lunar phase of the year 2020. Strange year. A striking year, which ends on this touch of hope with this renewal of energy towards greater solidarity. An opportunity to take stock of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. An opportunity to get back to basics and take stock of humanity’s course in this phase of change of era.

  1. We will begin the study of this Full Moon of December 30, 2020 with the usual analysis of the balance of energy stimuli. We are entering a period in which the energy of design, of manifestation of ideas and ideals will take a greater place.
    This is an important change that rebalances the Yin / Yang energies ratio by ending a long very Yin period, quite heavy, which lacked the enthusiasm and momentum to regain hope in this phase of crisis.
    The rebalancing for more than a year of the Yin energies will restore the feeling of having a hold on reality, of being able to imprint a change in the world, of no longer passively undergoing the unfolding of a scenario that we would not have chosen. This end of the year, even if it is not rosy, sounds a bit like the end of a long dark tunnel with a little light appearing at the end, for anyone who wants to look in that direction.
    The feeling of being at a standstill from the last few years or months should start to dissipate to give way to a new understanding of the world we are in.
  2. This shift in Yin Yang balance generates more debates, a greater ability to step back from events, to listen. This can generate a form of renewal of thought, which multiplies and is less confrontational. This renewal should change our framework by stimulating a more united, more fraternal sense of legitimacy and authority. Perhaps Trump’s proposal to increase financial aid to Americans from $ 600 to $ 2,000 per person would illustrate this. In France we are still waiting … But that’s normal, France is a very Leo nation, where the USA is very Aquarius.
    More and more we will be challenged to be aligned with the ideals that we hold. We will likely be stuck when we disassociate ourselves or lose our integrity regarding solidarity and fairness. The question of solidarity and equity will take more place in our lives and in governance. For a time the authority will be based on these principles which can also turn into a form of community ideology.
    This manifests itself for example with regard to vaccination. We are quickly slipping into community ideology now instead of nurturing a united and fair conscience. These themes and slippages will also be present in the months and years to come as regards the development of our living environment, of our legitimacy. We see it appear with the bill on collective vaccination that deprived some of their rights as citizens. The principle of solidarity of collective protection can also turn into community ideology.
    If we want to move forward on these issues collectively and not sink into community ideology, we can work on them individually. To do this, look where the beginning of Aquarius is in your chart. It is in this experience that we are currently challenged to align ourselves with equity and to uphold a legal framework or legitimacy that respects solidarity and equity.
    At the moment, this subject is not yet mature enough for me to be able to feed it with personal examples. It will come later.
  3. Beginning of the Aquarian Age?

    Some people say that we are at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. If we take the question from the angle of the astronomical calculations of the ages, we are far from the point when it comes to the start of the Aquarian Age. It will not begin until the 2440s.

    Or the end of the Age of Pisces?

    We are now in the transitional phase of the end of the Age of Pisces. Remember a certain André Malraux who diagnosed that « the 21st century will be spiritual or not be ». He did not say progressive, equitable, united, but « spiritual ».
    If we observe human evolution on a smaller scale, for example by observing the phases of change of axis of Lunar Nodes, when we come to the end of a period, there is a release of tension by a reopening of energy at work (North Node). For example, the end of the North Node period in Cancer corresponded in France to the start of the first confinement. It was during this period that we could see a sincere and warm infatuation with family ties (Cancer energy). The start of the first confinement was marked by the need to take care of our loved ones, to be warm, attentive, to protect ourselves with love through presence. This was symbolized by the explosion of « WhatsApp » aperitifs, and other manifestations of our need for connection and conviviality. We have collectively let go of the need to build (South Node in Capricorn), faced with the complete blockage of containment, to find the link.
    It seems that we are experiencing the same thing with the cycles of the eras, which last for more than 2160 years. Pisces energy is currently our compass on a human scale, our long-term « North Node ». We are letting go of the need for rationality, for materialism, on this belief that we have to rule ourselves by control, reason and the mind (Virgo energy opposed to Pisces). We will open up again to spiritual consciousness and our relationship to the universe, the cosmos, or the sacred. It is the point of evolution of the moment that invites us to rediscover our connection to the sacred. The current health crisis shows us this in a strong way. The fear of microbial invasion is a very Pisces energy. Against this fear, we react with Virgo energies that are opposed to it: we compartmentalize, we rationalize, we reason excessively.
    The current health crisis relates to this issue of spiritual evolution.
    For medicine, is it a question of rediscovering the link with life, with mystery and the sacred by relearning attentive and individualized observation, or of getting lost in hygienist, separatist and materialist reasoning that no longer works with the living, by deluding ourselves about our ability to control and master all manifestation in matter? At this end of the Age of Pisces in which we have experienced 2000 years of false spiritualties based on power, we are in an ultimate crisis of the « religious » against the « spiritual », of « materialism » against the « living », of « Science » against « Creation », of the Virgin against Pisces. And in the end of this Age of Pisces, it is the sacred energy of Pisces that will eventually express itself and gain the upper hand, as at every end of a cycle.

  4. Micro-period Aquarius

    Going back to more contemporary temporalities, yes, we are entering a period of one to two years right now with a strong stimulation of the Aquarian energies. It can be seen as a preamble or a window into what may be the energy of the future great age of Aquarius to come. So let’s take advantage of this period to open our heads and find a daring spirit, capable of rethinking the world to offer it more solidarity and equality. This stimulation will then continue with a 20-year period of questioning ideological balances and progressive thinking.

There were other things to say with a tension to note. I will come back to in January, as it will start to seriously heat up the spirits then, I think. I’m sure others than me touched on it very well. I wanted to reset a little the blissful enthusiasm I can hear here and there which, without being meaningless in the short run, can also distance us from a more comprehensive and deep understanding of the cyclical evolution of humanity.

The main transformative energy of the great era transition that we are going through, on this large scale of 26,000 years divided into 12 periods of 2160 years, is that of our ability to recreate a link with the sacred, with the energy of life, with creation. This is the preamble to building a better and more humane world. And this is the mission of all of us, for few of us will see the advent of the Age of Aquarius in the 2440s in this actual body.

Louis Foucher, this man whom I definitely love a lot, gives us in his interview of the recent peace summit in Stockholm, a fine example of this transformation. Certainly he calls for a new form of solidarity very Aquarius, but everything transpires in him from this deep humanism, vibrant, connected to life, to reality, and confident in the beauty of life. This interview touched me a lot. This is my end of year gift:

Very happy end of the year to all of you, remain confident in yourself, in this sacred place to which we are all connected, that it takes the form of a singing bird, of a sunset, of a feeling of being enveloped by vibrant and warm energies or of hearing and seeing the beings of love who accompany us. See you soon for the first New Moon of 2021!

Image by Ghinzo from Pixabay

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