The Full Moon of December 22, 2018

The Full Moon of December 22, 2018 gives us a little of all but air. It also prepares us to take our responsibilities in hand in the coming weeks, leaving our old responsibilities behind us.


  1. Let’s start with what quickly allows us to take the pulse of the mood of the moment: the balance of energies. Curently we have energies of felt, concrete realization and will in significant quantities, but no energy of conceptualization. The equilibrium of energies is thus characterized by this difficulty in taking a step back, in height, in conceiving. These aerial energies are much related to writings, to words.
    I see it in my life seeing that I had trouble writing today :-). Since I do not have a lot of conceptual energy in my birth chart, when it starts to run out I run out of steam. The other energies are, on the contrary, favored, which gives the will to go forward, to undertake, a good capacity to realize and a strong feeling of what is happening around us. If we applyall this to Christmas, it gives a desire to please to feel the shared love, the desire to make a beautiful party and strong energies to achieve it, but not too many ideas.
    One could scratch one’s head to find gist ideas. In fact, it may be necessary to let go of the desire to find the right idea and rely on what we feel and the intention of our good will that can be easily achieved.
  2. We are entering this time of year when we will be stimulated in our inner construction, in the construction of our adult state. This month is important to help us put our spine back in place and stimulate us to reintegrate our individual responsibility and authority.
    For the moment we are only at the beginning of the development of this energy, but basically, there are chances that this end of the year and the beginning of the year 2019 put us in work on this subject. First on our individual responsibility to build us in the ambient bazaar, then towards the end of the month, for on a deconstruction of what is obsolete to our growth. It is a double movement that we are going to live. A first that will stimulate us to see what we must take the responsibility to build, then a second that will follow and propose to deconstruct something for the new takes its place.
    This energy will probably be one of the major axes of the year 2019. This month will be interesting to become aware of this energy.
  3. It is possible that this energy also accompanies the citizen movements that can find a development in the fact that everyone builds himself, finds his own authority. This form of authority harmonizes at this time with social collective states of consciousness which can help form a form of authority in harmony with the social body. It may be in the coming weeks that the movement of yellow vests whose direct mass action and less stimulated than it was 15 days ago will take a turn.
  4. It is surprising that we chose to make Christmas, at this time of the year, a family celebration, because it is the energy opposite to that of the family link. And this Full Moon of December 22 can make us feel that. Our emotions are more stimulated by the need to be cool, to live sweet and quiet things with the family. And our vitality, nourishes a reverse energy that seeks to build and structure. It is a little atmosphere of this Full Moon of December 22, 2018 where we can feel torn between a need to cocoon, to live cool, to share moments of purring with loved ones, and a vital energy that would have almost want to build and achieve something important. There is a tension between the desire for human warmth and the idea that we must hold, establish, take charge of what to do … It’s interesting because it’s the theme of our path of collective life and we will enter the eclipse period where we will be stimulated on this theme.
  5. The energy of justice is in conflict with that of faith and social consciousness. The energy of justice, which is oriented towards goals and objectives, follows a fairly direct line. It is a strong will energy that is in conflict with the social energies of faith that manifest themselves. The news shows us life-size: there is on the one hand a mass of people who express themselves in a social movement and on the other, an executive who stops at a glance and uses justice as a tool of conflict management. It is a form of expression of this current conflict where legitimacy is in conflict with social energy.

Here, I stop there for today, because I am tired and the rest calls me. I could have said more and more finely, but today is not conducive to that. Not enough air, too much heaviness, and a big urge to purr at the fire. Maybe, no doubt, surely, my little companion who died this week I miss. So it’s a little newsletter.
Full of love for all of you for this Christmas.
Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon of January 2019!

Kindly and mervelously translated by Michel Mathieu (Full of gratitude for him)


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