The Full Moon of December 12, 2019

The Full Moon of December 12, 2019, is the return to the energies of « doing » and the need for control in an atmosphere of recovery in hand by organizations that feel legitimate. A parenthesis of control that will delude us for a time on a semblance of a temporary order.


  1. After the few weeks of rebalancing, we are again in a period marked by a strong domination of a particular mode of operation, that of concrete realization which is also that of the tendency to do and control. For this Full Moon of December 12, 2019, it is the operating mode that dominates.
    What does this generate? Well you could say a tendency to live by « doing » with a need to control and a feeling of having important things to accomplish or master, like filling a void. The problem is that the plan is not very clear, that we are no longer too sure of following the good intention either, and that we do not feel too connected with others, because conversely, these energies have become weaker.
    It’s like we are in a sense of urgency to have to control our lives by building something important, a castle, or walls with a pile of bricks, stones, beams and bags of cement but without everyone having agreed on the plan, who does what, and without our goal being really identified.
    This generates a lot of tension and rising pressure and it is difficult to go down. We can feel tense and under pressure without knowing what to really do.
    If what I say speaks to you more or less, here is a way to get out of it. Let’s recreate links. It’s fundamental. This atmosphere is collective. What makes it painful is the feeling of being isolated and that everything goes through mental and hard control. By talking, we will realize that we are almost all at the same point. The link will allow us to coordinate things in a better mood, to give an axis to the thing, or to recover a part of the plan that we were missing.
    This is for the practical side when you still want to manage to build your perfect castle. But more deeply, we can also try to put distance and put everything into perspective by seeing that it is not so important. In fact, the key may be there. The builder energies at this moment are concentrated with incredible intensity at a point that will explode like a mature boil. We are still in this tension where we believe there is another possible outcome. But we will not avoid having to empty our pocket of pus. The tension you can feel around this Full Moon on December 12, 2019 might look like this. Therefore, if we would accept that it is dead. That the big castle will not be built and that we are going to purge something to leave with another energy, lighter and more joyful?
  2. Our vital energy and our identity are further stimulated by a strong will. They follow goals and a firm direction, but that generates tensions and conflicts with gray areas and blur which prevents the wills from being carried out as we hear it.
    We can feel like we are armed with a pickaxe to make our way through a river. It’s not really adequate but it’s a bit like that. We are desperately trying to dig a furrow to divert the water, but it does not work well. From time to time, there are surprises that emerge and challenge our will.
    We might think the spell is going on against us, but that would be a mistake. In fact, it is rather the universe that shows us that our little misaligned will cannot do anything against the Great River of life. We have to learn to surf the Great River again if we want to cross the river. And if we don’t come straight ahead, but a few kilometers further down, it doesn’t matter. It may be our true destination that we did not know, or perhaps we have something to learn by going up the other shore.
    It’s a bit like with transport strikes. If we persist in wanting to take the most straight paths that go straight, we risk getting nowhere. Better to take side roads and advance where it circulates.
  3. The energy-consciousness of legitimacy, of the law, of legality, of the framework, has changed its mode of operation. It was for a year in a voluntary and interventionist mode which gave a fairly directive style that we saw expressed for example during the yellow vest crisis. This conscious energy is now entering a mode where the framework, the legitimacy, the law are going to be based on the structure or the organization. You could say that it will tend to seek structural, organic frameworks, rather than in the period before when one sought to impose its framework and its law by will and force.
    It is amusing or significant to see this shift in France. We went from Yellow Vests which were the manifestation of a popular will, which wanted to impose a change of framework and laws, and which met the opposite force of a very strong police and government will, to demonstrations and organized strikes by unions which no longer rely on the will to act and force, but on union structures which have a renewed legitimacy when they were no longer expected.
    I live much the same thing on another scale in the corporate world on a project, which until then was self organized on the fringes of the corporate bodies and which is being caught up and reabsorbed by business structures. One can imagine the great return of rigidity and all-round control, which is once again on the rise.
    On an even finer level, I have these movements of energy-consciousness in the house of work, schedule and service (house VI). It could mean that my service, my utility and my work find a legitimate form and develop. This is happening in several ways. It is mainly the services that I provide around astrology (consultation and training) that develop in a framework that takes shape.
    And you in your theme, in which house are you developing your legitimacy to wear or take charge of an experience? If you want to know, look in which house is the beginning of Capricorn in your theme. I am curious about your testimonies.
  4. This movement, which legitimates promising structures and organizations, collaborates in the emancipation of certain static life forms, deeply rooted in matter or the need for stability.
    Said like that is pretty theoretical so I’ll take a concrete example. In my theme the development of the organization of my work goes hand in hand with the fact that I emancipate myself in terms of popularity and public visibility. In business, this manifests itself in a role more directed towards the animation of the collective, and in astrology by the fact that I have a greater visibility that develops. This form of emancipation occurs in my area of ​​public life (house XI) in connection with the development of my service (house VI).
    You can also look in your themes for the area where a static life form is about to move. To do this, look at the house where the beginning of Taurus is located.
  5. This return to the legitimacy of organizations also collaborates with a form of fascination for universal causes, as if we felt reassured by this organized and structured form to carry collective causes. This momentary fascination probably hides an illusion that will be revealed in due time.
    Here again, what surprises in the social movement is the extent it took on when we had descended to a very sluggish level from popular demonstrations, somewhat anesthetized by the end of the yellow vests movement. But here, this legitimacy of the organizations collaborates with a feeling of universality which crosses many social layers.
  6. As we have seen above, the structure and the organizations are nevertheless threatened and undergoing restructuring. It should therefore not be expected that the energy-consciousness of legitimacy and of the framework of organizations would cross the year without being shaken. We can expect that in the next few weeks, there will be a form of intense strengthening of organizations and structures that will reassure for a time, before being shaken strongly within a few pairs of months.
    We would do well to be humble and cautious about the purpose because this legitimacy of the frameworks and structures which can resemble a period when we distribute gallon in a flowing raft. It is fun, it flatters, we put control back, but ultimately, this legitimacy will not be worth more than the structure on which it rests and which is not going very well.

Do not believe, because I write this, that my life is always fluid and easy and that I have the solutions at all times. In fact, these meetings with you every two weeks are a regular way to recalibrate myself by taking a step back on the temperature of the moment. Writing these texts gives new meaning to my life, allows me to focus on the essentials, to review the « big picture » and to get out of my personal little slump. At the end of writing, I feel better. In fact, I’m very grateful to each of you who read this, because this date that we have given ourselves over time is a wonderful tool to help me realign myself every two weeks.

So I have really struggled with these energies these past few days, and I have given myself as a means of healing, time to reflect on this Full Moon of December 12, 2019. It is this time that allows me to go well now. I wish you the same from reading. Thank you all for being here and remember right now: bond, and let go of the castles in Spain. We are going to have a lot more interesting to build shortly.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon on December 26, 2019! You will not blame me if it arrives a little late. I’m going to relax a bit for Christmas 😊 Very happy Christmas everyone!

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