The Full Moon of August 3, 2020

The Full Moon of August 3, 2020 is rather tense. If we are not careful, we can easily enter into explosive conflicts with ourselves or with others. It is a period of questioning that requires putting things into perspective and accepting much more flexibility in a tense situation.

    1. The Full Moon of August 3, 2020 is generally quite tense. The relationships between the different energies of this Full Moon are overwhelmingly relationships of stress or tension. This can make the climate during this period quite difficult and very reactive.
      I don’t like predictions in astrology like, « Wait and do this or that, now is not a good time. « I always have the feeling that some of our free will is being taken away from us by choosing for us what is best to do and when.
      I carefully deviate from these recommendations. But today I’m going to break my little rule, with a few precautions all the same. Wisdom or madness, I let you judge.
      This change is due to the fact that I had an experience around this Full Moon of August 3, 2020, which made me understand that it was important, at this time, to take your time.
      I made it my goal this morning to write a letter in a tense context. I put all my heart into it to make it as gentle as possible, while respecting the position I wanted to express. Every time I tested the energy of the message, it sent me back to wait. I resumed my content several times until I left only the bare minimum that almost did not generate debate. Same answer; wait. Now is not the right time. I ended up accepting that it wasn’t about me or my message, but the time that wasn’t right. So I couldn’t do anything. I had to wait.
      I use, for those who are interested, sometimes Yi Qing to test an action. And three times in a row, almost the same answer which told me: « There is no point in acting because any action would be in vain ».
      It’s painful to wait, it gives the feeling that we are losing control of a situation or that we are going to be overtaken by events.
      Then, I became interested in this Full Moon of August 3, 2020, and the first thing I saw was this very tense climate. I understood then why the Yi Qing kept telling me not to do anything for the moment. So, I relaxed and started telling this Full Moon story that we are going to be able to detail a little bit to understand the hypersensitive and reactive side of it.
      But before that, I end by passing on my understanding of this story to you. When I study a lunation to write it down, I do a bit of an astral energy bulletin, like a weather report. In the weather, when there is a storm warning and people are told to go home, it is not a matter of interfering with their free will to muzzle them in their actions. It’s about protecting them, because anyone can be affected by a bad climate.
      Well, I think today it’s kind of the same thing. There is a little storm warning and now is not the time to go risk causing high winds. We will now study what it is about by studying these tensions that affect us.
    2. The Full Moon of August 3, 2020 opposes a life energy that seeks to strengthen itself, to increase its power of radiation, to an emotional structure that, for its part, tries to come together in a form of collective or community life around shared ideals. We are crossed by emotions that instinctively make us feel a need to regroup or to find ourselves in community. This instinctive need is at the same time opposed to a life energy very centered on itself and which is not at all ready to submit its will to a community. The stars of the Full Moon of August 3, which generate this tension, can influence women more in the search for solidarity and community spirit, and men more in a need to refocus on their will. But deep inside us, these two polarities exist whatever our gender.
      Sun in Leo is opposite the Moon in Aquarius. [/su_expand
    3. The particularity of the Full Moon of August 3, 2020 comes from the fact that this tension between these two energies is multiplied by a conflict with a third energy, which is that of emancipation and liberation. It is also that of revolt when it is stressed, which is the case for this Full Moon of August 3, 2020.
      This energy goes through a process linked to the management of matter, material, which tends, in the current period, to make us aware of the need to free ourselves from certain forms of material life that are too heavy, or too static ways of life. This process has been going on for several months now and accompanies, among other things, the emergence of an agricultural revolution that has started where we see more flexible individual initiatives to create our resources developing itself.
      This Full Moon of August 3, 2020 creates a tension around this energy of emancipation and the liberation of our resources, which makes it explosive. The need to release something on the material plane is under tension and can manifest explosively in a form of significant tension. There is a strong tension that exists around the Full Moon and then will dissipate in the days to come.
      To understand what concerns us with this explosive character and what we may need to release, we must look towards the middle of the sign of Taurus in our chart. We may feel there difficulty releasing this experience, and a desire to explode. Uranus in Taurus is square to the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius.[/su_expand
    4. The other important tension is deeper. It will last for several months and should dissipate in November 2020. However, it turns out that for this Full Moon of August 3, 2020, it is manifesting itself in an acute way, which strongly feeds the climate of tension around the Full Moon.
      This tension concerns the energy of desire, of conquest of a territory. It is a much-heightened energy because it is going through a very voluntary process right now, which can generate a very strong need to assert your will.
      As this need is under strong tension for this Full Moon of August 3, 2020, we are in a period where we have quite strong surges of adrenaline when we come to tickle our will. We have trouble restraining ourselves, which can cause aggressive reactions when someone comes looking for us in that territory. To understand what territory (or life experience) this is, we can look in our chart where the last 1/3 of the sign of Aries is located. It is in this area that we find an experience that we are used to having according to our impulse and our own will. Now, we have a conquering and active spirit in this sector, but which is being challenged.
      In my case, it is the tip of House X and I feel, both this desire to act to regain a place and a social status after leaving the corporate world, as well as this tension because a lot of annoyances come to slow down my action.
      The feeling that our will is thwarted or hampered at this time can be very strong.
      What is important in these tensions is to understand what it requires of us to do as a conscious effort. This conquering energy of desire is in tension with energies, which concern legality, legitimacy, individual responsibility and the complete questioning of everything that concerns our structures. They are much more powerful and do not allow the energy of conquest to be exerted on its own without taking into account what is to be done in terms of legitimacy, legality, responsibility and authority, and questioning our structures.
      To live this tension as well as possible, we must find how to put our need to conquer a space where we have our own initiatives, at the service of these other energies. These other energies are found in the second half of Capricorn. By looking closely in our chart where they are (in which house), we can understand what is going on and how to manage this tension.
      In my case, these other energies concern the use of my time, the work, the service that I render. There is in me a rigidity in this area in full questioning, and another form of responsibility and legitimacy to be invented much more flexible. In the current period, if I persist in wanting to advance the conquest of my social position without questioning my way of working, the difficulties I encounter with managing my work, I remain in tension and everything stuck.
      But if I accept all the upheavals in my life in this area right now, then that also frees up energy to understand how this new posture is taking shape. What is important at this time is to accept that the area of ​​our life where the second part of Capricorn is located is a structure that must loosen up, come out of its rigidities, reinvent itself on all levels. If we keep this in mind, relaxation will appear in regard of the other tensions. Mars in Aries is square to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn. [/su_expand

Well, that’s all for today. I hope your summer is going well and that you can relax and get through this time as smoothly as possible. We should be more relaxed in the days to come, even if the bottom is still quite stressful. So, no rush, a little reflection in the things that happen to us, distance, and a lot of courage to all to put our bags down and get through this period at best. Flexibility, I think that’s our key word right now.

Happy fortnight to all and see you very soon for the New Moon in August 2020!

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